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of spirituality of mind and conversation, which too often prove a great hinderance to those who live in the higher ranks. Many are the difficulties which riches, worldly consequence, high connections, and the luxurious refinements of polished society, throw in the way of religious profession. Happy, indeed, it is, (and some such happy instances I know)where grace has so strikingly supported its conflict with natural pride, self importance,and the allurements of luxury, ease and worldly opinion, that the noble and mighty, appearadorned with genuine poverty of spirit, self-denial, humble mindedness, and deep spirituality of heart. But, in general, if we want to see religion in its most simple and

pure character, we must look for it among the poor of this world, who are rich in faith. How often is the poor man's cottage the palace of God! Many can truly declare, that they

have there learned the most valuable lessons of faith and hope, and there witnessed the most striking demonstrations of the wisdom, power, and goodness of God.”

Mrs. PALLISTER, the subject of this Memoir, was the only daughter of John and Mary Hawkins, of Stillingfleet, a village situate on the high road between York and Selby. She was born December 11th, 1756. She had three brothers older than herself, the whole of whom have terminated their warfare and pilgrimage in this transitory state, and are gathered to their fathers.

On contemplating the disappearance of whole families, with many of whom the best affections of our hearts have been long associated, may we not join in the exclamation of the man of God, saying, fathers, where are they, and the

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