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HICKETY, pickety, my black hen, HERE comes a poor woman from

She lays eggs for gentlemen ; baby-land,
Sometimes nine,

With three small children in her
Sometimes ten.

hand; Gentlemen come every day,

One can brew, another can bake, To see what my black hen doth lay. The other can make a lily-white


One can sit in the garden and spin, HERE we are on Tom Tiddler's Another can make a fine bed for ground,

the king; Picking up gold and silver.

Pray, ma'am, will you take one in ?

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HUMPTY Dumpty sat on a wall;

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
Not all the king's horses, nor all the king's men,
Could set Humpty Dumpty up again.

HERE we go round the mulber

This is the way we brush our hair, ry bush,

Brush our hair,
Mulberry bush,

Brush our hair,
Mulberry bush,

This is the way we brush our hair, Here we go round the mulberry bush

On a cold frosty morning. On a cold frosty morning.

[Followed by “ This is the way we clean our boots,” etc.

HEY ding-a-ding, what shall I HERE we go up, up, up, sing?

And here we go down, down, How many holes in a skimmer ?

downy; Four-and-twenty-my stomach's emp- Here we go backward and forward, ty,

And here we go round, round, Pray, mamma, give me some dinner. roundy.

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