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No. 494-Vol. X.
JUNE 27, 1846.

PRICE ls. **The following are the Names of the Gentlemen who favour The JURIST with Reports of Cases argued and

decided in the several Courts of Law and Equity:-one of Lorde SA. GORDON, Esq. of the Inner Vice-Chancellor Wigram's SF. FISHER, Esq. of Lincoln's House of Lords ......... Temple, Barrister at Law. || Court ..............l Inn, Barrister at Law.

Court of Queen's Bench G.

Rench SG.J. P.SMITH, Esq. of the Inner Privy Council ........... {TENISON EDWARDS, Esq. of the || "1 Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

"7 Temple, Barrister at Law.

SA. V. KIBWAN, Esq. of Gray's The Lord Chancellor's S A. GORDON, Esq. of the Inner Queen's Bench Bail Courtz

Bench bau cour Inn, Barrister at Law. Court ..............l Temple, Barisrter at Law.

Court of Common Pleas, D. POWER, Esq. of Lincoln's SG. Y. Robson, Esq. of the Inner


Inn; and Master of the Rolls Court { '? Temple, Barrister at Law.

Appeals under Registra- W. PATERSON, Esq. of Gray's

tion of Voters Act.... J Inn, Barristers at Law. TENISON EDWARDS, Esq. of the

W.M. Best, Esq. of Gray's Inn, Vice-Chancellor of Eng. Inner Temple, and

Court of Lichequer ... 1 Barrister at Law. land's Court ........) CHARLES MARETT, Esg. o Ecclesiastical and Admi. SJ. P. DEANE, D.C.L. of Doctors' Inner Temple, Barristers at Law.

ralty Courts ........1 Commons. Vice-Chancellor Knight W.W. COOPER, Esq. of the Inner

W.W. COOPER, Esq. of the Inner Bruce's Court........l Temple, Barrister at Law.

'Il Court of Review .....

""*" | Temple, Barrister at Law.,


LONDON, JUNE 27, 1846.

reaching the state of an actual legally constituted com

pany,—then the persons composing the provisional comThe judicial storm which has long been threatening mittee are solely liable for all expenses incurred, and the abandoned railway undertakings, has at length the individuals agreeing to take shares, are precisely in marked and burst upon its victim. Henceforth pro- the same situation as if they had nover agreed; that is, visional directors will have to run the gauntlet, after they are not bound to pay any portion of their deposits, the manner of American Indian prisoners, through a if they have not already paid them, and are entitled to lene lined with a doublerow of enemies,-allottees on the recover them back, if they have paid them. one side, and on the other, engineers, solicitors, trades. The doctrine laid down in the very recent case of men, &c.; and with a stab from “Walstab v. Spottis- Wontner v. Sharp, goes a step further than even Walwoode" on the one side, or “ Wontner v. Sharp" on the stab v. Spottiswoode, to the effect that an allottee is not other, and with a huge sweeping blow from the old bound even by signing the company deed, if the conand tried sword of“ Nockels v. Crosby," as a crowning cern is broken up before completion. mercy at the end, -happy will they be if the very race. The proposition contained in these cases, we must of provisional directors is not swept from the face of the now take undoubtedly to be the law; but it is not, as country, as an expiatory sacrifice for the gambling sins it appears to us, either very rational or very equitable. of nearly the whole English community.

Let us examine it a little. Until such a number of In a former Number (Vol 10, p. 110) we took the shares is taken as will justify the provisional committee liberty of presenting some reasonings against the appli- in hoping to carry on the scheme successfully to its par-cation of Nockels v. Crosby (3 B. & C. 814) to the case liamentary termination, they cannot feel safe in paying of modern allottees in projected railway companies. any expenses; because, according to the late cases, if The case of Walstab v. Spottiswoode (ante, p. 460) has, they sho’ld happen to be obliged to break up in a state however, disposed judicially of all arguments against of incompleteness, every shilling that they have exNockels v. Crosby, whether considered per se, or with pended, must be paid by them; while, without inreference to the modern transaction of contracting to curring expenses, they cannot have the slightest protake shares in a projected railroad company, which spect of obtaining further subscriptions for shares, beafterwards does not reach the state of a mature com- cause, to obtain such subscriptions, information must pany. The broad doctrine, now gradually becoming be collected and diffused at a very considerable expense. consolidated seems to be this: that, if a railway scheme Thus provisional committees will be practically preis projected under the paternity and care of persons vented from taking the means of doing that, the not acting as a provisional committee; if, to the invitation doing of which, is to throw upon them a purely personal of those persons to the public to take shares, stating responsibility. that the company is intended to comprise a given The tendency of this is not very clearly consistent number of shares, making together a given capital, in- with commercial policy; for, of course, as to all existdividuals of the public respond by agreeing to take ing incomplete undertakings, if the provisional iconshares; and if the scheme is abandoned, by reason of mittee-men are men of straw, whi ha. an insufficient number of shareholders coming in, before company merely with a view to rr" m iles

Vol. X.

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Bello. Earl of

mium for the purpose of speculation, they, caring for Heming o. Swinnerton (Ap) | Morris o. Howse Law nothing that can happen, and knowing, that, if the com- | Trail o. Bull (Ap).

Horseman v. Abbey (4

Youde o. Jones (Ap) Bonds. v. Şlyman (Ap) pany breaks up, the demand against themselves is a rightlu

*Wrightson o. Macauley (Ap) i Cooper o. Pitcher (Ap) without a remedy, have every inducement to support Lawrence v. Bowle (Canse by Salkeld v. Johnson (on eq. re.) one fraudulent contrivance by another, and to continue, order)

Booth v. Creswicke (Ap) as long as they can, a course of expenditure for the pur- / Gompertz Gompertz (3 | Forbes 0, Leeming (Ap)

causes, Ap)

Andrews v. Lockwood (Ap) pose of carrying the scheme forward, taking the chance of Thomas v. Blackman (Ap) Stocker o. Dawson (4 ca., Ap) profit that may arise in the course or in the result of such proceedings, and setting all creditors at defiance by the Before the Vice-CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND. hopelessness of their insolvency, should the concern fail, PLEAS, DEMURRERS, CAUSES, AND FURTHER DIRECTIONS, and be broken up. But, upon bona fide fair schemes, Hiles v. Moore 2

| Gray v. Gray (3 canses, F D) | Ditto v. Gleadow

Dorville v. Wolf (FD, C' got up by men of some substance, with a view to the

Richards v. Patterson (FD,C) actual business for which the company purports to be


Adlam ». Barham (2 causes) created, the effect of the decisions will be totally dif- Sanders v. Kelsey (D) Beatson v. Beatson forent. Provisional committee-men who have some- | Colombine v. Chichester (3D) Woodman v. Madgen (FD,C)

Moore o. Mitchell (2 D) | Attorney-Gen. o. Pearson (E, thing to lose, will be indisposed, precisely in the ratio of

Strange v. Brennan (D)

FD) their prudence, and, therefore, of their fitness for carry Goodman v. De Beauvoir (Ptn, Cradock v. Piper (F D,C) Sk ing forward the business they have undertaken, to incur 2 D).

Dawson o. Chappell (PDC) further expenses, which they now know will fall en

Johnson o. Forrester (F D) Andrew o. Moore (FD, C)

Henderson o. Eason (E, FD, Wait v. Horton (F D, C) tirely upon themselves, if they are prevented by cir

Montague o. Cator (FD, cau.) cumstances, over which they may or may not have Terry'o. Wacher

Groom o. Stinton (4 canses) control, from obtaining the requisite number of shares. Simpson o. Holt (F D, C) Elliott v. Elliott

Garrod o. Moor The tendency, therefore, is to induce the keeping

Corbett v. Limbrick (PDC) 8 Smale v. Bickford 1

Sh. .. together of swindling companies, headed by incompetent Bickford o. Bickford

Baxter o. Abbott (F D, C) and dishonest men, and to break up the best companies Peacock. o. Kernot

De Beauvoir o. De Beauroir headed by the best men. These considerations may or 'hege considerations may or | Morrison v. Watkins

(FD, C)

Wright o. Barnewell (E,FD) | Beale o. Warder (re-bearing) may not have been present to the mind of the court

Greenway v. Buchanan

Turner o. Simcock (FD, Cİ in Walstab v. Spottiswoode, or, being present to the Walton . Morritt

Booth v. Lightfoot (PDC) mind of the court, they may have been thought unfit Dobson v. Lyle (F D, C) Ludlow o. Guilleband (FD, C) to be considered as grounds of legal reasoning. How-/ Parker 0. Hawkes (E) Attorney-Gen. 9. East India

Davison o. Bagley

Co., after Mich. Term ever this may be, we cannot doubt that the general

Penny o. Turner

Roberts v. Cardell (E) doctrine of law is settled by that case, nor do we indi-Giffardio. Withington

Cook v. Fynney vidually doubt that it is a doctrine replete with mischief Daniel 0. Hill

Flight o. Bushby

Insole v. Featherstonbaugh Warwick v. Richardson (E, F, as regards commercial policy. When a sufficient num

| Lane o. Durant (E, F D) D) ber of cases has been decided on the important questions Pocock o. Johnson

Morgan v. Kingdon (F D, C) affecting railway liabilities, we shall endeavour to pre Cope v. Lewis

Lewis o. Hinton (F D, C) sent to our readers a careful legal analysis of them.

Evans v. Hunter

Wilson o. Williams Attorney-Gen. o. Trevanion Burnett o. Mackenby Stert o. Cooke or

Robotham v. Amphlett (E)
Court Papers.

Blundell v. Gladstone (4 caus., Poole v. Troughton

Ellison o. Clark

Hodgkinsono. Barrow (FD,C) Milroy v. Milroy (F D, C)
Colbourn v. Coling

Bailiff, &c. of Bridgnorth t.
TERM, 1846.

Langton v. Langton (2 caus.) Collins (F D, C) *** The following abbreviations have been adopted to Gowar v. Bennett (FD) Gaches o. Warner abridge the space the Cause Papers would otherwise have occu- Hickson v. Smith (at" deft. Ditto v. Pilkington pied: A. Abated--Adj. Adjourned-A. T. After Term-Ap. request)

Flight v. Camac Appeal-C. D. Cause Day-C. Costs-D. Demurrer-E. EXPalmer v. Pattison (F D, C) Raymond v. Croke (F D, C) ceptions-F. D. Further Directions-M. Motion-P. C. Pro Minter v. Wraith (FD, cause) Lanphier o. Buck (Ť D, C) Confesso--Pl. Plea-Ptn. Petition--R. Re-hearing-S. 0. Mason v. Wakeman (E) Trant o. Deffell (Pen) Sk Stand Over-Sh. Short.

Hemming o. Spiers (E) Birch o. Joy (F D, C) Court of Chancery.

Chambers v. Waters (É) Att.-Gen, v. Frank (F D) $.

Lord Beresford v. Archbishop Bilton v. Frewheela

of Armagh (F D, C) Paxton v. Humble (FD) ; APPEALS.

Smith o. Robinson

Atkinson o. Glover Strickland ở. Strick-) (Ap) | Black 6. Chạytor (Ap) Foster 0. Vernon (F D, C) Pulley v. Artheridge (FD) land

(Day Johnson o. Reynolds (F D by Johnstone o. Lumb (F D, C) Wilson o. Jones (E) Ditto v. Boynton to be order) so'

Vale v. Sherwood (7 causes, F Bishop o. Bishop Sh Ditto v. Strickland Jfixed. Watts v. Lord Eglinton (Ap)

D, C)

Spruce v. Perrin (F D, C) Vandeleur v. Blagrave (Ap) TO Curson v. Belworthy (Ap)

Haffenden v. Wood (E) Wall v. Essington fix a day | Watson o. Parker (Ap)

Branscomb v. Branscombe (F | Edwards o. Priestly Coore v. Lowndes (Ap) To fix Dietrichson v. Cabburn (Ap)

D, C)

Mayor, &c. of Rochester v. Lee | Bellamy v. Sabine (Ap)

| Stammers v. Halliby (3 ca., Day o. Slade Minor v. Minor (2 Ap)) To Johnson o. Child (Ap) so


Pennyfather v. Pennyfather (2 Ditto v. Ditto (Suppl. fix a Att.-Gen. o. Malkin (Cause by Ditto 6. Battye (by order) ! causes) suit)

day | order) Dalton v. Hayter (Ap) To fix Kidd o. North (Ap)

Before the Vice-Chancellor KNIGHT BRUCE. a day

Dord o. Wightwick' (Ap) Causes, FURTHËR DIRECTIONS, AND EXCEPTIONS. Att.-General v. Masters and Molesworth 0. Howard (Ap) Chuck v. Appleton (Objection | Dodsworth o. Lord Kinnaird Wardens, &c. of the City of Carmichael v. Carmichael (Ap) | as to parties)

(at deft. req.) Mich, T. Bristol (Ap) To fix a day | Hawkes v. Howell (Ap) | Esdaile 0. Molyneux (PI) Ditto v. Ditto Mich. T.

a day

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Craik v. Lamb


June 27

Taylor v. Taylor June 30 Brendon v. Brendon

London Gazettes.
Middleton 7. Wolff

Thomas v. Brennan SO
Caton 1. Rideout July 27 Hyams 9. Fitch
Malins o. Price July 1
Parker o. Peet

Sowden v. Marriott (2 causes) Gibbs r. Waters

BANKRUPTS. Langdon . James (part beard) | May v. Cooke Attorney-Gen, v. Pearson Att.-Gen. v. Glasgow College THOMAS JAMES BLURTON, Wilton-place, BelgraveAttorney-Gen. v. Berry Wynne v. Styan

square, Middlesex, wine merchant, July 3 at 11, and Aug. Helliwell v. Briggs (2 causes) | Dyer 0. Crick

7 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Alsa. Hanbury 0. Ward Barry v. Marriott

ger; Sol. Hare, Coleman-street.—Fiat dated June 19. Querrill v. Binnimore (F D, Griffith v. Pughe

THOMAS AQUILA COOK, Robinhood-yard, LeatherC) Wagstaff v. Crosby

lane, and Garnault-place, Exmouth-st., Middlesex, carver Butcher v. Rich (F D, C) Massey v. Johnson

and gilder, July 3 at 12, and Aug. 7 at half-past 12, Court Caledonian In. Co. v. Gibb | Wakefield o. Foster Sh

of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Taylor, Attorney-Gen. v. Montefiore Flight o. Marriott

38, Moorgate-street.-Fiat dated June 20. Warner v. Pearce Hulbert v. Hulbert

JOSEPH HARPER, Chancery-lane, Middlesex, commission Gawen o. Gawen (E)

Sowerby v. Pontop Rail. 7 agent, July 3 at 1, and July 31 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, Ditto o. Ditto (FD, C) way Co.)

London : Off. Ass. Pennell; Sol. Horsley, 2, Staple Inn,
Wilkinson v. Garrett
Ditto o. Ditto

London.-Fiat dated June 15.
Craven u. Stubbins
Sabire o. Callbeck

ELIZABETH FULLER, Harrow, Middlesex, baker, July
Brendon v. Brendon .
Croxton v. Croxton

3 at half-past 1, and July 31 at half-past 11, Court of Garrard v. Tuck Smith o. Barneby

Bankruptcy, London: Off, Ass. Pennell; Sol. Turner, Richards v. Richards Ash v. Lyall Sh

Percy-st., Bedford-square. Fiat dated June 16. Phillips v. Hunt (F D, C) Sewell v. Alexander

NEVILLE SMITH, THOMAS LYTTLETON HOLT, Quirk o. Clayton Hales v. Grinfield

and JOHN NEALE, Fleet-st., London, printers, dealers Calver v. Haynes (2 causes) Cooper 0. Aylmore (E, F D) and chapmen, July 3 at half-past 12, and July 31 at 12, Norris v. Norris Taylor 0. Cooper

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Belcher; Sols. Trumper v. Hodges (E)

Cross & Cross, Surrey-st., Strand. -Fiat dated June 16. Ditto o. Hobson Wilson o. Parker

JOHN THOMAS CARTER, Berners-st., Oxford-street, Sutherland o. Sutherland Farra v. Crosby (F D, C) Middlesex, apothecary, dealer and chapman, June 29 at 2,

and Aug. 7 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London:

Off. Ass. Turquand ; Sol. Pocock, Bartholomew-close. Before the Vice-Chancellor WIGRAM.



NOLDS, Lamb-st., Spitalfields, Middlesex, wax and tallow Davies v. Herbert Gibson o. Ingo Russ v. Morrell (E, F D)

chandlers and oilmen, dealers and chapmen, June 29 at Garth v. Maclean Wild o. Woodyear

half-past 1, and Aug. 7 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, LonLowes v. Lowes (F D, C) SO | Dagdale v. Johnson L.

don: Off. Ass. Graham ; Sol. Wheatley, Walbrook.--Fiat

dated June 19. Western v. Wood (E, 4 sets) Ditto o. Parry

EDWARD BEEDEL and CHARLES REFFOLD, Read. Sayers o. Lacon (E, FD) Lander v. Ingersoll June 27

ing, Berkshire, builders, July 10 at 1, and July 23 at 2, Edge v. Hunter

Potter v. Sanders July 2 Walker 0. Sharpe

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Groom ; Sols. Bostock v. Lee July 4 Burch d. Western (E) | Morrison v. Martin Sh

Weedon & Slocombe, Reading ; Hill & Heald, 23, Throg

morton-street. Fiat dated June 19. Harrison v. Harrison (FD, C) Attridge v. Lewin July 10


l sh Sutcliffe v. Banks

street East, Portland-town, Middlesex, plumbers, July 7 at Harrison o. Standen Packham v. Grégory (F D)

half-past 1, and July 25 at 1, Court of "Bankruptcy, LonFranks o. Rains

don: Off. Ass. Groom; Sol. Trott, 1, Crown-court, Causes transferred by Order of the Lord Chancellor. Threadneedle-street.--Fiat dated June 19. Ford o, Wastall

| Faulding v. Newborn (2 cau.) JAMES WOODBRIDGE, Reading, Berkshire, saddler and Woods o. Woods (5 causes) Leigh v. Earl Balcarras

harness maker, July 8 at half-past 1, and Aug. 4 at 11, Webb v. Gowar Dale v. Hamilton

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Groom; Sols. Bagshaw o. Macneil . Bostock o. Shaw

Smith, Reading, Berkshire; Badham & Co., 4, Verulam Waugh o. Waugh Emerson v. Emerson

buildings, Gray's Inn.-Fint dated June 16. Tafnel u. Drever

Hammon v. Sedgwick STEPHEN SMITH, Bradfield, Berkshire, miller, dealer Parris v. Loosmore (2 causes) Warner v. Hodgson (2 causes) and chapman, July 1 and Aug. 1 at 12, Court of BankruptHarst o. Kemp Kirby v. Mash

cy, London: Off. Ass. Follett; Sols. Cole & Co., BasingAshton v. Higginbottom (2 c.) Pennington v. Buckley

stoke ; Johnson & Co., Temple.—Fiat dated June 17. Maitland o. Rodger (2 causes) Tapperell v. Taylor

ALFRED WILDY, Oxford-st., Middlesex, hatter, July 1 at Plowden 0. Thorpe

Parks v. Odill (2 causes) half past 11, and Aug. 1 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, LonWarne o. Golding Carlisle v. Elliott

don: Off. Ass. Follett ; Sol. Low, Chancery-lane.-- Fiat White o, Thorndell Handford v. Hanford

dated June 20. Major 7. Major

Maxwell v. Kibblethwaite (2 JAMES EDWIN HUDSON JOLLIFFE, Durdham-down, Pinkey o. Remmett causes)

Westbury-upon-Trym, Gloucestershire, and Bristol, cheEast India Co.v. Coopers' Co. Tarte v. Phillips

mist and druggist, July 7 and Aug. 4 at 1, District Court Baker o. Bayldon

Dyneley v. Dyneley (2 causes) of Bankruptcy, Bristol: Off. Ass. Hutton; Sol. Coles,
De Visme o. Graham
Porter v. Porter

Bristol.--Fiat dated June 18.
Baker v. Wetton
Scott o. Bealey

JOHN PARTRIDGE, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, coal
De Sola o, Mesnard
Starkey v. Blake

merchant, July 7 and Aug. 4 at 12, District Court of Campbell 0. London and Tolson v. Dykes (3 causes) Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Acraman; Sol. Jessop, Brighton Railway Co. Ogle v. Hansard (last trans.

Cheltenham.-Fiat dated June 17. Stephens o: Green

ferred cause)

SAMUEL OLIVER, Hyde, Cheshire, provision dealer, July Jessop o. Jessop

16 and 30 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, ManchesM'Dermot v. Wilcox

ter: Off. Ass. Hobson ; Sols. Brooks, Ashton-under-Lyne ; Blair v. Bromley

Knight v. Knight (E, 2 sets) Bower & Son, 46, Chancery-lane, London.-Fiat dated Burto. Burnham Lewis v. Thomas

June 15. Nicholson v. Locke (2 causes) | Lewis v. Clark

SAMUEL HALL, Manchester, commission agent, share Dolland o. Reed Bell 0. Alexander

broker, dealer and chapman, July 8 and 29 at 12, District Duncombe v. Levy Bull v. Pritchard Sh

Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Pott; Sols. Dell o. Dell Dobson v. Land

Cooper, Manchester; Gregory & Co., 1, Bedford-row, Fraser 0. Jones Connell v. Luke '

London.-- Fiat dated June 18.

HORATIO RAINS, Newton Wood, Newton, Cheshire, church-street, London, banker, July 15 at 12, Court of

boiler maker, innkeeper, dealer and chapman, July 7 and Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-John Arkell, Donnington, 28 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Stow-in-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, miller, July 17 at 11, Dis. Ass. Pott; Sols. Law, Manchester; Gregory & Co., Bed. trict Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.-Anth, Nichol, ford-row, London.-Fiat dated June 10.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship broker, July 14 at half past 10, THOMAS WILSON, CHARLES KIRKMAN WILSON, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and. ac.

and WILLIAM WILSON, Liverpool, linen drapers, - Jas. S. Gregson, Manchester, grocer, July 17 at 12, District (lately trading at Liverpool, under the firm of Thomas Wil. Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.-J. Massey, Manson & Sons, and which said Charles Kirkman Wilson and chester, grocer, July 17 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, William Wilson are now trading at Liverpool, under the Manchester, aud. ac.-Geo. Leather and Chas. W. Wardie, firm of Charles Kirkman Wilson & Brother), July 15 and Leeds, Yorkshire, earthenware manufacturers, July 18 at 11, Aug. 11 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool : District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac.--Thos. Sutton Off. Ass. Turner ; Sols. Clay & Co., Liverpool ; Gregory the younger, Atherstone, Warwickshire, draper, July 14 at 11,

& Co., Bedford-row, London.-Fiat dated June 18. District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, John WILLIAM M‘ROBERTS, Liverpool, grocer and provision Edmund Hall and Hen. Toone, Nottingham, lace manufac

dealer, dealer and chapman, July 9 and 27 at 12, District turers, July 15 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birming. Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Bird; Sols. ham,—Henry Priddey, Droitwich, Worcestershire, Pemberton, Liverpool; Cornthwaite & Co., Old Jewry- upholsterer, July 15 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, chambers, London.-Fiat dated June 15.

Birmingham, aud. ac.-James Giro, Moorgate-st., London, HENRY WILLIAMS, Llanrwst, Denbighshire, apothecary, merchant, July 17 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.

July 3 and 31 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Li. Jas. Denew, Charles-street, Berkeley-sq., Middlesex, aucverpool: Off. Ass. Turner; Sols. Hughes, Llanrwst ; Bower tioneer, July 14 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.

& Son, Chancery-lane, London.-Fiat dated June 17. Fred. Dixon, Long-lane, Bermondsey, Surrey, currier, July JAMES JAY EVA, Redruth, Cornwall, baker and flour 16 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Rich.

dealer, dealer and chapman, July 6 at 12, and Aug. 4 at 11, Geo. Ward and John Perry, Newgate-market, London, and District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter: Off. Ass. Hirtzel ; Gilbert-st., Oxford-street, Middlesex, butchers, July 16 at 2, Sols. Terrell, Exeter ; Coode & Co., Bedford-row, London. Court of Bankruptcy, London, div. sep. est. John Perry.-Fiat dated June 8.

Thos. Clay, Longroydbridge, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, mer. WILLIAM CORRALL and GEORGE WHARF, Boston, chant, July 21 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds,

Lincolnshire, potato dealers, watermen, dealers and chap div.-Jos. Taylor, Liverpool, merchant, July 15 at 11, Dismen, July 9 and 29 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, trict Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, div.- William Kelly, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Bittleston; Sol. Smith, Birming. Chester, common brewer, July 15 at 12, District Court of ham.-Fiat dated June 18.

Bankruptcy, Liverpool, div.-jas. C. Kemp, Liverpool, mer. GEORGE LONGFIELD, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, chant, July 15 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool,

tailor and woollen draper, July 7 and Aug. 7 at half-past div. 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass.

CERTIFICATES. Christie ; Sol. Hodgson, Birmingham.--Fiat dated June 19. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on the RICHARD PERRY, Leeds, Yorkshire, hatter, dealer and

Day of Meeting. chapman, July 6 and 27 at 11, District Court of Bank

Thos. J. M. Bartlett, Pall-mall East, Middlesex, bill ruptcy, Leeds: Off. Ass. Hope ; Sols. J. & J. E. Upton,

ton; broker, July 15 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Geo. Leeds; Few & Co., Covent-garden, London.--Fiat dated

Warriner, Little Tower-street, London, tavern keeper, July June 17. WILLIAM HESKIN OSBORN, Leicester, out of business,

17 at 11,' Court of Bankruptcy, London. - James Blyth,

Chelmsford, Essex, grocer, July 15 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, and HENRY WEBSTER BLACKBURN, Bradford, York.

London.-Joseph Willis, Bucklersbury, London, eating-house shire, out of business, (carrying on business at Bradford as

keeper, July 15 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-AAstock and share brokers, under the style or firm of Osborn

thony Nichol, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship broker, July 14 at & Blackburn), dealers and chapmen, July 6 and 27 at 11,

1: half-past 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-uponDistrict Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds : Off. Ass. Hope ; ) Sols. Morris, Bradford ; Lawrence & Co., Old Fish-street,

| Tyne.—Henry Walters, Bristol, licensed victualler, July 16

at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-John Godfrey, London.-Fiat dated June 16.

Midsomer Norton, Somersetshire, linen draper, Jule 17 at II, JOHN HOLMES, Sheffield, Yorkshire, cutlery manufacturer, dealer and chapman, July 3 and 31 at 11, District Court of

District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-John Bacon, York,

carpenter, July 14 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds. Bankruptcy, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Freeman; Sols. Binney, Sheffield, Yorkshire; Nixon, Clifford's Inn, London.--Fiat

-George Whitfield, Nottingham, lemonade and soda water

manufacturer, July 15 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, dated June 13.

Birmingham. - Alfred Birchall, Manchester, share broker, JAMES CHARLES SIMPSON, Sbeffield, Yorkshire, pawn. broker, dealer and chapman, July 3 and 31 at 11, District

: | July 16 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester. Court of Bankruptcy, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Freeman ; Sols. Broadbent, Sheffield, Yorkshire ; Blackburn, Leeds; Tat

Cause be shewn to the contrary on or before July 14. tershall, Great James-street, Bedford-row, London.-Fiat Ann Abigail Innell and Alfred Cookes, Little Queen-street, dated June 10.

Holborn, Middlesex, varnish manufacturers.-George Josepk GEORGE HATTERSLEY, Sheffield, Yorkshire, stove grate Jackson, Liverpool, share broker.-Cooper Ewbank, Manches.

and fender manufacturer, July 3 and 31 at 11, District ter, share broker.-Alexander Miller, Walbrook, London, Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds : Off. Ass. Freeman; Sols. merchant. - James Freeman, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Broadbent, Sheffield, Yorkshire; Tattershall, Great James. lodging-house keeper. - Stephen Askham, Bradford, Yorkstreet, London.-Fiat dated June 8.

sbire, commission agent.-William Lockwood, Birstall, York

shire, worsted spinner.- Wm. Whitefield, Bridgewater, SoMEETINGS.

mersetshire, grocer. - Thomas Howell, Queen's Head-pasJos. Harrop, Grasscroft, Saddlesworth, Yorkshire, clothier, sage, Newgate-street, London, hotel keeper.-John Arkell, July 3 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, pr. d. | Donnington, Stow-in-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, miller. — --Sam. M. Latham, Dover, Kent, banker, June 30 ‘at 1, Benjamin Clark, Leeds, Yorkshire, corn factor.-William Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.; July 14 at half-past Humphryes, Haymarket, Middlesex, hotel keeper.-Henry 12, div.-Joseph White, Linton, Herefordshire, corn dealer, Roe, Liverpool, goldsmith. July 14 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham,

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. last ex.-Hen. Marsland, Hazel-grove within Bosden, Che.

Wm. Hunt, Rowland Price, and John Harward, Stoursbire, silk throwster, July 10 at 12, District Court of Bank. ruptcy, Manchester, last ex.-Chas. Hen. Waters, Queen's.

bridge, Worcestershire, attornies and solicitors. row, Pimlico, Middlesex, dealer in paintings, July 17 at half.

Scotch SEQUESTRATIONS. past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.- Wm. Howe, Wm. Smellie or Smillie, Hazeldean, and near Stonehouse, Boxford, Suffolk, bricklayer, July 15 at 12, Court of Bank Lanarkshire, cattle dealer. -Robert Harvey, Hutchinsontown, ruptcy, London, aud. ac.--Sir John Ross, Knight, Grace | Glasgow, tavern keeper.-- Thomas Porteous, Glasgow, leather

To be allow

of Remier

mercbant.-- John Mill, Edinburgh, wine merchant.--Ken- near Howden, Yorkshire, blacksmith, July 1 at 11, Mansionneth Sutherland, Helmsdale, fish curer.-James Inglis, Glas. | house, Hull.-John Hepton, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, watch gor, iron merchant.-James Wotherspoon, Smithfield-sq., maker, July 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.near Airdrie, smith.

George Wm. Ellis, Pontefract, Yorkshire, chymist, July 1 at INSOLVENT DEBTORS

11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.- Joseph Taylor,

Beestonley, Stainland, Halifax, Yorkshire, operative cloth Who hare filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, finisher, July 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.

and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Edward Barnsley, Birkenhead, Chester, out of business, June Process.

29 at Ji, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool.-Jasper Salah Smith, Bungay, Suffolk, farmer, June 25 at half-past | Bowman, Wade.cottage, Bride-st., Liverpool-road, Islington, 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Joseph Pledger, Cam- (Middlesex, out of business, June 30 at half-past 12, Court of bridge, brewer, June 25 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London. Bankruptcy, London. -Wn. Sparrowhawk, Edenbridge, Kent, cordwainer, June

Saturday, June 20. 25 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Robert

The following Assignee has been appointed. Further Par. Bateman, Jamaica-street, Commercial-road East, Middlesex, | wholesale ladies' shoe manufacturer, June 30 at 2, Court of

ticulars may be learned at the Office, in Portugal-st., Lin.

coln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the Case. Bankruptcy, London.-Henry Crake, York-road, Lambeth, Surrey, carver, June 30 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.

John Bateson, Kirkburton, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, -Wn. Syrett, Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, mail contractor, joiner, No. 67,348 C.; William Singleton, assigi July 2 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. Henry

Saturday, June 20. White, Crown-row, Mile-end-road, Middlesex, printer, June Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee 30 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-John Northwood, the Estates and Effects of the following Persons :-Osborn-street, Whitechapel, Middlesex, master mariner, June

(on their own Petitions). 30 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Fred. Cuthbert

William Pike the elder, Spital, Windsor, Berkshire, out Wilbean, Farm-place, St. John's, Walham-green, Fulham,

of business : in the Queen's Prison.-Henry Nicholls, PallMiddlesex, grocer, June 30 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon

mall, St. James's, Middlesex, out of business : in the Queen's don.- Henry Baisden Thatcher, Canterbury, Kent, constable

Prison.-Joseph Hale, Bethnal-green-road, Middlesex, cheese. in the police force, June 30 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon.

monger's shopman: in the Debtors Prison for London and don. - Robert Gathercole, Burnham, Essex, licensed hawker,

Middlesex.- Francis Coghlan, Gracechurch-street, London, June 30 at half-past I, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-M.

out of business : in the Debtors Prison for London and MidGeary, Church-street, St. Ann, Middlesex, tailor, June 30 at

dlesex.-W. Blount, Turnmill-street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. H. H. Kittoe, Har.

milkman : in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex. ley-street, Cavendish-square, Middlesex, consulting surgeon,

Wm. Martin, Birkenhead, Cheshire, newspaper vender : in June 30 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-J. Clowser, St. James's-terrace, St. James's-street, Old Kent-road, Sar

the Gaol of Chester.—John Smith, Leeds, Yorkshire, com. rey, licensed retailer of beer, June 30 at half-past 1, Court of

mission agent: in the Gaol of York.-Thomas Fisher, Otley,

Yorkshire, chymist : in the Gaol of York.-Charles Curtis, Bankruptcy, London.-S. Whittet, Windsor-terrace, City

Hulme, Manchester, commercial traveller: in the Gaol of road, Middlesex, widow, out of business, June 30 at 1, Court

Lancaster.-W. Joseph Wells, Reading, Berkshire, builder's of Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. Cannan, Northampton, boot manufacturer, June 30 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.

superintendent: in the Gaol of Reading.-R. Smith, Thorn

ton, near Bradford, Yorkshire, assistant overseer : in the Gaol Wm. Finch, Lower Union-road, Clapham, Surrey, gardener,

of York.-- John Randall, Bristol, out of business : in the Gaol June 30 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Edmund

of Bristol.-West Henry Parkes, Aston, near Birmingham, Gosch, High-street, Poplar, Middlesex, tailor, June 30 at 11,

out of business : in the Gaol of Warwick.-E. Jones, Ruthin, Court of Bankruptcy, London. - Robert William 'Lewis,

Denbighshire, maltster : in the Gaol of Ruthin.-G. Wilson, Brentwood, Essex, attorney at law, July 9 at half-past 11,

Cock-brook, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, out of business : Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. Toomer, Upper Mary.

in the Gaol of Chester.-M. Cook, North Shields, Northumlebone-street, Middlesex, carpenter, July 9 at half past 11,

berland, master of the steam-boat “ Ranger :" in the Gaol of Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Jonathan Thompson, Mon.

Morpeth.Geo. Mullins, Walcot, Bath, Somersetshire, jour. tague-place, Deptford, Kent, out of business, June 30 at 12,

neyman mason : in the Gaol of Wilton.-C. Colston, Walcot, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- James Oldfield, Edgeware

Bath, Somersetshire, labourer : in the Gaol of Wilton.-Sam. road, St. Marylebone, Middlesex, agent, June 30 at 1, Court

Vallis, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, shoe maker: in of Bankruptcy, London.-J. Dowling, Queen's-place, Queen.

the Gaol of Gloucester. street, Chelsea, Middlesex, writer and grainer, June 30 at ball-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.--Henry Caslake,

The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before High-street, Putney, Surrey, grocer, June 30 at balf-past 2,

the Court, in Portugal-st., on Friday, July 10, at 9. Court of Bankruptcy, London. --Wm. Nash, Maldon, Essex, Henry J. Brand Hedger, Stamford-street, Blackfriars-road, retailer of beer, July 2 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. Surrey, omnibus proprietor.- Francis Wyse, Uxbridge-garWm. Wilkins, Exmouth-street, Euston-square, Middlesex, dens, Bayswater, Middlesex, clerk in the General Registrar's bricklayer, July 2 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.--- Giles Office.-J. Wakeham Edwards, Green-street, Stepney, MidEast, Albert-place, Marlborough-road, Chelsea, Middlesex, dlesex, surgeon.-Seth Rich. Evans, Maiden-lane, Islington, boot maker, July 2 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Jos. Middlesex, beer-shop keeper.-Jas. Perciral, Wapping-wall, Musley, Bristol, farmer, July 2 at half-past il, District Court Middlesex, out of business.-Thos. Kay, Regent-street, City. of Bankruptcy, Bristol.- Saml. Winstanley, Liverpool, watch road, Middlesex, auctioneer. cap maker, July 3 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liver. Court-house, BEDFORD, (County), July 6, at 10., pool.-J. Goodwin, Dudley, Worcestershire, out of business, Wm. Dyer, Eaton Bray, near Dunstable, out of business. June 26 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.

Court-house, MONMOUTH, (County), July 4, at 10. Wm. Broscomb, Paddock, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, plumber, Thos. Pembro, Unnisdee, near Blackwood, quarryman.July 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.-William J. Williams, Newport, grocer. Jerings, Clyst Honiton, Devonshire, butcher, July 6 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter. Samuel Swindells,

Court-house, DOVER, Kent, July 3, at 10.

Williain Griffin, Hastings, Sussex, baker. Manchester, innkeeper, July 2 at 12, District Court of Bank. ruptcy, Manchester. - Richard Morris, Leyland, near Preston,

Court-house, MAIDSTONE, Kent, July 7 at 10. Lancashire, labourer, July 1 at 1, District Court of Bank-T.

Stephen Charlton, Strood, Kent, assistant to a retail dealer ruptcy, Manchester.-Joseph Rouston. Leeds, Yorkshire, en. | in corn.-Fred. H. Smith, St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, engine gineer, July 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.-19

cleaner.- James Bond, Knockholt, Kent, dealer in wood.Hugh Jones, Toxteth-park, Liverpool, grocer, July 3 at 11, Josiah Roberts, Tonbridge, Kent, night porter in the service District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpoo!.-William Sudlow. I of the South-eastern Railway Company. Liverpool, and Hoit-hill, Tranmere, Chester, warehouse keeper, Court-house, NORTHAMPTON, (County), July 9 at 10.. Joly 3 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool.- Sarah W. Blott, Rounds, Thrapstone, Northamptonshire, farmer. Robins, Bath, fringe manufacturer, July 7 at half past 11, Dise -John Ekins, Rounds, near Thrapstone, Northamptonshire, trict Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-W. Markham, Wressle, 1 out of business.

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