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The streets were not paved with gold.
Poor, tired, hungry little Dick!
Too weak to stand, he at last lay down.
A kind man, Mr. Fitzwarren, took Dick

home with him.
He gave Dick his dinner.
Then he told Dick to help the cook.
The cook did not like Dick, and was very

unkind to him. He made Dick sleep in a garret. In the garret were many rats and mice. How would you like that? Dick had a penny. He got a big cat. It was a big black cat. Soon there were no rats and mice

in the garret. Now Dick could sleep in peace.

Not very long after this Mr. Fitzwarren

sent off a ship. He let every one in his house put

something to sell into the ship. Poor little Dick had only his cat. He did not know what to do. “Send your cat,” said Mr. Fitzwarren.

How Dick cried!

But he sent the cat.

The cook made fun of Dick for sending

a cat to sea.

“I shall run away,” said Dick to himself.
And run away he did !
He left while the rest were asleep.
He walked about a mile.

Then he sat down on a stone.

While he sat there he heard the bells

ringing. They seemed to say:

Turn again, Whittington,
Lord Mayor of London.'


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Again the bells rang:

“ Turn again, Whittington,

Lord Mayor of London.'

“If I am to be Lord Mayor I can put

up with anything now.”. He ran back to Mr. Fitzwarren. No one

had missed him.

Mr. Fitzwarren's ship landed in a strange

The captain sold many things.
He was asked to dinner by the king.
Before they could sit down to dinner,

great rats rushed up.
They ate out of every dish.
"We do not know what to do with

the rats,” said the king. The captain told the king about Dick's

cat which was in the ship. You know the rest of the story. The cat

was sold to the king for much gold. Dick Whittington was now very rich. When he grew to be a man he was made

Lord Mayor of London.

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