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Act No.

96. Prescribing uniform traffic regulations.

97. Amending general highway law; road districts.

98. Appropriations for board of examiners of barbers.

99. Suppression of gaming.

100. Appropriations for board of registration of nurses, etc.

101. Amending act relative to offenses against public justice.

102. Salary of stenographer in first judicial circuit.

103. Amending judicature act; who admitted to practice as attorney.

104. Filing of notices of federal tax liens with registers of deeds.

. 105. Amending act regulating treatment, etc., of dependent, etc., children.

-106. Authorizing ferry service across straits of Mackinac.

107. Appropriations for superintendent of capitol.

108. Amending act regulating transmission of electricity, etc.; complaints.

109. Amending act to protect fish in inland waters.

110. Amending act providing for non-resident angler's license.

111. Appropriations for department of state.

112. Appropriations for supreme court.

113. Amending act dividing townships, etc., into election districts.

114. Appropriations for state horticultural society.

115. Appropriations for board of state auditors.

116. Authorizing township boards to improve streets, etc.

117. Amending act establishing deep-water connections between great lakes and

the Atlantic ocean.

118. Authorizing counties to borrow for permanent improvements.

119. Amending home rule act for cities; charter provisions.

120. Amending act to preserve, etc., commercial fisheries; closed season for

trout and whitefish.

121. Amending act to protect public health, etc.; purchase of diphtheria


122. Authorizing day schools for blind, etc.

123. Equipment of railroad cabooses, etc.

124. Providing for education of aliens, etc.

125. Amending act organizing telephone and messenger service companies; con-

demnation for right of way.

126. Appropriations for auditor general.

127. Amending act requiring equipping locomotives with cab curtains, etc.

128. Amending motor vehicle act; registration tax.

129. Appropriations for executive office.

130. Appropriations for state library.

131. Appropriations for board of examiners for registration of architects, etc.

132. Appropriations for state board of law examiners.

133. Appropriations for board of examiners in optometry.

134. Appropriations for the legislature.

135. Appropriations for Ionia state hospital.

136. Appropriations for department of agriculture.

137. Appropriations for state administrative board.

138. Amending act establishing advanced courses of study to high school


139. Amending act relative to support of poor persons by relatives.

140. Appropriations for attorney general's department.

141. Amending act creating board of jury commissioners for Wayne county.

142. Amending act to punish giving of checks, etc., when funds insufficient.

- 143. Act to provide for preservation of forests and suppression of forest and

prairie fires, etc.

144. Amending act creating Michigan historical commission.

145. Amending act authorizing townships to employ nurses, etc.

146. Amending act prohibiting corrupt influencing of employers, etc.

147. Appropriations for Michigan farm colony for epileptics.

148. Appropriations for central Michigan normal school.

149. Appropriations for northern state normal school.

150. Authorizing counties, etc., to erect public buildings jointly.

V 151. Revising, etc., laws organizing hospitals for insane, etc.

152. Act relative to teachers' retirement fund of certain cities.

153. Amending corporation code; authorizing co-operative agricultural market-

ing association to acquire stock in certain non-pecuniary association.

Act No.

154. Amending corporation code; local units in non-profit corporations, etc.

155. Amending judicature act; writs of error.

156. Amending act relative to public instruction, etc.; insuring school property

in mutual, etc., companies.

157. Amending general village act of 1895; cemetery maintenance.

158. Requiring automatic bell ringers on locomotives.

159. Authorizing appropriation for celebration of centennial of organization of


160. Appropriation for board of registration in medicine.

161. Establishing county sinking fund, etc.

162. Amending act for incorporation of trust, etc., companies; assessment of

shares of stock.

163. Amending general tax law; assessment of personal property.

164. Amending act licensing, etc., optometrists.

165. Salary of stenographer in twenty-second judicial circuit.

166. Amending judicature act; hearing relative to petition for conveyance of

real estate.

167. Amending judicature act; service of bill of complaint with process in

chancery cases, etc.

168. Amending judicature act; jurisdiction of justices of the peace, etc.

169. Amending act establishing county normal training classes.

170. Amending city home rule act; representation on board of supervisors.

171. Amending insurance code; filing of annual statement.

172. Amending corporation code; neglect to file report.

173. Appropriations for department of public instruction.

174. Appropriations for banking department.

175. Appropriations for Michigan employment institution for the blind.

176. Appropriations for state treasury department.

177. Appropriations for school for the blind.

178. Appropriations for board of pharmacy.

179. Appropriations for school for the deaf.

180. Appropriations for soldiers' home.

181. Appropriations for state public school.

182. Prohibiting taking perch with nets in Grand Traverse bay.

183. Amending act protecting interests of state in escheated estates.

184. Amending general highway law; state reward.

185. Amending act classifying certain school districts; powers of board.

186. Amending act licensing operators of motor vehicles.

187. Amending general highway law; jury for determining necessity of road.

188. Amending act organizing, etc., township school districts.

189. Amending motor vehicle certificate of title law; disposition of “Auto-theft


190. Appropriation for removal, etc., of Custer monument at Monroe.

191. Authorizing construction of stadium at Michigan agricultural college.

192. Amending act extending aid to Michigan agricultural college; mill tax.

193. Appropriations for department of labor and industry.

194. Appropriations for department of public safety.

195. Amending act relative to public instruction, etc.; annual meeting of school


196. Amending city home rule act; petition for annexation, etc.

197. Authorizing exchange of land between the state of Michigan and the

county of Genesee.

198. Amending act enabling counties to establish public hospitals; petition, etc.

199. Providing for filling vacancies in public offices.

200. Amending act for registration of deaths; death certificates.

201. Appropriation for purchase of certain land in Muskegon county for public


202. Appropriations for state house of correction and branch prison,

203. Appropriations for state department of health.

204. Requiring committees, etc., initiating constitutional amendment, etc., to file

certain reports.

205. Authorizing sale of certain lands in Traverse City owned by the state of


206. Amending act creating department of labor.

Act No.

207. Limiting amount of real estate which can be acquired, etc., for propagating,

etc., game or fish.

208. Preventing discrimination in purchase of potatoes, grain or beans.

209. Regulating common carriers of persons and property by motor vehicles.

-210. Amending act providing for board of commissioners for penal, etc., in-

stitutions; visitation, etc.

211. Giving right of way to motor vehicles forming funeral processions.

212. Amending act relative to public instruction, etc.; duties of treasurer.

213. Amending general highway law; high way improvement, etc.

214. Amending act for formation of street railway companies; capital stock.

215. Amending act authorizing supervisors to purchase, etc., parks; “County

park trustees."

216. Appropriations for Newberry state hospital.

217. Appropriations for Michigan state sanatorium.

218. Appropriations for Traverse City state hospital.

219. Amending general village law of 1895.

220. Creating Michigan securities commission.

221. Amending act licensing embalming, etc.; apprentices.

222. Punishing desecration, etc., of state and United States flags, etc.

223. Amending act for registration, etc., of chiropodists; chiropodist defined.

224. Governing aeronautics over land and water.

225. Amending judicature act; distribution of intestate personal estate.

226. Authorizing issuance of registered state bonds in exchange for coupon bonds.

227. Amending act authorizing counties to care, etc., for feeble-minded, etc.,

persons; administrative board.

228. Appropriations for state board of dental examiners.

229. Amending act relative to bonds and other obligations.

230. Authorizing villages, etc., to maintain band.

231. Providing for detention of insane persons for examination.

232. Amending act facilitating collection of alimony.

233. Amending cosporation fee act.

234. Amending corporation code; amending articles.

235. Amending act regulating hunting of wild animals and birds; hunter's


236. Salary of stenographer in third judicial circuit.

237. Amending act relative to public instruction, etc.; organizing graded school


238. Authorizing incorporation of water power, etc., companies.

239. Amending act to prevent desertion, etc., of wife or children, etc.

240. Accepting benefits, etc., of act promoting welfare and hygiene of maternity

and infancy, etc.

241. Appropriations for Michigan state normal college.

242. Appropriations for Western state normal school.

243. Appropriations for Pontiac state hospital.

244. Amending act providing for appointment of county agents, etc.

245. Amending insurance code; automobile insurance companies.

246. Amending act for collection of specific tax upon mortgages, etc.

247. Authorizing home for dependents of former service men.

248. Appropriations for Kalamazoo state hospital.

249. Appropriations for Mackinac Island state park commission.

250. Appropriations for department of conservation.

251. Amending judicature act; increasing number of circuit judges in third


252. Amending act extending aid to university; mill tax.

253. Amending act relative to costs of proceedings in criminal cases; witness


254. Amending act for inspection of commercial fertilizers; fee of manufacturer,


255. Appropriations for department of agriculture.

256. Amending act regulating common carriers; filing of rates, etc.

257. Amending inheritance tax law.

258. Amending election code; alteration of precincts.

259. Providing for better highway facilities between cities of Detroit and Pontiac.

260. Appropriations for public utilities conmission.

261. Providing for suspending certificate of school teacher.

Act No.

262. Prohibiting issuance of Michigan war loan bonds authorized by Act 97 of


263. Appropriations for Michigan naval militia.

264. Amending act protecting fish in inland waters; closed season blue

gills and bass.

265. Act for suppression of contagious diseases among bees.

266. Act fixing standards for apples.

267. Act for protection of game and birds.

268. Appropriations for department of insurance.

269. Appropriations for state psychopathic hospital.

270. Appropriations for Michigan college of mines.

271. Providing for payment of costs in criminal proceedings instituted by state.

272. Appropriations for state industrial home for girls.

273. Appropriations for uniform accounting division, auditor general's depart-


274. Amending housing code; means of egress, etc.

275. Amending corporation code; filing list of stockholders with secretary of


276. Preventing wearing of masks, etc., in certain assemblies, etc.

277. Amending general tax law; widow's, etc., right in homestead entry.

278. Amending act supplementing laws establishing municipal courts of record;

presiding judge.

279. Amending act to prevent importation of insects, etc., affecting trees, etc.

280. Amending judicature act; asserting right by intervention in actions at law

or in equity.

281. Amending judicature act; duty of executor of will.

282. Amending act relative to disorderly persons.

283. Prohibiting false, etc., statements in regard to insurance companies. etc.

284. Amending act providing for publication of proceedings of annual school

meeting; affidavit.

285. Sterilization act.

286. Enabling townships to construct wharves, etc.

287. Appropriations for state welfare department.

288. Amending uniform warehouse receipts act; liens, how satisfied.

289. Appropriations for military establishment.

290. Appropriations for Michigan reformatory.

291. Amending act relative to powers and duties of townships; per diem of

township officers.

292. Providing for certification of improved farms, etc.

293. Amending judicature act; payment of debts of testator.

294. Amending act regulating treatment of dependent, etc., children, etc.

295. Amending act relative to estates in dower; widow's election relative to


296. Amending judicature act; witness fees.

297. Preventing hunting for game on Sunday in Sanilac county.

298. Amending act for formation of agricultural societies; board of directors.

299. Vacating certain plats in village of Meredith.

300. Amending election code; flags at polling places.

301. Permitting boards of supervisors in certain counties to create finance com-


302. Appropriations for state tax commission.

303. Appropriations for Michigan home and training school.

304. Appropriations for securities commission.

305. Appropriations for state prison.

306. Appropriations for industrial school for boys.

307. Appropriations for circuit judges, etc.

308. Appropriations for Michigan agricultural college.

309. Appropriations for state department of agriculture.

310. Appropriations for university of Michigan.

311. Appropriations for various state institutions and departments,

312. Act to empower United States to acquire lands in Michigan for national


313. Authorizing establishment of schools for crippled children, etc.

314. Regulating sale of agricultural seeds.

315. Appropriations for state highway department,

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