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palace with bullies and assassins. In litical and the peruniary power of this France, the restoration of the old Bour. Union, fall into the hands of such a party, Bons brought with it executions, exiles, and such a bank. persecutions, infringement of chartered Is their restoration probable? I think liberties, and war upon every liberal idea. rot. Temporary and partial success, Here, in our own America, we have con- delusive fruit of terror and deception, may stitutional guarantees for the protection of gild their banners for a while. They may personal rights; but of what avail against carry some counties, some cities, some the passions and the power of party, let States. They may continue lo exult in the fate of President Jackson-adjudged the issue of some local elections, as they unheard by his enemies on this floor-con- have done heretofore.. But to sucreed in victed of an impeachable offence without the main object-o carry the Fresidential the form of a trial--lét his fate tell! Yes, chair in 1840—that I hold to be impossible. sir! restorations, of all Governmenis, are I go upon my knowledge of the American the most odious and intolerable. No coun: people. I know them to be for their coun. try has been able, in modern times, to en iry, and believe that they can never elevate dure one of them. The English chased to power the pariy which builds its eleva. off the Stuarts ; the French chased away tion upon the calamities, the humiliations, the od Bourbons. What sort of Goverlie and the misfortunes of their country. They ment should we have, in these United. can never elevale to power the party which States, under the restored dominion of the in every contest, foreign and domestic, is Federal party, so violent in Mr. Jefferson's found on the wrong side of the questiontime, and so much more furious now? on the side of the British, the French, the What sort of a National Bank would that Indians, the Mexicans, the non-resuning institution niake which is now boiling over banks, and the shin plasters., Such a party with vengeance against every Republican cannot succeed; and I announce to them who has not crooked the pliint hinges of their fate in advance-a Jackson defeat for the knee” to its divinity? Imagination the month of November, one thousand eight shudders at the thought of seeing the po- hundred and forty.



The late events in Philadelphia, taken in con- States, in self-defence, to throw off their free nection with certain political and 'Abolition move. black population on you-what will be the conments, ought to arouse your attention to iwo ve- sequetice? Why' they will immediately enter inry important questions in which you are most lo competition with you, and put down the wadeeply interested. We claim no particular right ges of your labor to the lowest point. Degraded In give counsel ;-but we would yet say a lew as they are, and living parily by slealth, they can words to you in soberness, and with the sincerest afford to labor at one-fourth of your present wadesire to advance your welfare and happiness. ges. Then what becomes of you?" Why, obThe two questions to which we allude are:- viously, you must sink down to iheir level. The First-What is the motive that stimulates, and practical operation of the whole scheme-its in. the end contemplated by these Abolition crusad. evitable effect, must be lo humble, degrade and ers? Second What are the political relations of beggar you. Your character and your labor this crusade; and how must the two combined must go down to the level of this black standard. operate finally on your interests and your charac. You must come down from your station of honor ter?

and independence-and herd with this hireling As to the first question, we have this to say. legion of runaways and thieves. You must take Many of the rank and file of the Abolitionists are, them as companions—your wives must minister perhaps, honest in their views; but from igno. to, and your daughters must marry them. And rance or a morbid state of religious feeling, incy who will gain from this, your state of degrada: have been made the dupes of more designing tion and poverty? Need we tell you? Are you and far-sighted men. The wealthier classes who so blind as to perceive that these millionaries have originated this crusade,—who patronize it these priviliged corporators, monopolists and by their countenance, and sustain it by their con- stock.jobbers. who now, by means of partial and tributions, have objects in view that claim no unjust legislation, are fattening on your labor, kindred with the emancipation of the slave. So far would absorb all the fruits of your toil? Just as as their sympathies are concerned the fetters they succeed in sinking the wages of your labor, might rest upon his joints, and his manacles clank by ihe same process, and in the same proportion, forever. They are men who live upon your la. they succeed in raising the profits of their stucks. bor-and are entrenched behind corporate immu. Just as they succeed in humbling and degrading nilies and exclusive privileges. Their forlunes you, by the same process, and in the same proporlie in bank and other stocks:-which, hour by tion, they succeed in elevating and aggrandizing hour, are increasing from contributions unjustly themselves. And stand you with folded arms levied on the fruits of your labor. They live and while this fatal work is going on? Do you loiter luxuriate on this involuntary tribute sternly ex. idly on the verge of the precipice, waiting to be acted from the sweat of your brows. To depre- thrust over? The serpent is winding his coils ciate the value of your "labor;--and to degrade around you ; and Hercules himself, had he slept you into the condition of menials, are the great as you sleep, had never faced the Nemean lion or objects in view. The lower you sink in the scale, crushed the Lernian Hydra. the higher they raise;-lhe poorer you are made, In regard to the political relations of this sub. the richer they berome.

ject, and its direct bearing on your interests, the Can you doubt this? Look at the recent events solution is not less distinct and odious. The in Philadelphia. Look at the resolutions lately Federal party is, and ever has been a party of adopted by the anti-slavery society. At the late corporators, monopolists, stock jobbers and money meeting in Pennsylvania Hall you beheld men dealers of every kind and complexion;-men who of wealth and influence in society, with their live upon the labor of others. They are, and ever wives and daughters promiscuously herding with have been, the friends and advocates of exclusive the blacks, and parading the streels, arm in arm privileges;- and hence their constant effort to ex. with these, sable gallants, in your very faces! tend the powers of the Government by implicaWould they have vouch-safed this honor to you, tion, so as to enable them to make it minister to or to your wives and daughters? No, they would their avarice and ambition. They are the lineal have scorned your contact as contamination it descendants of the Tory party in England, (and self? They would have spurned you and your chil. elsewhere,) who have managed, by legislation, to dren from their doors, as soul and filthy things, monopolize the wealth and property of the counwhile they would have received these blacks with try; and are ever grinding into dust, the perish. open arms, and led them up to the highest seats ing operatives of every class. A distinguished at their tables. And why? Because they desire writer has declared that in Great Britain, "every to degrade your character, and fit you to become other man you meet is a pauper.And why? Be. their menials aud slaves. It is noi love for these cause labor, under the operation of their system blacks, but hate towards you that prompts their of exclusive privileges, has been crushed by ca. condescension. They know that if they can sink pital. Unmuzzle the cx that treudeth out the corn,' you, in public estimation, to the level of these said Mr. Randolph to one of their statesmen who runaways, you must become an easy prey, and enquired of him what should be done to relieve hereafter be "hewers of wood and drawers of wa. the poor. But they would not, and never will, ter" to them.

until the swords of a perishing people shall flash Observe for a moment. Suppose they succeed in their faces. Instead of removing the burden in their schemes of emancipation; or, by their from productive labor, the are sending over to our incendiary proceedings, compel the slave-holding shores their surplus pauper population, to enter into competition with you, retaining only such a tal; and the Government must create and give portion as is sufficient to minister, as so many them this credit, and labor must pay for it, and slaves, to their pride, avarice and profusion. the people must receive it as money !!

Identical in principle and policy is the system These are the plans of the Federal party;--and adopted by the Federal party in this country. you will at once see how naturally they coalesce They would cover the land with charter and ex. with the Abolitionists as a party. Boih are run. clusive privileges; and in these, and on them, lay ning for the same th ng under different names~ the foundations of a moneyed aristocracy, which and both are equally dangerous to you.--If they would grind labor into the dust. They would, by succeed, you are inevitably crushed to the earth. law, under the pretext of the general welfare, They will.c--they have combined together for make the productive classes of this conntry min- your destruction, as well as ours. They are leagu. ister to their avarice. They would depreciate ed together by the indissoluble bonds of inter. the wages of labor to the lowest ebb, in order to est,---of a varice and of ambition. To make labor raise the profits of stock. But for our extensive tributary to capital is the object of boib ...The western domain, which furnished you a refuge one seeks to depreciate and degrade it, by the in. from their exactions, and prevented ihat competi. troduction of black competitors---che other seeks tion among you which would otherwise necessa: to secure to capital the advantages of this deprerily have taken place, they would have crushed ciation, by using the powers of Government in you long ago. They saw this plainly, and one of building úp monopolies, and granting exclusive iheir leaders in the Senate of the United States privileges. The very rewards offered by Gover. in 1830, introduced a resolution to stop the sales nor Ritner of Pennsylvania for the apprehension of the public lands, in order to close the door of those who were concerned in breaking up the upon you-lo dam you up, and bring the money nest of Abolitionists in Philadelphia, aust be power to bear upon you. You were for escaping paid by the laboring classes, the productive in. out of their clutches, and they were for holding dustry of the State-whose interests these very you back. Had they surceeded, (and the whole Abolitionists are striving to postrate. Thus poli. party sustained the proposition) you would before tical power in the hands of the Federal party, ihis have felt the stern bondage of a moneyed oli- comes in aid of its ally,--and compells labor to garchy

bear the expenses of its own sacrifice. The vic. But although baffled in this effort, they have tim must carry the faggots, build the pile, and never ceased to press their favorite solicy...We apply the brand that must consunie hira! must have banks, State and Federal; we must Farmers, laborers, and mechanics of the North ! have charters and privileged inonopolies; we must We solemnly warn you against this combination have paper money without limit; and thus give between Abolitionists and Federalists—the Beast to actual capital ten times its amount in artificial and Dragon, that have risen but to destroy. If credit. The moneyrd aristocracy of this country you know your own interests-or love your coun: is not content with the employment of their ca. try, you will meet them with fire in one hand pital only in the contest with labor; but they must and laggots in the other;-..nor rest until you have have the exclusive privilege of using their credit driven them from your borders. also to ten times the amount of their actual capi.

Washington Chronicle.

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“A brighter morn awaits the human day,
When every transfer of earth's natural gifts,” &c. &c.




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A PRIZE of 101. was offered by J. M. MORGAN, Esq. for the best Essay on the question: “Whether does the principle of Competition,” &c. to be competed for by Members of the London Mechanics' Institution": the following Essay proved successful. Had it depend. ed on myself it would never have heen offered to public notice, my opinion would have led me to "put it under a bushel;" that it is published is owing to the kindness of one whose indulgent eye has magnified its merits, and diminished its defects. As it must now be judged by a more severe tribunal, I take this opportunity of requesting the reader to remember, that this is not the production of one who, with his study-door closed on the carcs of the world, can amply collect and digest information on the subject of his enquiry, and arrange and mature his ideas at leisure. This Essay was written at the close of an apprenticeship, when fourteen hours of each daily twenty-four,were passed in close application to a business which will not permit of undivided attention-that of a Mathematical Instrument Maker-the time, therefore, which could be devoted to a task like the present, must necessarily be snatched from those hours which rest or recreation demand. I beg of the reader, therefore, every indulgence which such circumstances can deserve.


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