Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, in the Year ..., Volumen46

Edward O. Jenkins, 1873

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Página 501 - The chief points of difference are, that a check is alwavs drawn on a bank or banker. No days. of grace are allowed. The drawer is not discharged by the laches of the holder in presentment for payment, unless he can show that he has sustained some injury by the default. It is not due until payment is demanded, and the statute of limitations runs only from that time.
Página 91 - A charity, in the legal sense, may be more fully defined as a gift, to be applied consistently with existing laws, for the benefit of an indefinite number of persons, either by bringing their minds or hearts under the influence of education or religion, by relieving their bodies from disease, suffering or constraint, by assisting them to establish themselves in life, or by erecting or maintaining public buildings or works or otherwise lessening the burdens of government.
Página 50 - Protection to person and property is the paramount duty of government, and shall be impartial and complete.
Página 230 - There shall be exempt from levy and sale, by virtue of any process whatever, under the laws of this State, except as hereinafter excepted, of the property of every head of a family...
Página 180 - Together with all and singular the said property, improvements, ways, waters, water-courses, rights, liberties, privileges, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging, or in anywise appertaining, and the reversions and remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof, and all the estate, right, title, interest, property, claim and demand whatsoever, of the said parties of the first part, in law, equity or otherwise howsoever, of, in and to the same and every part thereof...
Página 419 - A railroad company shall be liable for any damage done to persons, stock or other property, by the running of the locomotives, or cars, or other machinery of such company, or for damage done by any person in the...
Página 161 - In cases of voluntary manslaughter there must be a serious and highly provoking injury inflicted upon the person killing, sufficient to excite an irresistible passion in a reasonable person, or an attempt by the person killed to commit a. serious personal injury on the person killing.
Página 446 - Blackstone, that if a servant, by his negligence, does any damage to a stranger, the master shall be answerable for his neglect. But the damage must be done while he is actually employed in the master's service ; otherwise, the servant shall answer for his own misbehavior.
Página 26 - Georgia, Gwinnett county: The grand jurors, sworn, chosen and selected for the county of Gwinnett, in the name and behalf of the citizens of Georgia, charge and accuse Elizur Butler, Samuel A.
Página 463 - If there is no express covenant of warranty, the purchaser must exercise caution in detecting defects; the seller, however, in all cases (unless expressly or from the nature of the transaction excepted) warrants: 1. That he has a valid title and right to sell. 2. That the article is merchantable, and reasonably suited to the use intended. 3. That he knows of no latent defects undisclosed.

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