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Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston.

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The numbers under 2110 will be found in Lower Hall.

6229a.39 ÂGE, L', du monde : rapport sur le concours ouvert en 1882 par la direction du journal “ Lumière et liberté ” à propos de trois questions de chronologie se rapportant à l'humanité. [Genève. Richter. 1882 ?] 63 pp.

63 pp. 12o. ALEXANDER, William, bishop of Derry and Raphoe. 3435.107 Primary convictions.

N. Y. Harper. 1893. xvi, (1), 322 pp. [Columbia college. Lectures on the evidences of Christianity.] 8o. AMERICAN shipping and industrial league.

7641.29 American merchant marine. How to restore to it the foreign carrying trade. N. Y. [1890?] 15, (1) pp. 80.

7582.9 ANTI-SLAVERY CONFERENCE, The, and import duties in the Congo state. By a trader. (Trans. from the Dutch.) Liverpool. Turner, R. & co.

1890. 16 pp.

80. APPRENTICES' library company, Phila.

2140a.64 Finding list.

Phila. 1892. (1), xii, 97 pp. 8o. ARCHIVO HISPALENSE, Seville.

4312.158 Curiosidades bibliográficas y documentos inéditos. Homenaje al cuarto centenario del descubrimiento del Nuevo Mundo.

Sevilla. E. Rasco. 1892. xvii, 51, (3) pp. 8o. Contains a fac-simile of the 1493 edition of Dati's poem on the discovery of America, and documents relating to Diego and Fernando, the sons of Columbus.

ARWAKER, Edmund, ed. & tr.

Truth in fiction : or, morality in masquerade. A collec fables of Æsop, and other authors. Done into English verse. Lond. Churchill. 1708. (8), xvi, 326 pp.

Sm. ASLAKSSON, Eystein, bishop of Oslo.

Biskop Eysteins Jordebog (den Röde Bog). Fortegnel: geistlige Gods i Oslo Bispedömme omkring Aar 1400 .. H. J. Huitfeldt.

Christiania. Gundersen. 1879. xxiii, (1), 781 pp. [Norsk historisk Kildeskriftfond.] 8°. ARLINGTON MILLS, Lawrence, Mass.

A historical and descriptive sketch with some account of dress-goods manufacture in the U. S. Bost. 1891. 134 pr ATKINSON, Stephen.

The discoverie and historie of the gold mynes in Scotl [Ed. by Gilbert Laing Meason.]

Edin. Ballantyne. 1825. (3), 2, vii, 118 pp. [Bannatyn AUFERMANN, William. Cornfibre and its uses.

N. Y. 1865.

1865. 30 pp.


AUSGABEN UND ABHANDLUNGEN aus dem Gebiete ischen Philologie. Veröffentlicht von E. Stengel. 1-90.

Marburg. Elwert. 1882–92. 11 v. 8o.
Each number is separately catalogued.

Early church history to the death of Constantine. Ed. Charles Tylor. With a biographical preface by Dr. Hodgkin.

Lond. Simpkin. 1892. xviii, (1), 333 pp. Illus. Por BADDELEY, Welbore St. Clair. Bedoueen legends and other poems. Lond. Robson & K. 1883.


Sm. E BALAGUER, Víctor. Cristóbal Colón.

Madrid, 1892. (5), 253 pp. 16 BALL, Sir Robert Stawell. An atlas of astronomy: a series of 72 plates, with introd.

Lond. Philip. 1892. xi, 57, 17 pp. & BALLIN, Ada S.

Holiday resorts on the east coast. Notes of a visit to Lowestoft, Cromer. ... 2d ed.

[Lond.] 1892. 32 pp. Illus. S

XV, 144

BALLOU, Maturin Murray.

2764.51 The story of Malta.

Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. ix, 318 pp. 12°. BANVILLE, Théodore Faullain de.

2674.119 Socrate et sa femme. Comédie. 3e éd.

Paris. Lévy. 1886. (8), 39 pp. 12o. BARING-GOULD, Sabine.

7460.39 Sermons to children.

Lond. Skeffington 1879. xii, 210 pp. Sm. 8°. BARRIE, James Matthew.

14.119 An auld licht manse, and other sketches. Biographical and literary estimate by Elliott Henderson. N. Y. Knox. [1893.] 12°. BARRIÈRE, Théodore.

2674.120 Le feu au couvent. Comédie. Nouv. éd. Paris. Lévy. 1887. 58 pp. 12o.

2674.123 Le jardinier et son seigneur. Opéra-comique.

Paris. Lévy. 1863.

1863. 30 pp. 12o. Words only.

2674.122 Un monsieur qui attend des témoins. Comédie.

Paris. Lévy. 1873. (4), 32 pp. 12o. BARTER, Charles.

3058.140 The Dorp and the Veld; or, six months in Natal.

Lond. Orr. 1852. vii, (1), 264 pp. Sm. 8. BAYE, Joseph, baron de.

4520.109 The industrial arts of the Anglo-Saxons. Trans. by T. B. Harbottle.

Lond. Swan Sonnenschein. 1893. xii, 135 pp. Illus. 17 pl. 4o. BENTON, Joel.

3644.85 The truth about “ protection.”

N. Y. Webster.
Webster. 1892. 35


80. BERNARD, Marius.

*3050a.121 Autour de la Méditerranée. Les côtes barbaresques. De Tripoli à Tunis.

Paris. Laurens. [1893?] Illus. Pls. Map. 8°. BERTEVILLE, Sir John.

*6513.110 Récit de l'expédition en Écosse l'an 1546, et de la battayle de Muscleburgh.

Edin. 1825. (3), 2, 2, (1), 18 pp. Plan. [Bannatyne club.] 4o. BEVERIDGE, William, bishop.

*7449a.127 Resolutions on the most interesting and important subjects; abridged from bishop Beveridge. Phila. Willis. 1793. 144 pp. 24.


*6513.155 De scriptoribus Scotis libri duo, nunc primum editi [a D. Irving].

Edin. Balfour & Y. 1837. (8), vi, (1), 140 pp. [Bannatyne club.] 40.

*6140a.109 BULLETIN DES LIBRAIRES: organe de la Chambre syndicale des libraires de France, paraissant le 1er et le 16 de chaque mois.

Paris, 1892. 8o. BULLOCK, William.

*4478.240 Sketch of a journey through the Western states of North America. With a description of Cincinnati, by B. Drake and E. D. Mansfield.

Lond. Miller. 1827. xxxi, 135 pp. Map. Plan. Sm. 8o. BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DES ADMINISTRATIONS TÉLÉ


Statistique générale de la télégraphie dans les différents pays de l'ancien continent [depuis 1849 jusqu'à 1869]. Berne, 1871. vii, 65, (1) pp. 4°.

No. 1 in 7960a.21 Same. 1870. Berne, 1873. 7 pp.


No. 2 in 7960a.21 BURNETT, Frances Hodgson.

3569a.100 The Drury Lane boys' club. Wash. 1892.

1892. (5), 78 pp.

(5), 78 pp. 32°. BUSHILL, Thomas William.

3567.133 Profit-sharing and the labour question. With an introd. by Sedley Taylor.

Lond. Methuen. 1893. 262 pp. Sm. 8°. BUTLER, Maj. John.

*3016.106 Travels and adventures in the province of Assam, during a residence of fourteen years.

Lond. Smith, E. & co. 1855. x, (1), 268 pp. Pls. Map. 8°. CAMERON, Lucy Lyttelton.

*6569a.139 The caskets ; or, the palace and the church. Lond. Houlston. 1835. 36 pp. Illus. 24°.

*6569a.143 The polite little children. By the author of “ The history of Margaret Whyte.” 4th ed. Wellington, Salop. Houlston.

Houlston. 1821. 36 pp. Illus. 24°. CARLYLE, Thomas.

4578.143 On heroes, hero-worship, and the heroic in history. Six lectures. 2d ed.

N. Y. Appleton. 1842. 299 pp. 12o. CASTROMEDIANO, Sigismondo, duca.

4737.12 La chiesa di S. Maria di Cerrate nel contado di Lecce.

Lecce, 1877. 31 pp. 8°.

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