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A king was riding in the woods.
A little rabbit jumped into his arms.
The rabbit was white all over.
It was such a pretty rabbit.
Some one had hurt the rabbit.

"Poor little rabbit,” said the king.
“I will take you home.”
He took the rabbit home.
He gave it everything good to eat.
He gave it a little house to sleep in.
Do you see what a kind man he was ?


The king lay fast asleep.
A fairy wakened him.
She was a lovely woman, dressed all in

white. The king sat up in bed and looked at her. “Who are you?” asked he. “I am your good fairy,” said the woman.

"You were kind to me yesterday.” “I have never seen you before,” said

the king

“I was the little white rabbit,” said

the fairy. “I wished to find

out what kind of man you are.” "I did not think a rabbit could be

a fairy,” said the king: “I was that white rabbit yesterday,” said

the fairy. “Thank you for being

so kind.” “I like to be kind to every one,” said

the king “What shall I do for you ?” asked

the fairy. “I have but one wish,” said the king. “What is that?" said the fairy. “Be kind to my son.

I love him very much,” said the king. “Shall I make him rich or handsome ?”

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“I can not choose one of those wishes,”

said the king 66. What more could I do for him ?” asked

the fairy. “Make him good. What can riches do for

a man that is bad ?" “I can not make him good,” said the fairy.

“He must do that for himself." “He means to be good,” said the father,

“but sometimes he gets angry.” “I can help your son to be good,” said

the fairy.
“I shall be glad to do that.”

Now I shall be happy.” The king lived a long time. At last he

died. Every one was sad. The prince became king.

66 Thank you.

I have not told you the name of

the son. He was Prince Cherry. Prince Cherry loved his father very

much. How sad he was when his father died ! Every one hoped Prince Cherry would

make a good king: Cherry said, “I want to be just as good

and kind as my father was.” He had been king three days. When he was fast asleep the fairy came

to him. She wakened him. “Here is a ring for you, King Cherry,"

said the fairy. “What shall I do with the ring, good

fairy?” asked Cherry.


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