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maintain an action, precisely in the same way as a person

London Gazettes. would have been entitled provided he had lived. According to the provisions of this bill, if the injury occasioning the death of a person only amounted to manslaughter, an action was

TUESDAY, JULY 21. maintainable by his executors or administrators; but why should they stop short and say, that, where the injury was

INSOLVENT. manslaughter only, an action should be maintainable, but not | JOHN CAINES, Chilton Cantelo, Somersetshire, farmer. where it was murder? Although it was desirable to remedy

BANKRUPTS. the inconsistency in the law, that, if a man received an injury

CHARLES PULLMAN, Strand, Westminster, hosier, dealer for life, he might bring an action, but that an action could not

and chapman, July 31 at 12, and Sept. 4 at 11, Court of be sustained against the party causing his death; yet the pre

Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Alsager ; Sols. Reed & sent bill did not seem to him at all calculated to remedy that particular case. He would suggest to his hon. friend who had | SAMÚEL WARD. Lillypot-lane, London, lasting and shal.

Langford, Friday-st.--Fiat dated July 17. charge of the bill to postpone it for the present.

loon manufacturer, dealer and chapman, July 28 at halfThe Attorney-General had considerable difficulty in adopt.

past 11, and Sept. 2 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London : ing even the principle of the present bill, because it was new

Off. Ass. Pennell; Sol. Smith, 9, Barnard's Inn, Holborn. to the law of England. If the suggestion of his hon. and

-Fiat dated July 16. learned friend were adopted, the damages given for the support

WILLIAM GREEN, Dorset-place, Dorset-square, Middle. of the widow and children would become assets, and a part

sex, boarding house keeper, dealer and chapman, July 31 would go to the satisfaction of the creditors. That was not the

at 11, and Sept. 1 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, case in Scotland, where the law had worked well. He con

London: Off. Ass. Green; Sols. Lawrence & Plews, oid curred in the recommendation that the bill should be postponed

Jewry-chambers.Fiat dated July 17. for a time, so that it might be better matured.

ISAAC BRYANT, Victoria-grove, Stoke Newington, Mid. Sir J. Graham felt some difficulty with respect to the mea

dlesex, builder, dealer and chapman, July 31 at 12, and sure, and he should be glad to know from the Lord-Advocate

Sept. 1 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: whether the practical working of the law in Scotland was satis

Of. Ass. Follett; Sols. C. J. & A. Jenkinson, Cannon-st. factory. The bill declared that "the party who should be

-Fiat dated July 8. liable should be the party causing the death.” Now, in the

ALEXANDER ALEXANDER and JOHN ALEXAN. mining districts of the north of England accidents sometimes

DER, Exeter, opticians and mathematical instrument makers, occurred causing deaths to a frightful extent, every one of

Aug. 5 and Sept. 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, which could be traced to the neglect of some subordinate

Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzell; Sols. Turner, Exeter; Spyer, agents employed. It was, he believed, ascertained, that every

Broad-street-buildings, London.-Fiat dated July 17. case of fire-damp was caused by neglecting the free circulation

JOHN TAYLOR, Hollinwood, near Oldham, Lancashire, of air, which depended on the constant attention of some ig. norant and ill-paid servant. If they put the construction of

and Manchester, rope manufacturer and slate merchant, “ causing the death" upon the employer, let the House ob

dealer and chapman, Aug. 6 and 27 at 11, District Court of serve what would happen; eighty or ninety persons might, and

Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Hobson ; Sols. Pollard, sometimes did, lose their lives by these accidents.

Manchester ; Johnson & Co., King's-bench-walk, Temple, The owners

London.-Fiat dated July 11. of these collieries usually had several partners, each of whom

m JOHN STENDALL, Hucknall-under-Huthwaite, Nottingwould be answerable in damages on separate issues of the trial

hamshire, baker, July 31 and Aug. 21 at 11, District Court of eighty or ninety suits, not, perhaps, in many cases, commenced by widows or children, but by the next of kin, who

of Bankruptcy, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Freeman ; Sols. Freeth might be living in the East or West Indies, and who had not

& Co., Nottingham; Freeth & Co., Lincoln's-inn-fields,

London. --Fiat dated July 14. really sustained any injury for which the owners of the mines

I WILLIAM HOLDSWORTH, Ripley, Yorkshire, apotheshould be liable to damages. He should like to know what

cary, Aug. 1 and 24 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, had been the practical working, in Scotland, of the law which

Leeds: Off. Ass. Hope; Sols. Stewart, Horbury, near it was now proposed to adopt. If the difficulties which sug

Wakefield ; Cariss, Leeds; Sudlow & Co., Chancery-lane, gested themselves were not, in point of fact, found to exist in

London.-Fiat dated July 14. Scotland, that would be a strong recommendation in his mind

| WILLIAM WOOD, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, wine and spirit in favour of the bill.

merchant, dealer and chapman, Aug: 5 and 29 at 12, DisThe Lord Advocate said the words “ causing the death” |

trict Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Bittlewould not alter the present liability. The next point was,

ston ; Sol. Smith, Birmingham.--Fiat dated July 15. who were the parties who were entitled to recover? He was not aware that there was any limitation in Scotland as to the

MEETINGS. degree of relationship which would justify an action in a case William L. Prattman, Butter Knowle-lodge, and Michael of personal injury or death ; but a jury would not be likely to Forster, Copley, Durham, timber merchants, Aug. 11 at 11, give damages at the instance of any very distant relation of a District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pr. d.deceased person. He considered that the expression “next James Evans, Haywood-lodge, Herefordshire, cattle dealer, of kin," in this bill, was too indefinite, and that the relations Aug. 5 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, entitled to recover damages should be directly specified. In ch. ass.-Anthony Birch, Birmingham, grocer, Aug. 18 at Scotland, the apportionment of the damages among the re- / 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, last ex.-Geo. latives of the deceased was left to the jury, and he thought the Barton and John Barton, Manchester, copper roller manufac. same principle might be advantageously adopted in any mea. turers, July 29 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Mansure on this subject which applied to England. In Scotland, chester, last ex.John Godfrey, Midsomer Norton, Somerhowever, suits of this nature could not be instituted for the setshire, linendraper, Aug. 13 at 12, District Court of Bankrelief of creditors of the deceased, and he would strongly pro ruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.-Ryce Davies, Abercarne, Montest against such a power being granted to creditors, either in mouthshire, grocer, Aug. 13 at 12, District Court of Bankthis country or in Scotland.

ruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.; Aug. 14 at 11, div.-Benjamin Mr. Bouverie then postponed the further consideration of Bensley, Poolholm, Monmouthshire, out of business, Aug. 13 the bill, as well as of the Deodands Abolition Bill, till Monday at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.- John next.

Crabtree and Wm. Burnley, Tunstead, Forest of Rossendale,

Lancashire, woollen manufacturers, Aug. 13 at 12, District MEMBER RETURNED TO SERVE IN PARLIAMENT.— Wil. Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.—John Prior liam Brown, Esq., of Liverpool, for the county of Lan

and Henry Brady, Kingston-upon-Hull, brush manufaccaster. (southern division, in the room of Francis | turers, Aug. 12 at 10, Town-hall, Kingston-upon-Hull, aud. Egerton, (commonly called Lord Francis Egerton), now

| ac.; Aug. 10 at 12, div.-William Batty, Kingston-upon

Hull, currier, Aug. 12 at 10, Town-hall, Kingston-uponEarl of Ellesmere, called up to the House of Peers.

Hull, aud. ac.-H. Morgan Godwin and Charles Lee, Bishops. In our last Number (p. 279), the christian name of gate-street Within, London, shipowners, Aug. 14 at 12, Court Mr. Humphry, recently appointed one of the Queen's of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Wm. Best and John Snowder, Counsel, should have been “ Joseph," not “ James.” Southampton, printers, Aug. 14 at half-past ll, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Wm. Menzies, Gloucester, draper, Ed. Rowley, Upper Islington.terrace, St. Mary's, Islington, Aug. 13 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, div.- Middlesex, assistant to a warehouseman, July 29 at half-past Thos. Gales, Wm. John Guest, J. Forster Naisby, and Mat. | 10, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Thos. Brookes, Man. thew Kirtley, Hylton, Durham, shipbuilders, Aug. 13 at chester, assistant overseer of the Chorlton Union, July 30 at half-past 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon | 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester.- Wm. Bury, Tyne, fin. div.-John Crabtree and Wm. Burnley, Tunstead, Blackburn, Lancashire, out of business, July 28 at 12, DisRossendale, Lancasbire, woollen manufacturers, Aug. 14 at 1, trict Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester.-Wm. Withers the District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, fin. div. joint est.; younger, Lawrence-hill, St. George's, Gloucestershire, horse Aug. 14 at 11, fin. div. sep. est.-Thos. Marrian, Sheffield, dealer, Aug. 17 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, BrisYorkshire, common brewer, Aug. 14 at 11, Cutler's-hall, tol.-Sam. Hargreave, Holbeck, near Leeds, Yorkshire, cloth Sheffield, div.

maker, July 31 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds. CERTIFICATES.

-Wm. Iredale, East-parade, Howarth-road, York, out of To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on the business, July 31 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds. Day of Meeting.

-Chas. Broomhead, Sheffield, Yorkshire, brewer's labourer, William Sheffield and John Sheffield, Lower Acton-place,

July 24 at 11, Cutlers'-hall, Sheffield.- John Hague, PortBagnigge-wells-road, Middlesex, grocers, Aug. 13 at 2, Court

mahon, Sheffield, Yorkshire, pocket blade forger, July 24 at of Bankruptcy, London.-J. Roger Havard, Mount Pleasant,

11, Cutlers'-hall, Sheffield.- Geo. Willday, Gloucester, merRhymney, Llanguinder, Brecon, commission agent, Aug. 17 at

chant, July 24 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol. 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-Sam. Allen Bull,

-John Robinson, Radford, Nottingham, lace maker, July 24 Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, dyer, Aug. 17 at 12, District

at 11, Cutlers'-hall, Sheffield.—John Size, Liverpool, bookCourt of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-Richard Gatehouse, Richard

keeper, July 28 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liver. Darch, and Gastrill Wilkins, Lisson-street, Middlesex, tim- po

pool.-Henry Jacob, Liverpool, commission agent, July 27 at ber merchants, Aug. 11 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy,

11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool. — Benjamin London.—Matthew Chapman, Devonport, painter, Aug. 18

Holmes, St. Cuthbert, Carlisle, Cumberland, innkeeper, Aug. at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter. -Wm. Baldock,

13 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Nottingham, grocer, Aug. 14 at 10, District Court of Bank

- Robert Green, Cheetham, Manchester, sawyer, July 29 at ruptcy, Birmingham.-Wm. Mallet, Chorlton-upon-Medlock,

12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester. - Francis Manchester, milliner, Aug. 13 at 12, District Court of Bank

Payne Govier, Ruishton, near Taunton, Somersetshire, wheelruptcy, Manchester.- Sam. Hill, Bolton-le-Moors, Lanca.

wright, Aug. 6 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter. shire, boiler maker, Aug. 12 at 12, District Court of Bank

- Geo. Madders, Manchester, gas fitter, Aug. 7 at 12, Disruptcy, Manchester.-James Wilkinson, Manchester, grocer,

trict Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester. - Charles Webb, Aug. 18 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester.

Hazelgrove, near Stockport, Cheshire, grocer, July 29 at 12,

District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester. - John Henry To be allowed by the Court of Review in Bankruptcy, unless Dew, King William-st., Strand, Middlesex, accountant, July

Cause be shewn to the contrary on or before Aug. 11. 23 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London. Thomas Clay, Longroyd-bridge, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, merchant.-John Godfrey, Midsomer Norton, Somersetshire,

Saturday, July 18. libendraper. - Cornelius Brady, Aston nigh Birmingham, | The following Assignees have been appointed. Further Parcommission agent.- George Whitfield, Nottingham, lemonade ticulars may be learned at the Office, in Portugal-st., Linmanufacturer.-Henry Walters, Bristol, licensed victualler. coln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the Case. Fiats ANNULLED.

Henry J. O'Callaghan, Great James-street, Lisson-grove, Darid Thomas. Narbeth. Pembrokeshire, corn merchant. - Middlesex, lieutenant in the navy, No. 12,410 T.; Samuel Herman Julius Marcus and John Naylor, Leeds, Yorkshire,

Sturgis, gentleman, new assignee, in place of George Kenning, sharebrokers.

deceased.-James E. Whittenbury, Pump-court, Union-st.,

Southwark, Surrey, carpet manufacturer, No. 34,975 T.; S. Scotch SEQUESTRATIONS.

Unwin, new assignee, in place of A. Wilkinson and W. Horn, David Thomson, Paisley, manufacturer.-Evan Macpherson,

deceased.--Joyce Payne, Englefield-green, Egham, Surrey, Kingussie, merchant.-Robt. Lockhart, Glasgow, postmaster. widow, No. 58,140 T.; Thomas Flight, assignee.-John P. --Ch. M. Cance, Glasgow, ironmonger.-T. Cochran, Edin.

Knight, Compton-street, Brunswick-square, Middlesex, asburgh, laceman.- Andrew Graham, Hawick, merchant. sistant to an egg merchant, No. 58,165 T.; William Janes, INSOLVENT DEBTORS

assignee.—John Hicks, Wormwood-street, Bishopsgate-st., Who hare filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy,

| London, chimney sweeper, No. 58,207 T. ; John Chisholme,

1: assignee.-Wm. Watson, Torquay, Devonshire, painter, No. and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from

67,066 C.; Joseph Rownson and Henry Drew, assignees.Process.

R. Clarke, Hollinwood, near Manchester, greengrocer, No. Wm. Dannock, Wyndham, Norfolk, blacksmith, July 23 at 67,135 c.; Isaac Gaskarth, assignee.--Hezekiah Everett, 1. Court of Bankruptcy, London.--John Holstead, Hamp- Bradfield, Essex, grocer, No. 67,146 C.; Saml. Wainwright, stead-road, St. Pancras, Middlesex, tailor, July 23 at 1, assignee. -Jabez Oldroyd, Heckmondwike, near Leeds, YorkCourt of Bankruptcy, London.-Richard Sanderson, Cam- shire, stonemason, No. 67,166 C.; Matthew Hale, assignee. bridge, carpenter, July 25 at 3, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon- | James Crawshaw, Turton, near Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, don.-Ed. Frank Chas. Mainwaring, Kingsland-road, Mid- farmer, No. 67,325 C.; James Winder, assignee.-Henry W. dlesex, medical student, July 23 at half-past 1, Court of Bank- Alger, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, veterinary surgeon, ruptcy, London.--Rich. Coney, Pickering-place, Bayswater, No. 67,341 C.; John Kirk, assignee.-James Brabyn, LlanMiddlesex, stone mason, July 23 at 11, Court of Bankrupt- elly, Carmarthenshire, shopkeeper, No. 67,387 C. ; George

, London.-Ed. Skelton, Norwich, tailor, July 25 at half- | Jones Webb, assignee.- Ellen Bolton, Thornley, near Long, past 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- John Appleby ridge, Lancashire, licensed victualler, No. 67,407 C.; Edward Pritchard, Little Hampton, Sussex, commander of her Ma- Sidegreaves, assignee.- Edmund Miller, Halesworth, Suf. jesty's revenue cruizer Cameleon, July 25 at 3, Court of Bank- / folk, carpenter, No. 67,419 C.; Robert Thompson and Fran. mptcy, London.-Wm. Milner, Clifton-st., Finsbury, Mid

cis Butcher, assignees.-Wm. Griffin, Hastings, Sussex, baker, dlesex, lead merchant, July 29 at half-past 10, Court of Bank

No. 67,467 C.; Daniel White, assignee.-Richard Jennings, ruptcy, London.-Thos. Smith the younger, Bermondsey. South Shields, Durham, sheriff's officer, No. 67,479 C.; W. square, Surrey, agent, July 30 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Cook, assignee.-John Moorhouse, Rawtenstall, near HaslingLondon.-Wm. Howlett, Morland-terrace, Holloway-road, den, Lancashire, brassfounder, No. 67,497 C.; John Fisher Islington. Middlesex, foreman to a builder, July 29 at half. i Moore, assignee. past 10, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Washington Yar

Saturday, July 18. Toll, Union-place, New-road, Middlesex, tailor, July 29 at

Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee half-past 10, Court of Bankruptcy, London.—Geo. Hallett,

the Estates and Effects of the following Persons:Southampton, linen draper, July 30 at 12, Court of Bankrupt. cy, London.-Robert Burgess, Gardener's-lane, King-street,

(On their own Petitions). Westminster, Middlesex, steeple-keeper of Westminster Wm. Brett, Wellington-place, Newington Butts, Surrey, Abbey, July 30 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Thos. I agent for the sale of horses : in the Queen's Prison.-Augus. tus Henry Kershner, Triangle, Southampton-street, Camber- HENRY MAYHEW, Shrubbery, Parson's-green, Fulham, well, Surrey, manager of the business of a confectioner : in the Middlesex, newspaper proprietor, printer, dealer and chapQueen's Prison.-Denis Hude, Milton-street, Cripplegate, man, July 31 at 11, and Sept. 1 at 12, Court of Bank. London, plumber: in the Debtors Prison for London and ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Follett ; Sol. Barnard, 3, SouthMiddlesex.-Richard Bullock, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, square, Gray's Inn.-Fiat dated July 16, Shropshire, shopkeeper: in the Gaol of Shrewsbury.-Edwin WILLIAM CAMPION EATON, Upper Thames-street, H. Fuller, Worthing, and Brighton, Sussex, leather seller: in London, flour wharfinger, flour dealer, and flour factor, the Gaol of Petworth.-Wm. Sellers, Oldham, Lancashire, li dealer and chapman, July 31 and Sept. 12 at 1, Court of censed blanket hawker : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-George F. Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Green; Sol. Buchanan, Dolphin, Feckingham, Worcestershire, out of business: in the Basinghall-street.- Fiat dated July 21. Gaol of Worcester.

THOMAS TOUT, Ashburton, Devonshire, grocer and draper, The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before

Aug. 5 and Sept. 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, the Court, in Portugal-st., on Tuesday, Aug. 4, at 9.

Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzell; Sols. Windeatt, Totnes ; Ter.

rell, Exeter ; Taunton, 3, South-square, Gray's Inn.- Fiat Joseph Lardin, Old Compton-street, Middlesex, in no bu. 1

dated July 13. siness.--Harriett Sophia Thomas, Pulteney-street, Barns- | EDWIN LILLEY. Kingston-upon-Hull, timber merchant, bury-park, Islington, Middlesex, widow, in no business.-J.

(trading under the firm of Edwin Lilley & Co)., Aug. 5 D. Lyon, Catherine-street, Pimlico, Middlesex, out of busi

and 26 at 10, Town-ball, Kingston-upon-Hull : Off. Ass. ness. --James Potter, High Holborn, Middlesex, tailor.- S.

Kynaston; Sols. Richardson & Lee, Hull; Llewellin, Muggeridge, Paradise-terrace, Liverpool-road, Islington, Mid

Noble-street, Londor..-- Fiat dated July 13. dlesex, wire drawer.-Thomas Read, Blenheim-street, Ox.

ROBERT NEWTON, Fleet, Lincolnshire, cattle dealer, ford-street, and Norland-terrace, Notting-hill, Bayswater,

dealer and chapman, Aug. 8 and 29 at 12, District Court of Middlesex, general commission agent.---Solomon Biles, Gat

Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. ton, near Reigate, Surrey, blacksmith.-Robert Lydall, Lon

Griffiths, Birmingham ; Hopkinson & Co., Boston, Liudon-street, Chalk-road, Islington, Middlesex, out of business.

colnshire.--- Fiat dated July 13. - George Brown, Jermyn-street, St. James's, Westminster,

WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Watton, St. Mary, Brecon, vicMiddlesex, tailor.--Samuel Wilson, Coal-yard, Drury-lane,

tualler, Aug. 13 and Sept. 4 at 11, District Court of Bank. Middlesex, wheelwright.

ruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Hutton ; Sols. Peters & Abbots, Aug. 6, at the same hour and place.

Bristol ; Jones & Co., Crosby-square, London.-Fiat dated Thomas John Leggett, East-street, Lambeth-walk, Surrey,

July 21. beer retailer. James Quarmby, Flask-row, Ebury-sq., Mid

WILLIAM WREFORD, EDWIN COX NICHOLLS, dlesex, stone mason.-James White, Port-street, Walworth

and WILLIAM ELLICOMBE WREFORD, Bristol, common, Walworth, Surrey, superannuated tide surveyor in

stock and share brokers, (now or lately trading in co-partthe Customs. -- Edward Evans, Curtain-road, Shoreditch,

nership, under the several styles or firms of Wreford, Ni. Middlesex, plumber.—Jonathan Johnson, King-street, Gol.

cholls, & Wreford ; Wreford, Nicholls, & Co., and Nicholls, den-square, Middlesex, billiard table keeper. - Thomas Lind.

Wreford, & Co., as stock and share brokers), Aug. 10 and say, Tibberton-square, Isliugton, Middlesex, currier.- Jean

Sept. 7 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol: Off. Pierre Parent, Air-street, Piccadilly, Middlesex, tailor.

Ass. Hutton ; Sols. Savery & Co., Bristol.--- Fiat dated Christiana Walters, widow, Minra-street, Piccadilly, Middle

July 15. sex, out of business.- Walter Banfield, Richmond-grove,

MEETINGS. Barnsbury-road, Islington, Middlesex, tailor.--- John D. R. Chas. Fred. Carne and Maurice Telo, Liverpool, mer. Mitchell, Caroline-place, City-road, Middlesex, beer retailer. chants, Aug. 6 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool. - Charles Knapp, Edgware-road, Middlesex, furniture dealer. last ex.- Patrick Hare, Liverpool, tallow chandler, Aug. 4 -Edward Ground, Fellow-street, Haggerstone, Middlesex, at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, last ex.--H. out of employ.-- John Thomas Austin, Cromer-street, Judd Williams, Llanrwst, Denbighshire, apothecary, Aug. 7 at 12, street, Middlesex, fringe maker.-- Thomas Grant, Reigate, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, last ex. - John Sims, Surrey, beer retailer.- John M'Ewen, Queen's-road, Notting. Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, wheelwright, Aug. 14 at half-past 1, hill, carpenter.- Wm. Ward, Tottenham-street, Middlesex, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.—Rich. Gatehouse, R. smith.- Michael Goodale, Rutland-terrace, Hornsey New. Darch, and Gastrill Wilkins, Upper Lisson-st., Middlesex, road. Holloway, Middlesex. builder. - Henry Grellier. Ho. | timber merchants, Aug. 14 at half-past 11, Court of Bankrupt. race-street, Wandsworth-road, Surrey, bookbinder.-John cy, London, aud. ac. -Jos. Salmon, Beaumont, Essex, carWylde, Charles-court, Strand, Middlesex, out of business. penter, Aug. 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, and.

ac.John Burgh Crampern, Wharf-road, City-basin, City.

road, Middlesex, coal merchant, Aug. 18 at 11, Court of FRIDAY, JULY 24.

Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-John Pace and Henry Pace,

St. Michael's-alley, Cornbill, London, general merchants, BANKRUPTS.

Aug. 18 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.--Jas. JAMES GERRY, Gilbert-st., Oxford-st., Middlesex, builder, Weston, Bishopsgate-st. Within, London, hatter, Aug. 18 a

July 31 at half past 12, and Sept. 4 at half-past 11, Court 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. - Wm. Smith of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Alsager; Sols. Watson Bickley, Bilston, Staffordshire, dealer in iron, Aug. 15 at 12,

& Sons, Bouverie-st., Fleet-st.–Fiat dated July 17. District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.-Alex. EDWARD CAWDELL, Kingston-upon-Hull, dealer in toys Macdonald, Leadenhall-st., London, merchant, Aug. 15 at 2,

and hardware, dealer and chapman, Aug. 4 at 11, and Sept. | Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Rich. Bulmer and Jos. 4 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off, Ass. Bulmer, South Shields, Durham, ship builders, Aug. 18 at 12, Whitmore; Sol. Goddard, King-street, Cheapside.-Fiat | District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, fin. dated July 17.

div.-Thos. Fisher, Selby, Yorkshire, linendraper, Aug. 20 PAUL GARBANATI, Newman-street, Oxford-street, Mid- at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, div.

dlesex, carver and gilder and picture-frame manufacturer, July 31 at 2, and Sept. 2 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy,

CERTIFICATES. London: Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Pocock & Marston, 10,

To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on 67 Norfolk-st., Strand.-Fiat dated July 20.

before the Day of Meeting. THOMAS KNIGHT, Minories, London, draper, dealer and John Browne, King's-cross, Middlesex, saddler, Aug. 14 at

chapman, July 31 at half past 2, and Sept. 2 at 1, Court of 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Thos. Robarts and John Bankruptcy, London: Off, Ass. Belcher; Sols. Sole & Tidcombe Hazard, College-bill, London, paper agents, Aug. Turner, Aldermanbury.--Fiat dated July 20.

| 17 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Joseph Thorley, FRANCIS SYDER, Fakenham, Norfolk, Wells, near Fa. Newman-st., Oxford-street, Middlesex, cabinet maker, Aug.

kenham, and Hitchin, Hertfordshire, grocer, draper, clothier, 15 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. - James Crane, dealer and chapman, July 31 at 2, and Sept. 12 at 2, Court Crooked-lane, London, and Stamford-bridge, Fulham, Midof Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Follett; Sols. Law. dlesex, maltster, Aug. 18 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, Lonrance & Plews, 14, Old Jewry-chambers. - Fiat dated don.--Rich. Mills and George Puckle, Southwark, and Cora July 23.

Exchange, Mark-lane, London, hop factors, Aug. 18 at 3,

Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Ch. Pulling, Hay's-wharf, | Westminster, Middleses, baker: in the Queen's Prison.Tooley-street, and Trinity-square, Southwark, Surrey, potatoe E. Hollingham, Dorcas-terrace, Hammersmith-road, Midsalesman, Aug. 18 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-J. dlesex, baker: in the Debtors Prison for London and MiddleBurgh Crampern, Wharf-road, City-basin, City-road, Mid. sex.-F. Harding, Birkenhead, Cheshire, retail beer seller: in dieses, coal merchant, Aug. 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, the Gaol of Chester.- Jas. Wells, Newport, Monmouthshire, London.--Henry Harris, Leman-street, Goodman's-fields, clerk: in the Gaol of Monmouth.-John Hambleton, York, Middleses, teacher of the Jews' Orphan Asylum, Aug. 18 at tailor: in York Castle.-Wm. Whitton, Kingston-upon12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-H. Pace, St. Michael's. Hull, out of business : in the Gaol of Kingston-upon-Hull. alley, Cornhill, London, general merchant, Aug. 18 at 12, Geo. Turton, Hambleton, near Selby, Yorkshire, plumber: in Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Rich. Marsden, Brynmawr, York Castle.—Jas. Coomber, Reading, Berkshire, linenBrecknock, linendraper, Aug. 25 at 12, District Court of draper's shopman : in the Gaol of Reading.-Wm. Rowland, Bankruptcy, Bristol.-J. Greaves Smith, Liverpool, grocer, Loughborough, Leicestershire, veterinary surgeon : in the Aug. 25 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool.-D. Gaol of Leicester. Clark, Liverpool, leather dealer, Aug. 25 at 12, District Court

MEETING. of Bankruptcy, Liverpool.-Ralph Buckley, Dobcross-lane,

Louisa Bowes Morgan, Aug. 8 at 12, White Lion Inn, within Saddleworth, Yorkshire, woollen cloth manufacturer, Carmarthen. sw. aff. Ang. 20 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.-John Smith, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, grocer, Aug. 15 | Just published, in 1 vol. 8vo., price 188. boards, THIRD EDITION, enat 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.

larged and improved, of To be allowed by the Court of Review in Bankrupicy, unless W


TION and AWARDS; including the Act of Parliament relating Cause be shewn to the contrary on or before Aug. 14.

to Arbitrations between Masters and Workmen; with an Appendix of John Ross and Enoch Burton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, flour


S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane; Stevens & Norton, 26 and 39, Bell-yard; dealers. - Alfred Lack, Stockbridge-terrace, Pimlico, Middle

and Maxwell & Son, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's Inn. ses, saddler.- George Leather and Ch. Wetherall Wardle,

Of whom may be had, recently published, Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire, earthenware manufacturers.-John 1 In 2 vols. royal 12mo., price 17, 188. boards, the FIFTI EDITION of Sanderson, Liverpool, wine merchant.- Henry Hall, Snales GRANT'S CHANCERY PRACTICE, composed anew, and accordmouth, Grevstead. Northumberland, cattle dealer.-J. Brido. | ing to all the existing Operative Orders of Court, including the last of

8th May, 1845. tood, Forebridge, Castle Church, Staffordshire, butcher.-).

CHITTY'S BLACKSTONE'S COMMENTARIES. John Hance, Liverpool, broker.-Mark Markwick, Harpur

In 4 vols, Svo., price 31. 38. boards, street, Red Lion-square, Middlesex, builder.-3. Pritchett, COMMENTARIES of the LAWS of ENGLAND. A New Edition, Charbury, Oxfordshire, glove manufacturer.- Charles Draper, with copious Notes embracing all the Changes in the Law. The whole Bishopsgate-street Without, London, licensed victualler.-A.

of the Text is preserved; such of the Annotations of the late J. CHITTY,

Esq., as were considered useful, have been retained; and the Four VoBirchall, Manchester, share broker.—James Walker and B. | lumes have received extensive Additions by the following Gentlemen :Williamson, Leeds, Yorkshire, share brokers.

Vol. I.. by JOHN F. HARGRAVE, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn; Vol. II.,

by GEORGE SWEET. Esq., of the Inner Temple; Vol. III., by PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED.

RICHARD COUCH, Esq., of the Middle Temple; Vol. IV., by Robl. Henry Jones and W. M. Dansey, Weymouth-street,

WELSBY, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barristers at Law. Portland-place, Middlesex, attornies and solicitors.



In 4 closely printed Volumes, price 61. 16s. 6d., a New Edition, being

the Third, of James Buchanan, Barnellan, Stirlingshire, farmer.-David HARRISON'S ANALYTICAL DIGEST OF ALL THE RESmith, Witchknow, Dundee, wright.-- James Reid, Rawyards, PORTED CASES determined in the House of Lords, the several Lanarkshire, ironstone contractor.—Jos. M'Gregor, deceased,

Courts of Common Law, in Bauc and at Nisi Prius, and the Court of

Bankruptcy, from 1756 to 1843; including also the Crown Cases reserved, Edinburgh, accountant.-A. Drummond, Glasgow, woollen

and a full Selection of Equity Decisions, with the MS. Cases cited in the merchant.

best Modern Treatises not elsewhere reported. The Third Edition. By INSOLVENT DEBTORS

R. TARRANT HARRISON, Esq., of the Middle Temple. Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy,


EDITION and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from

Just published, in 2 vols. royal 12mo., price 21. 88. boards, Process.

ARCHBOLD'S PRACTICE of the COURT of QUEEN'S George Parsons, Sylvan-grove, Old Kent-road, Surrey, at 11 BENCH in PERSONAL ACTIONS and EJECTMENT. The torney, Aug. 3 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. - George

Eighth Edition. By THOMAS CHITTY, Esq., of the Inner Temple:

including the PRACTICE of the COURTS of COMMON PLEAS and Broadbent, Castleton, Derbyshire, lead miner, Aug. 5 at 12,

EXCHEQUER. District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester.- James Barrett,

Also, in 1 vol. royal 12mo., price 22s. boards, Bedminster, Bristol, baker, July 31 at half-past 12, District FORMS of PRACTICAL PROCEEDINGS in the COURTS of Court of Bar

oucester, ristol.


PLEAS. By THOMAS CHITTY, Esq., of the Inner Temple. clerk in the Bristol and Birmingham Railway, July 31 at 1, S. Sweet, i, Chancery-lane; and V. and R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.

26 and 39, Bell-yard, Lincoln's Inn.

Of whom may be had,
Wednesday, July 22.

CHITTY ON PLEADING AND PARTIES TO ACTIONS. Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee

In 3 vols., royal 8vo., price 41. 108., boards, the Estates and Effects of the following Persons :


PARTIES to ACTIONS, with Second and Third Volumes, containing (On their own Pelitions).

Modern Precedents of Pleadings and Practical Notes. The Seventh

Edition, corrected and enlarged. By HENRY GREENING. Eso.. of Chas. Thos. Kilner, Prebend-st., Camden-town, Middlesex,

Lincoln's Inn.

In Three thick Volumes, price 41. 10s, boards. out of business : in the Gaol of Surrey.-John Fry, South. 19

CHITTY ON BILLS OF EXCHANGE.-NINTH EDITION. street, Sloane-sq., Middlesex, cheesemonger; in the Queen's

In royal 8vo., price 12. Ils. 64. boards, Prison,- Wm. Wilks, Manor-st., Chelsea, Middlesex, agent

A PRACTICAL TREATISE on BILLS OF EXCHANGE, CHECKS for the sale of coals: in the Queen's Prison.-Sam. Messent,


and BANK NOTES: with references to the Law of Scotland, France, Ratcliff-highway East, Middlesex, oil and colour man : in the and America. The Ninth Edition, much improved. By JOSEPH Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-- John Cuthbert, CHITTY, Esq., and JOHN WALTER HULME, Esq., of the Middle Middle-row, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, tobacconist : in the

Temple, Barristers at Law. Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.--James Franks,


The LAW'S DISPOSAL of a PERSON'S ESTATE who dies without East-bill, High-st., Wandsworth, Surrey, plumber : in the

Will or Testament; to which is added, the Disposal of a Person's Estate Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-Wm. Butcher, by Will or Testament; with an Explanation of the Mortmain Act. By Great Marlborough-st., Middlesex, clerk to a carpet manufac PETER LOVELASS, Esq., of the Inner Temple. The Twelfth Edition, turer : in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.

remodelled and enlarged, and adapted to the recent alterations of the

Law. By ARTHUR BARRON, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister Jas. Taylor, Finsbury-terrace, City-road, St. Luke, Middle-1 at Law, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. In 8vo., price 16s. sex, Birmingham warehouseman : in the Debtors Prison for boards. London and Middlesex.- Jas. Hen. Hance, Warwick-street,


CHARITABLE USES and TRUSTS, with an Appendix of Statutes and Charing-cross, Middlesex, agent for the discount of bills : in Forms. BY LEONARD SHELFORD, Esq., Barrister at Law. In 8vo., the Queen's Prison.-Wm. Duncan, Jermyn-st., St. James's, ' price 11. Tís. 6d, bds.


SCRIVEN ON COPYHOLDS.-FOURTH Edition. Just published, in 1 vol. royal 8vo., price 10s. 6d. boards,

This day is published, 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 21. 106. boards. COMMON FORMS in CONVEYANCING, including A TREATISE on COPYHOLD, CUSTOMARY FREE. V RECITALS, with Notes. By C. DAVIDSON, of the Middle Tem A HOLD, and ANCIENT DEMESNE TENURE; with the Juris ple, Esq., Barrister at Law.

diction of Courts Baron and Courts Leet: also an Appendix, containing A. Maxwell & Son, Law Publishers, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. Rules for holding Customary Courts, Courts Baron and Courts Leet,

Forms of Court Rolls, Deputations, and Copyhold Assurances, and ExThis day is published, in royal 12mo., price 17. 58. boards,

traets from the relative Acts of Parliament. By JOHN SCRIVEN, A DIGEST of the LAW of EVIDENCE in CRIMINAL Serjeant at Law. The Fourth Edition, embracing all the authorities to

- CASES. By HENRY ROSCOE, Esq., of the Inner Temple, the present period, by HENRY STALMAN, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. Third Edition, with considerable Additions. By T.C. GRANGER, Esq., Barrister at Law.

Henry Butterworth, Law Bookseller and Publisher, 7, Fleet-street. William Benning & Co., Law Booksellers, 43, Fleet-street.

Just published, price 12s. boards,

Just published, Third Edition, price 6s. boards,

1 This Work contains all the Statutes at Length, including the JointTHE LAW relating to the REGISTRATION of VOTERS,

stock Companies Registration Act, 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, with Observations 1 and PRACTICE of APPEALS to the COMMON PLEAS, toge

pointing out its Operation on Railway Companies; also the Companies ther with a Chapter, shewing all the Proceedings to be taken at Elections Clauses Consolidation Act, 8 Vict. c. 16; the Railway Clauses Consoliof Members for Cities and Boroughs; with Formns, &c. By CHARLES dation Act, 8 Vict. c. 17; and the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 8 WORDSWORTH, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

Vict. c. 18; with a complete Analysis of their contents, and a copious William Benning & Co., Law Bookseller, 43, Fleet-street.

Index. By W. HODGES, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister. This day is published, in 8vo., price 10s. boards,

Also preparing for Publication by the same Author, THE LAW of FIRE and LIFE İNSURANCE and AN. A PRACTICAL TREATISE on the LAW of RAILWAYS. 1 NUITIES, with Practical Observations. Part 1. The Law of Fire

CONTENTS: Insurance. Part II. The Law of Life Insurance. Part III. The Law Procedure of Railway Bills through Parliament.-Standing Orders in of Annuities. By CHARLES ELLIS, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister Parliament.-Jurisdiction of the Board of Trade: first, by Parliamentary at Law. The Second Edition, revised and enlarged.

Resolutions; secondly, by the Statute Law. Registration of Companies William Benning & Co., Law Booksellers, 43, Fleet-street.

under 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110.-Compensation Cases-On Mandamus. On la

junction--Liabilities of Shareholders and Holders of Scrip.-Rating of SPENCE ON THE EQUITABLE JURISDICTION OF THE Railways.-Forms of Pleadings-Reports of Railway Committees; and COURT OF CHANCERY.

all the Statutes.-Forms of Deeds, &c. This day is published, in royal 8vo., vol. I, price Il. lls. 6d. boards,

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane. THE ÉQUITABLE JURISDICTION of the COURT

1 of CHANCERY; comprising its Rise, Progress, and final Esta This day is published, in one thick Volume, royal 8v0., price 17. 18. blishment; to which is prefixed, with a view to the Elucidation of the

boards, main Subject, a Concise Account of the Leading Doctrines of the Com THE ELEVENTH EDITION of SIR E. B. SUGDEN'S mon Law, and of the Course of Procedure in the Courts of Common Law 1 PRACTICAL TREATISE on the LAW of VENDORS and PURin regard to Civil Rights, with an attempt to trace them to their sources;

CHASERS of ESTATES. and in which the various Alterations made by the Legislature down to

* By adopting a smaller type and adding to the fullness of the the present day are noticed. By GEORGE SPENCE, Esq., one of her

pages, this Edition has been very considerably reduced in balk and Majesty's Counsel.

price. The intrinsic value of the work has not in any way been affected Stevens & Norton, 26 and 39, Bell-yard, Lincoln's Inn.

by the alteration in appearance, as the text remains unabridged, while DANIELL'S CHANCERY PRACTICE.

the facility of reference is increased by the consolidation of the former Now complete. (Second Edition), in 2 Vols. Sro.. price 31. 38. bds.

three indexes. THE PRACTICE of the HIGH COURT of CHANCERY.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane, London. 1 By EDMUND ROBERT DANIELL, F.R.S. Second Edition,

of whom may be had, recently published, with several New Chapters, and considerable alterations and additions ; SIR EDWARD SUGDEN'S TREATISE ON POWERS. adapting the Text to the last General Orders of May, 1845, and the De

In 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 21. in boards, cisions of the Court up to the time of publication. By T. E. HEAD

A PRACTICAL TREATISE on POWERS. By the Right Hon. LAM, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

Sir EDWARD SUGDEN. The Seventh Edition. " In nothing has Mr. Headlam been more successful than in the plan ELLIOTT ON THE QUALIFICATIONS AND REGISTRATION by which he has adapted the new Practice, occasioned by the New

OF ELECTORS Orders of May, 1845, to the general Practice of the Court. He has in

In 1 Vol., 12mo., price 148. boards, every case incorporated any of the New Orders by which the practice A PRACTICAL TREATISE on the QUALIFICATIONS and REhas been varied with the text of the original work, and he has given ex GISTRATION of PARLIAMENTARY ELECTORS in ENGLAND positions of the effect, actual and probable, of those Orders, which exhi and WALES; with an Appendix of Statutes and Forms, The Second bit much tact and professional acumen."-Law Mag., No. 7, N. S.

Edition, including the Acts for the Trial of Controverted Elections, and V. and R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, Law Booksellers and Publishers, for the Registration of Voters, 4 & 5 Vict. c. 58, and 6 Vict. e. 18, with (successors to the late J. and W.T. Clarke, of Portugal-street), 26 and Notes. By GEORGE PERCY ELLIOTT, Esq., of the Middle Temple, 39, Bell-yard, Lincoln's Inn.

Barrister at Law.
Of whom may be had,

In 1 vol. 12mo., price 14s, boards,

ALL the EFFECTIVE ORDERS in the HIGH COURT of CHAN Price 14s. boards,

CERY from 1815 to the present time, with the Decisions thereon, and THE ORDERS of the HIGH COURT of CHANCERY, from HI- the Statutes which regulate the Practice of the Court. By TENISOX LARY TERM, 1800, to MICHAELMAS TERM, 1845, with an Ana- | EDWARDS, Esq., Barrister at Law. To which are added PRECE lysis of the Orders; the Statutes relating to Pleading and Practice in DENTS of BILLS of COSTS ADAPTED to the NEW ORDERS that Court, including Sugden's Acts, with Notes of the Decisions upon with Practical Observations. the above Orders and Statutes, and Explanatory Observations. Second Edition. By SAMUEL MILLER, Esq., Barrister at Law.


I SMYRNA SPONGES.-The Tooth-brush has the important ad In 8vo., price 11. 48. boards,

vantages of searching thoroughly into the divisions of the Teeth, and BURTON on REAL PROPERTY, with Notes shewing the recent |

cleaning them in the most effectual and extraordinary manner, and is Alterations by Enactment and Decision. The Sixth Edition. By ED

famous for the hairs not coming loose, ls. An improved Clothes' Bruse, WARD P. COOPER, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law.

that cleans in a third part of the usual time, and incapable of injuring PETERSDORFF'S NEW ABRIDGMENT.

the finest nap. Penetrating Hair Brushes, with the durable unbleached In 5 vols. royal 8vo., price 71. 178. 6d. boards, now complete, Russian bristles, which do not soften like common hair. Flesh Brushes A PRACTICAL and ELEMENTARY ABRIDGMENT of the of improved graduated and powerful friction. Velvet Brushes, which COMMON LAW, designed either as a Supplement to the Author's act in the most surprising and successful manner. The genuine SMYR. Abridgment, or as a Separate Work. By CHARLES PETERSDORFF, NA SPONGE, with its preserved valuable properties of absorption, viEsq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

tality, and durability, by means of direct importations, dispensing with HODGSON ON APPEALS AGAINST ORDERS OF REMOVAL. all intermediate parties' profits and destructive bleaching, and securing In 12mo, price 58. 6d. boards,

the luxury of a genuine Smyrna Sponge. ONLY at METCALFES AN ANALYTICAL DIGEST of the Statutes and Cases relating to 130 B, Oxford-street, one door from Holles-street, the Practice of Appeals against Orders of Removal; arranged on the

Caution.-Beware of the words “from Metcalfe's."

by some principle of "Comyn's Digest." By HENRY JOHN HODGSON, houses. Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law, Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge.

. Orders for THE JURIST given to any Newsman, or letter (postORDERS IN CHANCERY-BY AUTHORITY.

paid) sent to the Office, No. 3, CHANCERY LANE, or to T. and R. In 8vo., price 18. 6d. sewed,

STEVENS & G. S. NORTON, (Successors to J. & W. T. Clarke, late or THE GENERAL ORDERS and RULES of the HIGH COURT of Portugal Street), 26 and 39, BELL-YARD, will insure its punctual deCHANCERY, issued by the Lord High Chancellor, 8th May, 1845.

livery in London, or its being forwarded on the evening of publication, To which may be appended, in 8vo., price 18. stitched,

through the medium of the Post Office, to the Country. OPTICAL ANALYSIS of the PRACTICE of the HIGH

Printed by WALTER M.DOWALL, PRINTER, residing at No. 4, COURT of CHANCERY, as altered by the recent Orders of Sth May, I

n May, | Pemberton Row, Gough Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the City 1845, arranged by PALGRAVE SIMPSON, a Solicitor of the Court."

of London, at his Printing Office, situate No.5, Pemberton Row aforeA TREATISE on the LAW relating to ALIENS and DENIZA- said; and Published at No. 3, CUANCERY LANE, in the Parish of St. TION and NATURALIZATION. By GEORGE HANSARD, Esq. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, LAW of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. Price (including the Supplement | BOOKSELLER and PUBLISHER, residing at No. 11, John Street, Bedford ll., 60. boards.

| Row, in the County of Middlesex. Saturday, July 25, 1846.


lair Bruallimin im dinary

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