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The man held his coat close. "How

the wind blows!” said he,


At last the North Wind said, "I am

tired. I can not do it."

Then the Sun shone.

“I like that,” said the man. "I shall

take my coat off.” “Which is stronger ?” asked the Sun.

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Went to her cupboard,

To get her poor Dog a bone;
But when she came there,
The cupboard was bare,

And so the poor Dog got none.

She went to the baker's

To buy him some bread; But when she came back,

The poor Dog was dead.

She went to the hatter's

To buy him a hat; But when she came back,

He was feeding the cat.

She went to the barber's

To buy him a wig; But when she came back,

He was dancing a jig.

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But when she came back,

He was riding a goat.

She went to the cobbler's

To buy him some shoes; But when she came back,

He was reading the news.


She went to the hosier's

To buy him some hose; But when she came back,

He was dressed in his clothes.

The Dame made a curtsey,

The Dog made a bow;
The Dame said, “Your servant,"

The Dog said, “Bow-wow.”

This wonderful Dog

Was Dame Hubbard's delight; He could sing, he could dance,

He could read, he could write.


She gave him rich dainties,

Whenever he fed; And erected a monument

When he was dead.






flew dark

blew arm threw




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