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RIDE, baby, ride!

Pretty baby shall ride,
And have a little puppy-dog tied to her side,
And a little pussy-cat tied to the other,
Aud away she shall ride to see her grandmother,

To see her grandınother,
To see her grandmother.

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ROBIN and Richard were two pretty men ;

They lay in bed till the clock struck ten;
Then up starts Robin and looks at the sky,
O, brother Richard! the sun's very high.

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This popular game is honored with a variety of jingles, but generally

SALLY, Sally Waters, sprinkle in the pan,
Hie, Sally! hie, Sally, for a young man!

Choose for the best,

Choose for the worst,
Choose for the prettiest that you love best.

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SEE-SAW, Margery Daw, Was not she a dirty slut,

Johnny shall have a new master, To sell her bed and lie in the dirt.
He shall have only a cent a day,
Because he can't work any faster.

SEE-SAW, up and down,

Which is the way to go to town? SEE-SAW, Margery Daw, One foot up, the other foot down,

Sold her bed and lay upon straw ; That is the way to go to town.

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SNAIL, snail, come out of your hole,

Or else I will beat you as black as a coal.

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