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The sheep is a tender, gentle animal. It has so little power of defending itself, that it seems as if it must always have been under the protection of man. In a wild state, there are so many other stronger and more bloody animals, that the poor little sheep could not have taken care of itself.

But if the sheep needs the protection of man, he also does much for his protector. His warm wool, which is cut off in the hot season, when it would be uncomfortable to the animal to carry it about, forms the winter clothing of men. For how many things must we thank the sheep!-- for our coats, and trousers, and stockings, our warm woollen gowns and petticoats, our bed-blankets, our cloaks, our tippets and mittens, our carpets and rugs. We can hardly think how we should have been able to get through the winter, without the wool which comes from the sheep's back.

Before men had learned to make wool into cloth, they used to kill the animal, and take off his skin, and wrap themselves up in it. They also used the furry skins of other animals. But the way they have learned to manage now is a great deal better, because the life of the sheep can be preserved, and he can give his warm wool for many years, and be no worse for it. The flesh of sheep is also good to eat, and is called mutton. That of the young animal is called lamb.


Susan's mother gave her a little lamb to call her own.

It was very small when it was first given to her ; but Susan used to feed it, and loved it very much. The little lamb, which was named Petito, grew very fond of Susan.

Every morning, as soon as she was up, she used to carry out her basin of milk and meal, and feed the little lamb. Petito was not at all afraid of his young friend, but would come running as soon as he saw her. If you want to know just how they looked while Petito was eating his breakfast, you can turn to the picture at the beginning of this volume.

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