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considered apart from the latter, is purely enabling, he is liable for the loss occasioned by the fraud of the so far as it goes, giving permission to get stone for brokers, if they sell the Exchequer bills, and approcertain purposes, even out of quarries not open at priate the proceeds to their own use, and afterwards the testator's death; whereas, without such clause, the fail; for he ought either to have kept the bills in tenants for life would only have been entitled to take his own hands, or distinctly to have separated them stone out of open quarries within a certain limit. But from the other property in the possession of the brokers. the latter passage shews that the former was intended Mathew v. Brise, 15 Law J. 39-L.C. to be restrictive as well as enabling; so that, whilst it enables the tenants for life to open quarries for the pur

UNCERTAINTY—See “ Legacies." poses specified, it prohibits them from taking stone, even from open quarries, for any other purposes than

VENDOR AND PURCHASER. those. Ferrand v. Wilson, 15 Law J. 41-V. C. W. Reserved Bid. 7–Where the particulars of sale do not

state either that the sale is to be without reserve, or TRUST.

that the vendors intend to employ a person to bid on their Acknowledgment of a Trust the Origin of which is un-behalf, and they privately instruct a person to bid up known.)-If a person acknowledged that a sum of mo- to a certain amount, and he does so accordingly, but ney deposited by him with another was held by him one of the bidders bids considerably more than that in trust for a third person, and, on the insolvency of amount, and becomes the purchaser, and it does not the depositee, and on account of the loss occasioned appear that, in so doing, he was misled by any confithereby, the depositor gives to such third person a pro- dence he placed in the other person's judgment, he will missory note for that amount “for value received," be obliged to complete the purchase. Woodward v. and pays interest thereon up to the time of his decease, Miller, 15 Law J. 6–V.C. B. In this case, the defendsuch third person will be entitled to that amount out ant, in his answer, alleged that the auctioneer had of the personal estate of the depositor, the maker of the stated in the auction-room that the premises were to note, although the origin of the trust is unknown, pro- be sold without reserve. But the person employed to vided there is no evidence to rebut the presumption of a bid for the vendors stated, in his evidence, that the trust; because the circumstances above mentioned make auctioneer only said that the sale was to be a bonâ fide a prima facie case of trust, and this not being displaced one, and that, if there were any puffers in the room, or met, the proper conclusion is, to treat the note as he should hate himself. And hence the allegation of given under à correct and well-founded belief, on the the defendant wasnot held to form any additional ground part of the maker thereof, that he had become liable of defence. in equity to make good the sum deposited and lost, · Necessity of producing and proving the Ownership of and, therefore, as a note given for value. Burkitt v. a surrendered Lease, on a Sale of Leaseholds for Lives. Ransom, 10 Jur. 193–V. C. B.

-Where leaseholds for lives are contracted to be sold,

and the lease under which they are held states that it TRUSTEE

was granted in consideration of the surrender of a Right to a general Release on transferring the Trust former lease, the vendor, in the absence of any express Fund to the Cestui que Trust. 7_Where a trustee pays stipulation upon the point, is bound not only to proor transfers a trust fund to his cestui que trust the duce such former lease, but also to shew, that, at the cestui que trust is not bound to execute a general re- time of the surrender, it belonged absolutely, as well lease by deed; but he is bound either to give the in equity as at law, to the person who surrendered it trustee a receipt not merely for the amount of the

and took the new lease, although it be necessary for fund transferred or paid to him, but a receipt in that purpose to carry back the title more than sixty full of all demands against the trustee in respect of years; for the new Statute of Limitations does not the trust, or else to ask to have the accounts taken: shorten the period for which titles are to be deduced. and, therefore, if the cestui que trust refuses to give | Hodgkinson v. Cooper, 10 Jur. 39–M. R. In this case. anything more than a receipt for the particular amount the subsisting lease was granted in 1816, and the former offered to be transferred or paid to him, and files a bill lease in 1769. to have it so transferred or paid, the court will direct

a c tion for Use and Occupation, where a good Title cangeneral account to be taken, though no account be not be made.]-Where a person contracts for the purprayed, and no open unsettled account be suggested by chase of land, and agrees to pay interest in case of his the answer, unless the cestui que trust will receive the default in payment of the purchase-money on a certain particular amount offered in full of all demands against day, and is let into possession and treated as purchaser the trustee in respect of the trust. Chadwick v. Heat- by the vendor, but is prevented from completing the ley, 2 Coll. 137.

purchase from the want of a good title, he is not liable Indemnity against Liability before Loss.7-A trustee at law to the payment of any rent in respect of the who is threatened with an action, and is primâ facie use and occupation of the land; because, after treating liable as legal owner, is not obliged to wait until such | him as purchaser, the vendor cannot convert him into liability is actually enforced against him, before he can an occupier, liable to pay for his occupation, by his (the file a bill against his cestui que trust for an indemnity. /vendor's) own wrongful default in not making a good Phene v. Gillon, 15 Law J. 65–V.C. W..

title. Winterbottom v. Ingham, 10 Jur. 4-Q.B. Negligence in allowing Ecchequer Bills to remain in a Sale of a reversionary Interest at an Under-value. 7– Broker's Possession, undistinguished from other Pro- A sale of a reversionary interest in real and personal perty. Where a trustee, who is directed by the in- property, by a young man in straitened circumstrument creating the trust to invest trust monies in stances, to a trustee of part of the property, at a the stocks or on real security, instructs his brokers, material under-value, will be set aside, although the who also act to some extent as bankers, and had the purchase was made at the instance of the vendor, and confidence of the author of the trust, to invest the trust against the inclination of the purchaser. And if monies to a considerable amount in Exchequer bills, / 19001. is the actual value, 17001. is to be considered a and, for more than a year, during the interval which material under-value. Edwards v. Browne, 2 Coll. 100. elapses before a mortgage security is found and ap- Agreement to accept a Title without Dispute.”7proved of, he allows the Exchequer bills to remain in Where a person agrees to purchase an estate, and to the possession and under the control of the brokers, un- accept the vendor's title “ without dispute," but it is distinguished from other property in their possession; I also agreed that an abstract of title shall be furnished, and the purchaser discovers from the abstract that which he had only a Life Interest-Election.]-Where a there is an outstanding legal estate, he is precluded from testator is entitled in fee to some messuages and lands taking the objection, notwithstanding the delivery of in a parish, and entitled for life to other messuages and the abstract by the vendor, and his entering into a cor- | lands in the same parish, and he devises all his mesrespondence on the subject of the objection. Duke v. suages and lands in that parish, subject to a charge of Barnett, 10 Jur. 87—V. C.B.

legacies on a part of the particular hereditaments in

which he had only a life estate; it is not to be inferred, VESTED INTEREST.

from his dealing with that part as his own, that he Direction to pay and divide six months after the death

meant to include in the devise the other part of the of a prior taker. ]-Where a testator bequeaths the re

same hereditaments, so as to raise a case of election sidue of his personal estate upon trust for his wife, for a

| against a person claiming such other part of those hereher life, if she shall so long continue his widow; and,

ditaments as a remainder-man, and also claiming under after her decease or marriage, upon trust to pay and di

the will as to property of which the testator was seised vide the whole unto and equally amongst all and every

in fee. Parker v. Carter, 4 Hare, 400. his nephews and nieces, share and share alike, within

See Devise." six months after they shall have become entitled thereto; the property vests in them on the testator's decease;

WORDS - See “Construction," Legacy,Power," the possession alone being postponed for the sake of the

Remoteness.prior taker and the convenience of the estate; so that if one of them dies in the lifetime of the widow, his or TABLE OF CASES IN THIS PART OF THE her share passes to his or her personal representatives.

REPOSITORY. Packham v. Gregory, 4 Hare, 396.

Limitation to the Testator's right Heirs of his own Allen o. Anderson, 10 Jur. 196, V.C. W. [p. 188]. Name.]-Where a testator, after devising particular estates, makes an ultimate devise to his own right heirs

Baggett v. Meux, 1 Coll. 138; 10 Jur. 213. [p. 197]. of his own name, and his, her, and their heirs; and

Beaufort (Duke) v. Neeld, 12 Cl. & Fin. 248. [p. 198]. there is nothing in the will which clearly shews that

Belcher n. Vardon, 2 Coll. 162. [p. 185].

Bessey v. Windham, 6 Adol. & Ell. 166. [p. 186]. the word “heir” is used in any other than its technical

Brown v. Pegg, 6 Adol. & El. 1. [p. 212]. sense, or that the ultimate devise was intended to create

Burkitt o. Ransom, 10 Jur. 193, V. Č. B. [p. 213]. a contingent remainder in favour of the person who

Butler v. Powis, 2 Coll. 156. [p. 212]. should answer the given description on the expiration of the particular estates; in such case the ultimate de Chadwick v. Heatley, 2 Coll. 137. [p. 213]. vise creates a vested interest in favour of the person who, | Cheese v. Cheese, 15 Law J. 28, V. C. E. [p. 212]. at the time of the testator's decease, is his heir-at-law,

Clark v. Burgh, 2 Coll. 221. [p. 195]. and bears his name; because it is a rule of law that an

Clough v. French, 15 Law J. 24, v.C.E. (p. 185]. interest shall be construed to vest as early as possible;

Cockshott v. Cockshott, 10 Jur. 41, V. C. B. [p. 195].

Compton o. Bloxham, 2 Coll. 201. [p. 188]. and because the word " heir," unexplained, means the

Cornfield o. Wyndham, 2 Coll. 184. [p. 196). person on whom the law casts the inheritance on the ancestor's decease. Wrightson v. Macaulay, 14 Mee. & Doe d. Esremont v. Burrough. 6 Adol. & EN. 229. [p. 2117. W. 214.

-0. Stephens, 6 Adol. & Ell. 208. [p. 211]. See Legacy.

- d. Sams v. Garlick, 15 Law J. 54, Exch. [p. 187].

Donovan v. Needham, 10 Jur. 150, M. R. [p. 196). WILL.

Duke o. Barnett, 10 Jur. 87, V. C. B. [p. 214]. Effect of an Attestation Clause-Evidence of signing

Dykes v. Farr, 15 Law J. 89, V. C. W. [p. 198]. and publishing. ]-Where an attestation is not expressly required, the mere circumstance that there is a me

Early o. Benbow, 10 Jur. 169, V. C. B. [p. 196].

Eaton o. Barker, 2 Coll. 124. [p. 197]. morandum or an attestation clause stating that certain

| Edwards o. Browne, 2 Coll. 100. [p. 213]. things have been done, does not exclude evidence that other things were done besides those which are expressed

Farquarson v. Carr, 10 Jur. 63, V.C. B. [p. 187]. to have been done. So that if a will of a married

Farr v. Sheriffe, 15 Law J. 89, V. C. W. (p. 1987. woman, made by virtue of a power, is required to be Faulkner v. Wynford (Lord), 15 Law J. 8. [p. 196] “ signed and published” in the presence of witnesses, Ferrand v. Wilson, 4 Hare, 344; 15 Law J. 41. [p. 198, 213). and, after the signatures of the witnesses to such will, Francis v. Grover, 15 Law J. 99, V. C. W. (p. 212, 214]. there is a memorandum or attestation clause, only Frith v. Rotherham, 10 Jur. 208, Exch. [p. 212]. stating that the will was “signed and sealed” in their presence, evidence may be adduced to shew that it was Gale v. Burnell, 10 Jur. 198, Q. B. [p. 186]. also published in their presence. And the evidence of Glasse v. Marshall, 15 Law J. 25, V.C. E. [p. 195]. two witnesses, that it was declared by the testatrix to be her “ will," although according to the evidence of

Haigh v. Jaggar, 2 Coll. 231. [p. 195]. the third it was declared by her to be her “act," is

Hatfield v. Pryme, 2 Coll. 204. “[p. 197].

Henson v. Blackwell, 4 Hare, 434 [p. 195]. sufficient evidence that it was published. And so the

Hine v. Lart, 10 Jur. 106, V.C. E. [p. 188). evidence of two witnesses that it was signed in their

Hodgkinson v. Cooper, 10 Jur. 39, M. R. [p. 213). presence is sufficient evidence of that fact, although the

Holt v. Dewell, 4 Hare, 446; 15 Law J. 14. [p. 198]. third witness believes it to have been signed before they entered the room. Warren v. Postlethwaite, 2 Jacques v. Chambers, 10 Jur. 151, V.C. B. [p. 211]. Coll, 108.

Jodrell v. Jodrell, 15 Law J. 17, M. R. [p. 195]. Pencil Erasure.]-A pencil erasure of an annuity given by will may be either deliberative or final, ac Lidgett o. Williams, 4 Hare, 456. [p. 211]. cording to circumstances; but primâ facie it is only deliberative, indicating that the testator contemplated

Macgregor v. Macgregor, 2 Coll. 192. [p. 197]. making an alteration in his will, and not final and

Mathew v. Brise, 15 Law J. 39, L. C. [p. 213]. amounting to a positive revocation. Francis v. Grover,

Minton o. Cave, 10 Jur. 86, v. c. E. [p. 1961.

Moneypenny o. Mascal, 2 Coll. 213. [p. 1867. 15 Law J. 99-V. C. W.

Moore v. Jervis, 2 Coll. 60. [p. 187].
Inference that a Testaton meant to devise Property in Morse v. Tucker, 10 Jur. 173, V.C.W. [p. 187].

Packham v. Gregory, 4 Hare, 396. [p. 214].
Parker . Carter, 4 Hare, 400. [p. 212, 214).
Parkin e. Knight, 10 Jur. 23, v. C. E. (p. 188].
Phene . Gillon, 15 Law J. 65, V.C. W. [p. 198, 213].
Pott v. Todhunter, 2 Coll. 76. [p. 211].
Roberts p. Burder, 2 Coll. 130. [p. 196).
Rolfe v. Rolfe, 10 Jur. 61, V.C. E. [p. 1857.
Rosse (Earl) 1. Wainman, 15 Law J. 67, Exch. [p. 186].
Rummell o. Gillow, 15 Law J. 35, V. C. W. [p. 197].

Radnorshire, at Presteigne, Wednesday, Nov. 4.
Herefordshire, at Hereford, Thursday, Nov. 5.
Brecknockshire, at Brecon, Saturday, Nov. 7.
Carmarthenshire, at Carmarthen, Monday, Nov. 9.
Cardiganshire, at Cardigan, Wednesday, Nov. 11.
Pembrokeshire, at Haverfordwest, Thursday, Nov. 12.
Glamorganshire, at Swansea, Monday, Nov. 16.
Glamorganshire, at Cardiff, Tuesday, Nov. 17.
Monmouthshire, at Monmouth, Thursday, Nov. 19.
Gloucestershire, at Gloucester, Friday, Nov. 20.
Bristol, (City and County), Monday, Nov. 23.
Somersetshire, at Bath, Wednesday, Nov. 25.
Devonshire, at Plymouth, Saturday, Nov. 28.
Cornwall, at Bodmin, Monday, Nov. 30.
Devonshire, at Exeter and City, Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Somersetshire, at Taunton, Friday, Dec. 4.
| Dorsetshire, at Dorchester, Monday, Dec. 7..
Wiltshire, at Salisbury, Wednesday, Dec. 9.
Southampton, (Town and County), Thursday, Dec. 10.
Southampton, at Winchester, Friday, Dec. 11.

Searle v. Law, 10 Jur. 191, V. C. E. [p. 186].
Shadbolt o. Woodfall, 2 Coll. 30. [p. 188].
Shakels o. Richardson, 2 Coll. 31. [p. 185].
Sheppard o. Wilson, 4 Hare, 392, 395. [p. 197, 198].
Stevens o. Stevens, 2 Coll. 20. [p. 188].
Stokes 1. Heron, 12 Cl. & Fin. 161. [p. 186].

Tempest o. Kilner, 15 Law J. 10, C. P. [p. 186].
Turner v. Frampton, 10 Jur. 25, V.C.W. [p. 211].

Wadley o. Wadley, 2 Coll. 11. [p. 195].

Warren o. Postlethwaite, 2 Coll. 108, 116. (pp. 196, 214].
Watts v. Hyde, 10 Jur. 127, V. C. B. [p. 187].

D. POLLOCK, Esq., Commissioner.
Way t. Bassett, 15 Law J. 1, V.C. W. [p. 198].

Essex, at Chelmsford, Monday, Oct. 19. Wells (Dean and Chapter) o. Doddington, 2Coll. 73. [p. 212]. Essex, at Colchester, Tuesday, Oct. 20. Williames o. Edwards, 2 Coll. 176 [p. 197].

Suffolk, at Ipswich, Wednesday, Oct. 21. Williams o. Tartt, 2 Coll. 85 [p. 212].

Norfolk, at Yarmouth, Friday, Oct. 23.
p. Waters, 14 Mee. & W.166. [p. 197].

Norfolk, (Norwich and City), Saturday, Oct. 24.
Winterbottom o. Ingham, 10 Jur. 4, Q. B." (p. 213]. Norfolk, at Lynn, Tuesday, Oct. 27.
Woodward v. Miller, 15 Law J. 6, V.C. B. [p. 213]. Suffolk, at Bury St. Edmund's, Thursday, Oct. 29.
Wrightson 7. Macaulay, 14 Mee. & W. 214. (p. 214j. Cambridgeshire, at Cambridge, Saturday, Oct. 31.

Huntingdonshire, at Huntingdon, Wednesday, Nov. 4. Yearwood o. Yearwood, 10 Jur. 151, M. R. [p. 196]. Northamptonshire, at Peterborough, Thursday, Nov. 5. Young r. Waterpark (Lord), 10 Jur. 1, L. C. [p. 212]. Rutlandshire, at Oakham, Friday, Nov. 6.

Lincolnshire, at Lincoln, Monday, Nov. 9.

Nottinghamshire, (Town and County), Wednesday, Nov. 11. CIRCUITS OF THE COMMISSIONERS FOR Derbyshire, at Derby, Thursday, Nov. 12. THE RELIEF OF INSOLVENT DEBTORS. Lichfield, (City and County), Saturday, Nov. 14.

Staffordshire, at Stafford, Monday, Nov. 16.

Shropshire, at Shrewsbury, Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Shropshire, at Oldbury, Friday, Nov. 20.

Warwickshire, at Birmingham, Saturday, Nov. 21.
H. R. REYNOLDS, Esq., Chief Commissioner.

Warwickshire, at Warwick, Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Warwickshire, at Coventry, Thursday, Nov. 26. Yorkshire, at Sheffield, Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Leicestershire, at Leicester, Saturday, Nov. 28. Yorkshire, at Wakefield, Thursday, Oct. 22.

Northamptonshire, at Northampton, Monday, Nov. 30. Kingston-upon-Hull, (Town and County), Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Bedfordshire, at Bedford, Wednesday, Dec. 2.
Yorkshire, (City and County), Thursday, Oct. 29.

| Buckinghamshire, at Aylesbury, Friday, Dec. 4.
Yorkshire, at Richmond, Saturday, Oct. 31.
Durham, at Durham, Monday, Nov. 2.
Northumberland, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Town, Wed.

London Gazettes.
nesday, Nov. 4.
Cumberland, at Carlisle, Friday, Nov. 6.
Westmoreland, at Appleby, Monday, Nov. 9.

Westmoreland, at Kendal, Tuesday, Nov. 10.

BANKRUPTS. Lancashire, at Lancaster, Wednesday, Nov. 11.

GEORGE GORDON CUMMINGS, America-square, MiLancashire, at Liverpool, Wednesday, Nov. 18.

nories, and Mincing-lane, Great Tower-st., London, and Montgomeryshire, at Welsh Pool, Saturday, Nov. 21.

Gateshead, Durham, tea broker, glass manufacturer, dealer Merionethshire, at Dolgelly, Tuesday, Nov. 24.

and chapman, June 6 and July 7 at 11, Court of BankruptCarnarvonshire, at Carnarvon, Thursday, Nov. 26.

cy, London: Off. Ass. Alsager ; Sol. Ruck, Mincing.lane. Anglesey, at Beaumaris, Friday, Nov. 27.

- Fiat dated May 18. Denbighshire, at Ruthin, Monday, Nov. 30.

JOEL RUDMAN, Bath, Somersetshire, oilman and British Flintshire, at Mold, Tuesday, Dec. 1.

wine dealer, dealer and chapman, June 3 and July 7 at 12, Cheshire, at Chester and City, Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Pennell; Sol.

Berkeley, 52, Lincoln's Inn.fields, London.-Fiat dated HOME CIRCUIT.

May 13.

JOHN DOUGLAS HERRICK, Colchester, Essex, grocer, John GREATHED Harris, Esq., Commissioner.

June 3 and July 7 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Kent, at Dover, Friday, Nov. 6.

Off. Ass. Belcher; Sols. Smythies & Goody, Colchester ; Canterbury, (City and County), Saturday, Nov. 7.

Milne & Co., 2, Harcourt-buildings, Temple.--Fiat dated Kent, at Maidstone, Monday, Nov. 9.

May 20. Sussex, at Lewes, Friday, Nov. 20.

ROBERT NELSON, Great Portland-street, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, at Hertford, Tuesday, Dec. 1.

hotel keeper, licensed victualler, and trader, June 3 at 2,

and July 3 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. SOUTHERN CIRCUIT.

Pennell; Sols. Watson & Broughtons, Falcon-square, LonW. J. Law, Esq., Commissioner.

don.-Fiat dated May 22.

JONATHAN CLARKSON, King's-road, Chelsea, Mid. Berkshire, at Reading, Wednesday, Oct. 28.

dlesex, grocer's shopman, June 1 at half-past 2, and July 2 Oxfordshire, at Oxford, Friday, Oct. 30.

at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Of. Ass. Turquand; Worcestershire, at Worcester, Monday, Nov, 2.

Sol. Archbutt, King's-road, Chelsea.--Fiat dated May 21.

EDWARD HARWOOD BRACE and JAMES ALLEN, ass.-James Blyth, Chelmsford, Essex, grocer, May 30 at 1,

Mitre-court, Milk-street, Cheapside, London, warehouse. Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.—Thomas Metcalfe, men and copartners, (trading under the style or firm of E. Princes-street, Red Lion-square, Middlesex, carpenter and H. Brace & Company), June 3 at half-past I, and July 7 builder, May 30 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London : "Off. Ass. Pennell; ex.—John Blundell, Wigan, Lancashire, pawnbroker, June 10 Sols. Sale & Co., Manchester; Reed & Langford, Friday at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, last er.street, London.-- Fiat dated May 18.

Wm. Edmond and Thomas Edmond, Liverpool, merchants, WILLIAM COOPER, Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, hard. June 12 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester,

wareman and baberdasher, dealer and chapman, June 4 at last ex, of William Edmond.- James Harris, Leadenhall. 12, and July 11 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. market, London, butcher, June 16 at 11, Court of Bankrupt. Ass. Green; Sol. Goddard, King-st., Cheapside. - Fiat cy, London, aud. ac.-George Moir, John's. row, St. Luke's, dated May 14.

Middlesex, shoemaker, June 16 at half-past 1, Court of Bank. JOSEPH AVERY, Manchester-street, Manchester-square, ruptcy, London, aud. ac. Joseph Scholefield, Cheapside,

Middlesex, dealer in plate and jewellery, June 5 at 11, and London, cutler, June 17 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, July 11 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. aud. ac.-J. Tebbutt, Cambridge, auctioneer, June 17 at balf. Follett; Sol. Stafford, 13, Buckingham-street, Strand. - past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-J. ThompFiat dated May 22,

son, Norwich, grocer, June 17 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, JOHN BEATON, Upper-street, Islington, Middlesex, tailor, London, aud. ac.- George Butler Earp, London, ship broker,

dealer and chapman, June 4 at 2, and July 9 at 11, Court June 17 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Bell; Sol. Rae, War. J. Kinghorn, Crawford-street, Marylebone, Middlesex, baker, wick-court, Holborn.-Fiat dated May 22.

June 17 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-R. JOSEPH DAVIS, Pall-mall, Middlesex, and Ludgate-street, Blacker and Charles Earith the younger, Gresham-street,

London, dentist, June 9 at half.past 2, and July 3 at 1, London, warehousemen, June 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards; Sol. | London, aud. ac.--S. Bucknell, Hendon, Middlesex, carman,

Beart, Bouverie.street, Fleet-street.-Fiat dated May 18. June 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-H. ARTHUR BURTON, Ranelagh-wharf, Pimlico, Middle. D. Watkins and J. Innes, Manchester, lead merchants, June

sex, coal merchant, dealer and chapman, June 10 at half. 22 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, and ac. past 2, and July 3 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London : --Joseph Mellanby, Hartlepool, Durham, broker, June 18 at Off. Ass. Groom; Sol. Fitch, Bridge-street, Blackfriars.— 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and. - Fiat dated May 21.

ac.-James Leybourn, Bradford, Yorkshire, provision shopWILLIAM DANSON, Birkenhead, Cheshire, builder, June keeper, June 20 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds,

9 and 29 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool : aud. ac.-Robert Pickles, Barnsley, Yorkshire, linen manuOff. Ass. Bird; Sols. Pemberton, Liverpool; Cornthwaite facturer, June 20 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, & Co., Old Jewry-chambers.—Fiat dated May 23. Sykes, Doncaster, Yorkshire, hosier, Jane STEPHEN HEY, Colne, Lancashire, worsted and cotton 20 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac.-E. manufacturer, dealer and chapman, June 9 and July 3 at T. Allen, Castlegate, York, apothecary, June 20 at 11, District 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac. - Francis Ward, Batley, Hobson ; Sols. Parry, Manchester; Wells, Bradford ; Haw. Yorkshire, rag merchant, June 20 at 11, District Court of kins & Co., 2, Boswell-court, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac.-David Broadhead and Augu. - Fiat dated May 21.

tus John Halcro, Leeds, Yorkshire, stock brokers, June 20 at JAMES WILKINSON, Manchester, grocer, dealer and 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac. - Benjamin

chapman, June 16 and 30 at 12, District Court of Bank Clark, Leeds, Yorkshire, corn factor, June 20 at 11, District ruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Pott; Sols. E. and R. W. Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac.—John Hepworth and Bennett, Manchester; Hammond, 16, Furnival's Inn, Lon. David Hepworth, Raistrick, Halifax, Yorkshire, cotton warp don.-Fiat dated May 22.

dyers, June 22 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, WILLIAM MALLET, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manches.aud. ac.-James Cousen and Lucy Cousen, Bankhouse, Bing.

ter, milliner, dealer and chapman, June 9 and July 2 at 12, ley, and John Richardby Cousen, Bradford, Yorkshire, wors. District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. ted spinners, June 22 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Hobson ; Sols. Brookes, Manchester ; Sibley, 5, Wharton. Leeds, aud. ac. - George Schonswar, Hull, and Henry

street, Pentonville, Middlesex.-Fiat dated May 22. Schonswar, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, merchants, June 17 at 11, JOSEPH GOLDTHORP, Manchester, grocer and provision Town-hall, Kingston-upon-Hull, aud. ac. and div.-Joseph

dealer, dealer and chapman, June 12 and July 2 at 12, Dis. Lathbury, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, mercer, June 19 trict Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Hobson ; at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.Sols. Heath, Manchester ; Jaques & Edwards, Ely-place, Wm. W. Jenkins, Birmingham, brass founder, June 19 at 10, Holborn, London.-Fiat dated May 18.

District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.- John JOHN TEMPEST and WILLIAM HOLDER TEM. Smith, Warwick, wine merchant, June 20 at Il, District

PEST, Leeds, Yorkshire, share brokers, share dealers, and Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac. --Wm. Gilpin, dealers and chapmen, June 8 and July 2 at 11, District Villiers-street, Strand, Middlesex, army clothier, June 16 Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds: Off. Ass. Hope ; Sols. Mid. at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Thedleton, Leeds; Sudlow & Co., Chancery-lane, London.- mas Tubb, Palace-row, New-road, Middlesex, cowkeeper, Fiat dated May 18.

June 16 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.THOMAS BOINTON, Pickering, Yorkshire, money scri. Rich. Ensoll, Broad-street, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, draper,

vener, dealer and chapman, June 8 and July 2 at 11, Dis. June 16 at half.past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.trict Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds: Off. Ass. Hope ; Sols. Robert Starbuck, Gravesend, Kent, shipwright, June 18 at 11, Kendall, Pickering; Dinning & Stawman, Leeds ; Hawkins Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Edw. Burnett, Ricbes.

& Co., New Boswell-court, London.-- Fiat dated May 22. court, Lime-street, London, merchant, June 16 at 2, Court of RICHARD CARLILE CAPLETON, Cheltenham, Glou- Bankruptcy, London, div.-Hugh D. Watkins and J. Innes,

cestershire, tea dealer, grocer, dealer and chapman, June 12 Manchester, lead merchants, June 23 at 12, District Court and July 7 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol : of Bankruptcy, Manchester, fin. div.-T. Armytage Phillips, Off. Ass. Miller; Sols. Roberts, Keynsham, Somersetshire; Huddersfield, Yorkshire, oil merchant, June 22 at 11, District Paterson, Bouverie-street.- Fiat dated May 18.

Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, first and fin. div.-J. Lathbury, WILLIAM WATTS, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, builder, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, mercer, June 19 at 10,

carpenter, dealer and chapman, June 9 and July 7 at half. District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, div.-J. Smith, past 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Warwick, wine merchant, June 22 at 11, District Court of Hutton ; Sols. Packwood, Cheltenham; Sabine, Bristol.- Bankruptcy, Birmingham, fin. div. Fiat dated May 21. MEETINGS.

CERTIFICATES. Robert Briggs. Ulverstone, Lancashire, cotton manufac: To be allowed, unless Cause be sheron to the contrary OR OF turer, June 8 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manches

before the Day of Meeling. ter, pr. d.-James Buttrey, Manchester, commission agent, John Tuddenham, Pickering-place, Bayswater, Middleses, June 10 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, ch. I builder, June 16 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London. -ARA

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Martin, Sturminster Newton, Dorsetshire, widow, June 16 at Gaol of Surrey.-Wm. Hen. Thomas, Cornhill, London, out 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-William Howe, Boxford, of employ: in the Queen's Prison.-Mary Morris, widow, Suffolk, bricklayer, June 16 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon- Stafford-street, Bond-street, Middlesex : in the Debtors Prison don.-Abraham Duffield and Mark Duffield, Buckingham, for London and Middlesex.-Jas. Turpin, Hindon-st., Pim. braziers, June 17 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.—Jos. lico, Middlesex, greengrocer: in the Debtors Prison for Lon. Thompson, Norwich, grocer, June 17 at 11, Court of Bank- don and Middlesex. - John W. Wood, Cursitor-st., Chan. ruptcy, London.-- John James Clark, Hounslow, Middlesex, cery-lane, Holborn, out of employment : in the Queen's Pri. builder, June 17 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-John son.-Alex. Norton, York-buildings, New-road, Middlesex, Dalton, Wandsworth, Surrey, grocer, June 18 at 12, Court of out of business : in the Debtors Prison for London and MidBankruptcy, London.-James Freeman, Cheltenham, Glou- dlesex.-Stephen Reynolds, Clerkenwell-close, Clerkenwell, cestershire, doctor of medicine, June 19 at 11, District Court Middlesex, cheesemonger : in the Debtors Prison for London of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-John Arkell, Donnington, Stowe. and Middlesex.—John Garner, Leicester, hosier : in the Gaol on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, miller, June 12 at 12, District of Leicester. --Sam. Sharp, Clayton-heights, near Bradford, Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-Joseph Mellanby, Hartlepool, | Yorkshire, stuff manufacturer : in the Gaol of York.-Frances Durham, broker, June 18 at half-past 11, District Court of Wilson, Salford, Lancashire, engineer: in the Gaol of LanBankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.—Henry Rawson Morley, caster. - Jas. Stones, York, out of business : in the Gaol of Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant, June 17 at 11, District Court York.-Rob. Temple, Manchester, commission agent: in the of Bankruptcy, Kingston-upon-Hull.-Benj. Clark, Leeds, Gaol of Lancaster:-Wm. Langman, Exeter, slate merchant : Yorkshire, corn factor, June 18 at 11, District Court of Bank- in the Gaol of Exeter.Richard Shepherd, Clayton-heights, roptcy, Leeds.- James Corrall, Boston, Lincolnshire, ship near Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff manufacturer: in the Gaol of owner, June 26 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bir | York. mingham.

The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before To be allowed by the Court of Review in Bankrupicy, unless

the Court, in, on Tuesday, June 9, at 9. Cause be shewn to the contrary on or before June 16.

Edw. Edwards the elder, Mansel-street, Goodman's-fields, Charles Poile, Rye, Sussex, merchant.-Wm. Edw. Filbey, | Middlesex, bricklayer.-Jesse Howard, White Horse-street, Norwich, wine merchant.-Joseph Metford, Lyncombe and Cornwall-road, New-cut, Lambeth, Surrey, scale-board cutter. Widcombe, Somersetshire, wine merchant. -Thos. Harding, -Wm. Geo. Smith, Kirby-street, East India-road, Poplar, Lichfield. scboolmaster.- Thomas Williams, Bristol, licensed | Middlesex, out of business. victualler.-J. Johnson, Nantwich, Cheshire, druggist.-W.

Court-house, SHEFFIELD, Yorkshire, June 9 at 10. Lendon the elder, Exeter, currier. - Sam. Lawrence, Bedfordstreet, Covent-garden, Middlesex, dealer in watches.-Samuel

Robert Hall, Sheffield, out of business. Massey Cross, Greenwich, Kent, corn merchant.-J. Riddall Court-house, WAKEFIELD, Yorkshire, June 11 at 10. Wood, Failsworth, Manchester, varnish maker.

Jas. Sutcliffe, Huddersfield, painter.-Jas. Sewell, Paddick, PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED.

near Huddersfield, painter.-Thos. Collister, Stocks-hill, near John King and Davis Porter King, Buckingham, attornies Leeds, butcher.- Thomas Waite, Guiseley, near Leeds, cloth and solicitors.

manufacturer.-John Bateman, Leeds, woollen cloth printer. Scotch SEQUESTRATIONS.

-Wm. Brownbill, Wakefield, shopman to a watch maker.John Liddell. deceased, Port-Glasgow, merchant.-William Jos. Lister, Bowling, near Bradford, stone mason..-John Henderson, loverkeithing, baker.- Hugh Walker, Glasgow, Lumley, Aldborough, farm bailiff.-Rich. Ellison, Huddersmanufacturer.-Thos. Samuel & Co., Glasgow, merchants.- field, labourer. - George Pickard, Flockton, near Wakefield, Jetes Shaw, Robert Shaw, and Wm. Shaw, Glasgow, calico coal agent.-Joseph Moody, Hopton, near Dewsbury, wood printers.

dealer.-Rich. Astwick, Fleckton, near Wakfield, carpenter. INSOLVENT DEBTORS

-Thos. Bentley, Leeds, out of business.-- John Sharp, Hor. Who hare filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy,

ton, near Bradford, machine maker.-Jos. Thornton, Culverand haré obtained an Interim Order for Protection from

ley, near Leeds, out of business.-John Bateson, Kirkburton,

near Huddersfield, joiner.—Barn. Topham, Boroughbridge, Process.

wheelwright.-John Moody, Nether-ends, Deuley, near PenGeorge Marshall the elder, Hornsey, Middlesex, carpenter,

nistone, wood dealer. May 30 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Andrew Pat. terson, Montpelier-row, Blackheath, Kent, professor of music,

INSOLVENT DEBTORS' DIVIDENDS. Mar 30 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-J. Backhouse, John Ginman, Twickenham-common, Middlesex, painter : St. Mary at the Elms, Ipswich, journeyman carpenter, June 3s. 2 d. in the pound.-Chas. Slade, Walker's-court, Ber. ll at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Jos. Smith, Boling. wick-st., Soho, Middlesex, china dealer: 8 d. in the pound. broke-road, Battersea, Surrey, carman, June 11 at 1, Court of Thos. H. Jones Webb, Curtain-road, Shoreditch, Middlesex, Bankruptcy, London.-Jas. Oliver Sandiford, Hulme, Man- printer : 71d. in the pound.-- Thos. Plaw, Green-street, Padchester, lodging-house keeper, June 8 at 12, District Court of dington, Middlesex, retailer of beer : 81d. in the pound.Bankruptcy, Manchester.- Eduin Stott, Liverpool, butcher, Sam. Vousden, King-street, Southwark, Surrey, licensed vicJune 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool.-E. tualler: 10$d. in the pound. - Thos. Busbridge, St. Peter's, Smith, Walsall, Staffordshire, shoemaker, June 4 at 12, Dis. Isle of Thanet, Kent, general shopkeeper : 9d. in the pound. trict Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.- John Hamling the Joshua Stephenson, Walcot, Bath, Somersetshire, glass younger, Plymouth, Devonshire, out of business, June 3 at 11, stainer : 1s. in the pound.—John Green, Nottingham, baker : District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter.

48. 3d. in the pound. Saturday, May 23.

Apply at the Provisional Assignee's Office, Portugal-street, The following Assignee has been appointer. Further Par Lincoln's-inn-fields, between the hours of 10 and 1. liculars may be learned al the Office, in Portugal-st., Lin.

MEETING. coln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the Case.

Geo. Hopkinson, Bedford-street, Bedford-sq., Bloomsbury, John Jas. Fuller, Norwich, unemployed, No. 28,296 C.; Middlesex, attorney at law, June 11 at 3, Maypole Inn, Not. Thos. M. Keith, assignee.

tingham, sp. aff. Saturday, May 23. Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee

FRIDAY, May 29. the Estates and Efects of the following Persons:

BANKRUPTS. on their own Petitions).

| FRANCIS ROLFE, Great, Middlesex, Thos. Yolland the younger, Cromer-st., Brunswick-square, tailor, June 6 at 1, and July 10 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, Middlesex, plumber : in the Debtors Prison for London and London: Off. Ass. Alsager; Sols. A'Beckett, GoldenMiddlesex.-Robert Thos. C. Gray, Stanley-st., New North. square.--Fiat dated May 23. road, Hoxton, Middlesex, out of business : in the Queen's WILLIAM DARNBROUGH, Richmond, Surrey, tailor Prison.- Rob. E. Gaye, Prospect-place, Maida-bill, Middle and draper, June 5 at half.past 10, and July 3 at 12, Court sex, surgeon : in the Queen's Prison.-Fred. F. Cooper, 17, of Bankuptcy, London: Off. Ass. Belcher; Sols. Kinder Walcot-place East, Lambeth, Surrey, dramatic author : in the & Sorrell, Jewry-st., Aldgate.--Fiat dated May 25.

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