University of the State of New York: Origin, History and Present Organization

University of the State of New York, 1893 - 100 páginas

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Página 299 - ... the repeal of a law, or any part of it, specified in such schedule, shall not affect or impair any act done...
Página 262 - I considered four of these bills, passed or reported, as forming a system by which every fibre would be eradicated of ancient or future aristocracy ; and a foundation laid for a government truly republican. The repeal of the laws of entail would prevent the accumulation and perpetuation of wealth, in select families, and preserve the soil of the country from being daily more and more absorbed in mortmain.
Página 215 - Each householder and inhabitant shall bear such tax and public charge as shall hereafter be considered proper for the maintenance of clergymen, comforters of the sick, schoolmasters, and...
Página 243 - ... said college shall be subject to the visitation of the Regents of the University of the State of New York in the same manner and to the same extent as the other colleges of the State.
Página 211 - ex-officio " members of the board of regents. No person shall be at the same time a regent of the university and a trustee, president, principal or any other officer of an institution belonging to the university.
Página 298 - ... shall be under the full and direct control of the regents who, as shall seem best for public interests, may appoint new trustees to carry on the library, or may store it or distribute its books to other libraries. § 47 Loans of books from state. Under such rules as the regents ma...
Página 294 - ... if subject to their visitation or chartered or incorporated by the Regents or under a general law ; provided that, unless on unanimous request of the trustees of the institution, no name shall be changed and no charter shall be altered, nor shall any rights or privileges thereunder be suspended or repealed by the Regents, till they have mailed to the usual address of every trustee of the institution concerned at least thirty days...
Página 240 - An act for granting certain privileges to the college heretofore called King's College, for altering the name and charter thereof, and erecting an university within this State...
Página 298 - Whoever wilfully detains any book, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, manuscript or other property belonging to any public or incorporated library, reading-room, museum or other educational institution, for thirty days after notice in writing to return the same, given after the expiration of the time which by the rules of such institution, such article or other property may be kept...
Página 296 - The board may, subject to the regents' approval, make all bylaws and rules not inconsistent with law needed in performing its duties, but no by-laws or rules by which more than a majority vote is required for any specified action by the board shall be amended, suspended or repealed by a smaller vote than that required for the action thereunder.

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