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have defended the Church and the Throne against the encroachments of sectaries and demagogues, and because you have suffered persecution for your loyal efforts. That persecution, which ought never to be forgotten, did, however, produce some circumstances which I remember with pleasure. When violence and cowardice, malice and ingratitude, had combined to ruin your fortune and biast your fame, there was one Englishman, who, like Abdiel, “ faithful found among the faithless, faithful only he among innumerable false," had the courage to defend your cause; and, though his eloquence and truth prevailed not with the boisterous hoft, you had the fatisfaction to owe your deliverance to an inftitution, which sprang not from the branches, but from the trunk itself, and the quiet good sense of the People.

With that respect, which I have ever cntertained for you, fince I first heard your name pronounced,

I remain,
Dear Sir,

Your most humble

And most obedient servant,



IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. His Royal Highness the Duke of YORK.. His Royal Highness the Duke of CLARENCE. His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent. : His Royal Highness the Duke of CUMBERLAND. His Royal Highness PRINCE AUGUSTUS. His Royal Highness Prince WILLIAM FREDERICK of GLOVE

cester. Addington, Right Hon. Henry Clare, Right Hon. Earl of Arbuthnot, c. Esq.

Canning, Right Hon. George, Affleck, Sir Gilbert, Bart.

M. P. Adams, John W. Efq.

Cowper, Hon. Edward Spencer Barrington, Hon. Dr. Shute, Cumming, David, Esq.

Lord Bishop of Durham Carnegie, Sir David, Bart.' Beeke, Rev. Dr.

M. P.
Belgrave, Lord Viscount Conductors of the British Cti.
Bunney, Dr.
Banks, Sir Joseph, Bart. Codd, Captain Philip
Ballantyne, - , Esq.

Clark, R. Esq.
Binney, Charles, Esq.

Croke, Alexander, L. L. D. . Bowles, John, Esq.

Cawthorne, Mr. George, 1... Brown, John, Esg.

copies.. Barber, Edward, Efq. Crickett, Charles Alexander, Boydell, John, Elg. Alderman Esq. M. P. Beaumont, Sir George

Day, Sir John, Bart, Boucher, Jonathan, Efq. Downes, the Hon. William, Coffin, — , Esq. 2 copies 2d Justice K. B. Ireland Cattlereagh, Lord Viscount Douglas, Samuel, Esq. Cowper, Earl

Douglas, Rev. Mr. Arch Corry, Right Hon. Isaac Deverall, Blake, Esq.

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Day, John, Efq.
Daliyeipke, Hon. Gen.
Fraleigh, Rev. Dr.
Edirn, Si Frederick M. Bart.
Tilkne, David, Efq.
Herr, Edward, 614

Lane, Rev. Mr.
Latham, Dr.
Lawrance, Miss
Larcome, Captain, Royal Na-


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Legge, Hon. and Rev. Edward
Le Mefurier, Rev. Thomas
Legg, H. Esq.
leterre, C. Shaw, Esq.

:1, Lord Grenville
tant, Sir Thomas, Bart.


er, Paul, Esq. AlderSony Captain in forumet, Peter, Esq. GO

ve VE4 Jersey Yang dis Grace the Most

Coke my drchbishop of lui Du. Vierne, Ti. George Harvindones h . Saint John,

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Pellew, Captain Israel, Royal

Navy Pellew, Captain Sir Edward,

Bart. Royal Nayy .
Penn, Richard, Esq.
Penn, John, Esq.
Pearson, Mr. for the Birming-

ham Book Society
Palmer, Thomas, Esq.
Petit, Lewis Hayes, Esq.
Perkins, Henry, Esq.
Perkins, Dr.
Pollock, John, Esq.
Price, William, Esq.
Preston, Captain D'Arcy,

Royal Navy
Romney, Lord
Roxburgh, his Grace the Duke

of Raikes, Thomas, Esq. Reeves, John, Esq. Rich, H. P. Efg. Rose, George, Ėfq. M. P. 5.00.

pies Rose, G. H. Esq. M. P. 3 co.

pies Rose, William, Esq. M. P. Rennell, Rev. Dr. Master of

the Temple Rose, Rov.). Suffield, Lord Stephens, Sir Philip, Bart.

M. P.

Shaw, Alderman
Spencer, Earl
Spencer, Countess,
Scott, Right Hon. Sir Wil-

Stuart, Hon. Frederick, M. P.
Simcoe, M. General
Sheffield Book Society
Shedden, Robert, jun. Efq.
Symmons, J. Esq.
Sykes, Captain, Royal Navy
Shugars, Mr. Royal Navy
Sykes, James, Esq.
Scott, Samuel, Esq.
Thornton, Henry, Esq.M.P.
Temple, Sir Grenville, Bart.
Townsend, Charles, Esq.
Trelawny, John, Esq. Royal
· Navy
Trelawny, William Lewis,

Tyghe, S. Esq.
Vanfittart, N.Esq. M.P.
Venner, Mr. C. M.
Vincent, Earl of St.
Voller, Thomas, Esq.
Whitfield, Robert, Esq.
Windham, Right Hon. Wile

Winchelsea, Earl of :
Wight, Rev. Mr. Osborne
Wickham, William, Esq.


Bavel, Mr. Thomas Cantee Abercrombie, Rev. James Bulgin, James, Esq. Andrews, Rev. Doctor

Bird, Thompson, Esq. Achmuty, Robert N. Esq. Burgwin, John, Esq. Anderson, William P. Esq. Bulkley, Mr. R. F. Anthony, Joseph, Esq. Bradbury, Mr. M. R. Arndt, Philip, Esq.

Bruce, Mr. James. Anderson, Mr. William

Barnes, Mr. Absalom Ashley, John, Efq.

Burke, Mr. Tomkins Allen, George, Esq.

Bradley, Mr. Jåfper Anderson, J. Esq.

Bunnehill, Mr. James
Allen, Mr. William

Brookes, Mr. Thomas
B 4


Butler, Mr. Allen
Burwell, N. Esq.
Banks, Timothy, Esq.
Black, Mr. Henry
Bailey, Sampson, Efq.
Baker, Mr. Anthony
Badcock, Daniel, Eig.
Bond, Phineas, Esq. Consul-

general of his Britannic Ma

jesty Beggs, Thomas, Esq. Beacon, Edmund, Esq. Blount, Mr. Peter Brown, Mr. William Beercroft, Samuel, Esq. Blake, Mrs. Martha Bailey, Thomas, Esq. Carey, Mr. Thomas Coleman, William, Esq. Cortelyon, P. S. Esq. Corbin, Francis, Efq. Corney, Peter, Esq. Correll, Peter, Efq. Cotelworthy, Mr. Philip Cartwright, Mr. Allen Campbell, Mr. Allen Canby, Mr. Richard Cobb, Mr. Strangeways Churchill, Mr. V. S. Conway, Mr. Robert Coates, Mr. Samuel Cuyler, Jerry, Efq. Cain, George, Esq.. Coates, William, Esq. Corrie, John, Esq. Dyckman, S. M. Efq. Drinker, Mr. William Decatur, Captain Stephen, * Navy Daniel, Mr. Matthew Davies, Mr. Isaac Devereux, John, Esq. Davy, Alexander, Esq. Danby, Mr. Graves Darbun, James, Esq. Davies, Mr. George Davies, Mr. Benjamin Dickinson, J. D. Efq. Dickinson, Mr. Athinwold

Davidson, Mr. John
Dykes, Mr. Peter
Easton, David, Esq.
Elliot, Samuel, Esq.
Edwards, Edward, Esq.
Fitch, Jofeph, Esq.
Fenno, Mr. John Ward
Fenwick, Theodore, Erq.
Fletcher, Mr. John
Fisher, Robert, Esq.
Farley, Mr. F. B.
Freeman, Mr. Nathan
Gatliff, Samuel, E1q.
Griffin, John, Esq.
Giles, Mr. Brien
Gairdner, Edwin, Esq.
Gairdner, James, Erg.
Gaskill, John, Esq.
Grover, Mr. Ezra
Gates, Jonathan, Esq.
Godsworthy, Aaron, Esq.
Giles, Mr. Matthew
Guthery, Mr. George
George, Mr. Edward
Giles, Mr. David
Gennevray, Mr. James
Gairdner and Mitchell
Gilbert, Felix H. Efq.
Gibbons, Thomas, Esq.
Gibbons, William, Esq.
Hamilton, Mr. Edward
Hodge, John, Esq.
Henry, Robert, Esq.
Heard, Mr. James
Hamilton, Mr. J. B.
Hurdis, Mr. Simeon
Howe, Mr. James'
Hastic, Mr. Henry
Hobby, 'W. J. Esq.
Houndsfield, Ezra, Esq.
Hurd, Mr. Bradley
Hughes, Mr. John
James, Mr. Geo. 41 copies
James, Mr. Thomas
Jackson, Job, Esq.
Jacks, Mr. David
Johnson, Mr. Samuel
Jenkinson, Davis, Esq.
Jones, Allen, Esq.


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