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The fairy queen was a good woman.

She was glad to see Una. Una told all the people about the dragon. The bravest knight was St. George. “I will go with you,” said St. George.


Una and St. George set out

the next morning St. George was a handsome knight. How straight he sat on his fine

black horse! His shield was of silver on which was

a large red cross. He was called “The Knight of the Red

Una was very happy. The dragon

would soon be killed.

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They rode many days.
One night St. George dreamed that Una

had been taken away. He got on his horse and rode after her. When Una wakened in the morning

St. George was not there!
What should she do? How unhappy

she was!

She got on a horse. She rode and she

rode, looking for St. George.


One day she stopped in a wood.
She was very tired. She lay down

to rest under a tree.
A great lion rushed out to kill her.
As soon as he looked at Una he stopped.
He kissed her feet and licked her hands.

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Una patted the lion.
After that the lion went with her

wherever she went.

She did not need to talk to him.

He could tell what she wished by looking

at her.

One night the lion killed a bold robber.
Then the lion himself was killed.
Now poor Una was sad and alone.
Would she ever find St. George?
Yes, Una found St. George.
He had been thrown into a dungeon

by a bad knight.
Una got him out.
Away they rode to kill the dragon.
It took two days to kill the dragon.
Then every one was happy.



V-a-n spells van.
How well you know your letters!
A van is a cart.
Doctor Marigold lived in a van.
He was a peddler.
He took things from town to town and

sold them from his van. He sold dish pans, tin cups, rolling pins

and such things. Doctor Marigold was a very kind and

a very good man. He was not a doctor at all. That was

a joke. IIe was just a peddler. Doctor Marigold liked to be happy, but

he was not.

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