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At last they sat down.
The magician made a fire.
The magician said something to the fire.
Aladdin looked down.

There was a black cave under him.


The magician made Aladdin go into

the cave.

Aladdin was to get a strange lamp.
Aladdin did not like to go.
IIe cried and he cried.
When Aladdin came back the magician

asked for the lamp. “You may have the lamp,” said Aladdin,

“when I get up there.” The magician said something to the fire. The cave closed up! Where was Aladdin ?

It was as black as night in the cave.
Aladdin sat down and cried.
Then he looked at the strange lamp.
He rubbed it a little.

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“I am the slave of the lamp," said

the black man. “Ask what you will." “Then take me home,” said Aladdin. Aladdin was at home as quick as that! Was he glad to see his mother? He had the strange lamp with him, too! That night Aladdin rubbed his lamp. There stood the slave! “Supper!” cried

Aladdin. The slave gave them a fine supper. Aladdin's lamp did strange things for him. Do you like this story?

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Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn; The sheep are in the meadow, the cow is

in the corn. Where is the little boy that looks after

the sheep?
He is under the haycock, fast asleep.
Will you wake him ? No, not I;
For if I do, he'll be sure to cry.

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Cinderella. To-night is the ball!

I can not go.
This ragged dress is all I have.
My sisters are going.
They have pretty dresses.

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