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Here we are at the end of our book!

We have had one story for each letter.
I hope you liked them all.
We had Aladdin for A, Boy Blue for B,

Cinderella for C.
Can you say your A B C's ?

Let me

hear you.

Now we come to our "good night” story.
It is about the Dustman. Listen!
There is no one in the world who knows

so many stories as the Dustman. He comes in the evening when the chil

dren are eating supper. The children do not hear him for he

takes off his shoes.

Then he opens the door without any noise

and enters the room, oh, so softly ! Puff! He blows fine soft dust into the

children's eyes. This makes the children close their eyes

so that they do not see him. Then he goes among them and blows

sostly upon their necks. The Dustman does not hurt the children

for he is very fond of them. He only wishes them to be quiet that they

may be taken to bed. After they are

asleep, he will tell them his stories. When their eyes are closed the Dustman

sits down upon the bed. He has the kindest, sweetest face you can

think of, and his voice is low and soft.

He wears a long silk coat. The coat

changes color every time he turns. Sometimes it is red, sometimes it is blue, sometimes it is green. It is

very, very beautiful. Under each arm the Dustman carries an

umbrella. One of these umbrellas has lovely pic

tures painted on it. There are pictures of girls playing hoop and of boys flying kites.


blew flew

page face night

large mice bright news change peace delight

This unbrella he spreads over the good

children. Then they dream most

beautiful stories all the night long. On the other umbrella nothing at all is

painted. He holds this one over the naughty chil

dren, and then they do not have any dreams at all. What do you think

of that? How many of you dreamed pretty stories

last night? I am sure you will dream them to-night.


One.evening the Dustman came to a little

boy named IIialmar. “Listen," said the Dustman, when Hialmar

had been put to bed.


Just then all the flowers in the flower

pots in the room became large trees. The room was like a forest with green

leaves overhead. Birds sang in the forest.

Among the leaves were flowers and each

flower was more beautiful than a rose.

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