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Miss Jane had a bag, and a mouse was in it,

She opened the bag, he was out in a minute; The Cat saw him jump, and run under the table, And the dog said, catch him, puss, soon as you're able.

Cross Patch, draw the latch,

Sit by the fire and spin ;
Take a cup, and drink it up,

Then call your neighbours in.

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See-saw, Margery Daw,
Sold her bed, and lay upon straw.
Was not she a dirty slut,
To sell her bed and lay in the dirt ?

What care I how black I be ?
Twenty pounds will marry me
If twenty won't, forty shall,
I'm my mother's bouncing girl.

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Here's A, B, C, D,
E, F, and G,
H, I, J, K,
L, M, N, O, P,
Q, R, S, T,
U, W, V,
X, Y, and Z,
And oh, dear me,
When shall I learn
My A, B, C.

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Milk-man, milk-man, where have you been ?
In Buttermilk channel up to my chin,
I spilt my milk, and I spoilt my clothes,
And got a long icicle hung to my nose.

I like little pussy, her coat is so warm,
And if I don't hurt her she'll do me no harm;
So I'll not pull her tail, nor drive her away,
But pussy and I very gently will play.

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The little Robin grieves

When the snow is on the ground, For the trees have no leaves,

And no berries can be found.

The air is cold, the worms are hid,

For Robin here what can be done ? Let's strow around some crums of bread,

And then he'll live till snow is gone.

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