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Cinderella. See! They come!

Is our coach here?

A sister.

Cinderella. I will see. Yes, it is here.
A sister. How do we look ?
Cinderella. You are lovely.
A sister.

The Prince will dance with us. Cinderella. That he will! Good-by!


Cinderella. Come in! Who are you? Godmother. I am your fairy godmother. Cinderella. You will be kind to me. . Godmother. Are you going to the ball ? Cinderella. No. I have no pretty dress. Godmother. You are going to the ball. Cinderella. I am going to the ball ? Godmother. Run to the garden. Get me

a pumpkin.

Holds up

her wand)

Cinderella. See this big yellow pumpkin!
Godmother. That is a fine one! Look!
Cinderella. A coach! a lovely coach!
Godmother. Yes. Now get me six white mice.
Cinderella. Here they are, godmother.
Godmother. Now see what I do! (Holds up)
Cinderella. The six white mice are six white


Holds up

Godmother. They will run very fast!
Cinderella. Where shall we get a coachman?
Godmother. A black rat is in the trap.
Cinderella. Here he is!
Godmother. He will do very well.

her wand)
Cinderella. He makes a fine coachman!
Godmother. Now you can go to the ball.
Cinderella. In this ragged dress ?
Godmother. See! See! (Holds up her wand)


Cinderella. What a pretty dress!

What pretty glass slippers! Godmother. Be home by twelve o'clock. Cinderella. I will, godmother.

I will, godmother. Good-by!


Cinderella. I am home. See my old dress!

It is just twelve o'clock.
The Prince danced with me.

A sister.

A sister.

Cinderella. Here come my sisters.

Are you not in bed ?
Cinderella. Did you have a good time?

No. The Prince danced with

a strange Princess. Cinderella. Who was she?

No one can tell her name. She

was lovely. Cinderella. I am glad that you liked her.

Let us go to bed. I am sleepy.

A sister.

A sister.


Cinderella. It is night again.

My sisters are now at the ball.
I hope the Prince will dance

with them.
pii Come in. Is it you, godmother?

(Jumps up and down)


Godmother. Did you dance with the Prince ? Cinderella. Yes! He thinks I am

a Princess!

Godmother. You may go again if you like.
Cinderella. May I? Thank you!
Godmother. Here is your coach. Here you

are! Twelve o'clock! Do
not forget.

Holds up

her wand)


(The next morning) Cinderella. I did forget. What will

godmother say!
I ran all the way home.
I lost one slipper.
Here comes the Prince!

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