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This day is published, price 23. sewed,


26 and 39, Bell-yard, Lincoln's Inn. its Origin and Nature, shewing by whom and to whom a Bill of Ex. COOPER'S REPORTS IN CHANCERY, TEMP. LORD COTTENceptions may be tendered; what may be the Subject of it; its Form, and

HAM. Mode of tendering it; the Proceedings upon it; and the Mode of en- This day is published, price 108., Vol. 1, Part 1, (to be continued), forcing the Statute. By JOHN RAYMOND, Esq., of the Middle REPORTS of CASES in CHANCERY, decided by Lord Temple.

Cottenham, commencing 7th July, 1846; with which are inter- . 8. Sweet, Law Bookseller and Publisher, 1, Chancery-lane. spersed some miscellaneous Cases and Dicta, and various Notes. By

CHARLES PURTON COOPER, Esq., one of her Majesty's Counsel.

In royal 8vo., price 11. 68. boards,

In a few days will be ready, Vol. 14, Part 2, of
PRACTICAL TREATISE on the LAW relating to

REPORTS of CASES in CHANCERY, decided by the Right Hon. TRUSTEES, their Powers, Duties, Privileges, and Liabilities. By Sir Lancelot Shadwell, Vice-Chancellor of England. By NICHOLAS JAMES HILL, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law, and Fel. SIMONS, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. low of New College, Oxford.

SPENCE ON THE EQUITABLE JURISDICTION OF THE V. and R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, Law Booksellers and Publishers,

COURT OF CHANCERY. 26 and 39, Bell-yard, Lincoln's Inn.

In royal 8vo., Vol. I, price 11. 118.6d. boards,


SOCIETY, CERY; comprising its Rise, Progress, and final Establishment; to (Completely Registered under the Act 7 & 8 Vict., cap. 110). which is prefixed, with a view to the Elucidation of the main Subject, Offices, Nos. 5 and 6, Chancery.lane, London.

a Concise Account of the Leading Doctrines of the Common Law, and Subscribed Capital, £5,000,000.

of the Course of Procedure in the Courts of Common Law in regard to TRUSTEES.

Civil Rights, with an attempt to trace them to their sources; and in THE RIGHT HON. THE LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR.

which the various Alterations made by the Legislature down to the THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OP DEVON.

present day are noticed. By GEORGE SPENCE, Esq., one of her THE RIGHT HON. THE VICE-CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND. Majesty's Counsel. THE RIGHT HON. THE LORD CHIEF BARON.


In 2 Vols. 8vo., price 31. 38. boards, the Arches, &c.


EDMUND ROBERT DANIELL, F.R.S. Second Edition, with RICHARD RICHARDS, ESQ., M.P., Master in Chancery. several New Chapters, and considerable Alterations and Additions DIRECTORS.

adapting the Text to the last General Orders of May, 1845, and the De (The denotes a Director of the Law Life, and the + a Director of the

cisions of the Court up to the time of publication. By T. E. HEAD

LAM, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law,
Legal and General Life Insurance Society).

BIGG, EDWARD SMITH, Esq., Southampton-buildings.

In 12mo., price 148. boards,

THE ORDERS of the HIGH COURT of CHANCERY, from HIBOODLE, JOHN, Esq., Davies-street, Berkeley-square.

LARY TERM, 1800, to MICHAELMAS TERM, 1845, with an Ana*BROWN, ANTHONY, Esq., Chamberlain of London. BUDD, THOMAS WILLIAM, Esq., Bedford-row.

lysis of the Orders : the Statutes relating to Pleading and Practice in

that Court, including Sugden's Acts, with Notes of the Decisions upon CHICHESTER, J. H. R., Esq., Lincoln's-inn.

the above Orders and Statutes, and Explanatory Observations. Second *CHISHOLME, WILLIAM, Esq., Lincoln's-inn-fields. *CLARKE, THOMAS, Esq., Solicitor to the Ordnance.

Edition. By SAMUEL MILLER, Esq., Barrister at Law. COX, JOHN, Esq., Lincoln's-inn-fields.


In 12mo. price 8s. boards, KINDERLEY, GEORGE HERBERT, Esq., Lincoln's-inn.

A MANUAL of EQUITY JURISPRUDENCE, as administered in LEE, JOHN BENJAMIN, Esq., Dean's-yard, Westminster.

England, founded on the Commentaries of Joseph Story, LL.D., one +LYON, JAMES WITTIT, Esq., Spring-gardens.

of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, and comprising, ROSE, THE HON. SIR GEORGE, one

of the Judges of the Court occurring in CHANCERY and CONVEYANCING, and in the general

in a small compass, a numerous collection of POINTS constantly of Bankruptcy, and Master in Chancery. SIMPKINSON, SIR FRANCIS, Q.C.

practice of a Solicitor. By JOSIAH W. SMITH, B.C.L., of Lincoln's "SMEDLEY, FRANCIS, Esq., High Bailiff of Westminster.

Inn, Barrister at Law. TATHAM, MEABURN, Esq., Lincoln's-inn-fields.

"A manual especially adapted to the exigences of a solicitor's pracTILSON, THOMAS, Esq., Coleman-street.

tice."--Jurist, No. 465. *TWISS, HORACE, Esq., Q.C., Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster.


In 3 Vols. royal 8vo., price 41. 148. 6d. boards, "VIZARD, WILLIAM, Esq., Lincoln's-inn-fields.

A PRACTICAL TREATISE of the LAW of EVIDENCE, and DIWHITE, EDWARD, Esq., Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall.


Third Edition, with very considerable Alterations and Additions. By WING, THOMAS, Esq., Gray's-inn-square.

THOMAS STARKIE, Esq., of the Inner Temple, one of her Majesty's AUDITORS.


BAILEY, CHARLES, Esq., Stratford-place.
BOCKETT, DANIEL SMITH, Esq., Lincoln's-inn-fields.

Dedicated to his Royal Highness Prince Albert.
BRODERIP, FRANCIS, Esq., Lincoln's-inn.

In 2 Vols. royal 8vo., price 21. 108. boards,

An ABRIDGMENT of the LAW of NISI PRIUS. Eleventh EdiSCADDING, EDWIN WARD, Esq., Gordon-street.

tion, enlarged and much improved, with the Statutes and Cases brought SECRETARY.

down to Hilary Term, 1845. By WILLIAM SELWYN, Esq., of LinEDWARD BLAKE BEAL, Esq.

coln's Inn, one of her Majesty's Counsel, late Recorder of Portsmouth, ARCHITECTS AND SURVEYORS.

LITTLETON'S TENURES. THOMAS BELLAMY, Esq., 8, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square.

In a small Pocket Volume, price 6s., GEORGE POWNALL, Esq., 7, Bedford-row.


rected, handsomely printed in a very small pocket volume. Messrs. EDWARD and CHARLES HARRISON, 19, Bedford-row.


In 8vo., price 11. 48. boards,

BURTON on REAL PROPERTY, with Notes shewing the recent Persons insured by this Society are not liable to be called upon to con

Alterations by Enactment and Decision. The Sixth Edition. By EDtribute towards Losses.

WARD P. COOPER, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. Agricultural produce and farming stock (live and dead), and imple

PETERSDORFF'S NEW ABRIDGMENT. ments and utensils of husbandry, may be insured on one farm, in one

In 5 vols. royal 8vo., price 71. 178. 6d. boards, sum, without the average clause, at 3s. per cent. per annum free of duty.

A PRACTICAL and' ELEMENTARY ABRIDGMENT of the In order to meet covenants requiring continuance of Rent, notwith

COMMON LAW, designed either as a Supplement to the Author's standing destruction of Buildings by Fire, the Society will grant Insur

Abridgment, or as a Separate Work. By CHARLES PETERSDORFF, ances on Rent, the amount being specified in the Policy.

Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. Losses occasioned by Fire from Lightning will be made good.

BEAUMONT ON FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE. Insurances may be made for more years than one by a single payment;

In 8vo., price 58. boards, and in such cases a liberal Discount will be allowed on both Premium THE LAW of FIRE and LİFE INSURANCE, with the latest Deand Duty: for instance, Insurances effected for seven years will be cisions, and an Appendix, containing Tables for Three Lives, Tables charged the Premium and Duty for six years only.

for Benefit Clubs, and other Practical Rules and Tables. By GEORGE Insurances may be made for a less term than one year at a reduced D. B. BEAUMONT, Esq., Barrister at Law. Second Edition. Premium, and the proportionate part only of the Annual Duty; and

UDALL ON THE NEW COUNTY COURTS ACT. such Insurances will tern ate at four o'clock in the afternoon of the

In 12mo., price 48. boards, day mentioned in the Policy.

THE NEW COUNTY COURTS ACT, 9 & 10 Vict. cap. 95, for Insurances granted for a year or any longer term may be renewed Debts, Damages, Replevin, &c.; with Notes Critical and Explanatory; within fifteen days after the expiration thereof.

including Decisions in the Courts of England and Ireland on Statutes Persons insured with this Society, and who may suffer loss, will re- having similar Enactments. By HENRY UDALL, Esq., of the Inner ceive their Indemnity without deduction or discount.

Temple, Barrister at Law. No charge will be made for the Policy where the sum insured amounts


In 12mo., price 4s. 6d. boards, Attendance given at the Office of the Society daily from Nine till THE PRACTICE of the COURTS under the 9 & 10 Vict. cap. 95, Four, where parties may obtain any further information respecting the for the RECOVERY of SMALL DEBTS in ENGLAND; with Notes, Terms on which Insurances may be effected.

Comments, and Decisions on analogous Statutes. By JOHN JAGOE, E. BLAKE BEAL, Secretary Esq., Barrister at Law.

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LAW.-WANTED, as MANAGER, a Gentleman of Ex: PHILLIPS'S REPORTS ON THE FLIGH. COURT OF CHANCERY. tice, without the assistance of the Principal. Being on the Rolls will MR. PHILLIPS'S REPORTS will be published in a few

ments, will shortly be published. M. Phillips's Reports, containing the ARTICLED CLERK WANTED:Wantedlining 1. Solicin Judgment of Lased Cottenham, will be preselitels, continued. Articled Clerk, who may, if wished, be boarded and lodged in the family of the principal; For Particulacourts core premium Messrs. THE LAW REVIEW for NOVEMBER, Price 36.

Contents:-1, Life and Writings of Savigny. 2. Estates for Life.

3. Novels. 4. New Tribunals for Railway and other Private Bills. 5. To the LEGAL PROFESSION.-A Solicitor in Man. chester, desirous of retiring from practice in consequence of ill

Prauds in Bankruptcy. 6. Origin of the Common Law. 7. Recollechealth, wishes to dispose of his business and offices. His connection is

tions of a Welsh Judge, No. 4. 8. Sir Charles Wetherell. 9. Prison of the first respectability. Unqualified testimonials of any gentleman

Discipline-the Separate System. 10. Mr. Justice Williams. 11. Mr. who may be disposed to treat for the same will be required. Address, judged Points. 14. Events of the Quarter, and Progress of Legislation,

Stewart's Letter to Landowners. 12. The New County Courts. 13. Adpost paid, Alpha, box 154, Post-Office, Manchester.

Owen Richards, Law Bookseller and Publisher, 194, Fleet-street. TO BARRISTERS and SOLICITORS.-CHAMBERS, situate on the Ground and First Floor, at No. 3, Serjeant's Inn,

This day is published, in 2 vols., post 8vo., price 258., the Secodd

Edition of Fleet-street, TO BE LET, with immediate possession. Rent: Ground Floor, 501,; First Floor, 601. per annum. The premises are in complete DEACON'S LAW and PRACTICE of BANKRUPTCY, repair, and have been recently painted. Apply to the Housekeeper, By EDWARD E. DEACON, Esq., Barrister at Law.

with a Collection of Forms and Precedents, and Practical Notes,

Revised and between the hours of 10 and 4.

corrected by the Author; with some additional References and Notes, THE NEW COUNTY COURTS.

by JOHN DE GEX, Esq., Barrister at Law. Just published, in 8vo., Part 1, price 88. boards,


Vol. II. STATUTES, PRECEDENTS, and PRACTICAL FORMS Law, compiled from the Statute, and the Common Law. Part I:

relating to BANKRUPTCY. Courts-Creation of Nature of — When held—Where held - Court

Shaw & Sons, Fetter-lane.

AT houses; OFFICERS, Judicial and Ministerial-Appointment of Powers Just published, in 1 thick vol., 12mo., price 25s. boards, and Duties of-Deputies Fees-Compensation-Offences by-Sale of


SUMMARY of the LAW of MODERN PLEADING, Office, With the Act.

incident to the Rules of Hilary Term, 1834; with such of the Deep - Part II, containing titles Jurisdiction, Process, Trial, &c., to be

sions on Practice, Evidence, and Costs, as are closely

connected with that published forthwith.

subject. Also, copious Analysis of the Cases and Pleadings. By ROStevens & Norton, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

BERTS PHILIP TYRWHITT, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barcrowd

rister at Law. ,

“The reports of the “Common-law Commissioners' suggested extenPLEADINGS, and the Incidents thereto, according to the Practice

sive changes in the practice on this important subject, (Pleading), which of the Courts of Equity in England and America. Third Edition.

changes, whether improvements or not, were sanctioned by Parliament, Royal 8vo., price 11. 11s. 6d. boards. STORY'S (W, W.) TREATISE on the LAW of CONTRACTS NOT Term, 1834. It was then sought to adapt old principles to modern esi

and embodied by all the common-law courts in general rules, dated Hilary UNDER SEAL. Royal 8vo. price 11. 31. bound.

gencies, and to link the present with the past by regulating the transi. Stevens & Norton, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

tion-with what success ihe work before us attempts to develope. It In royal 8vo., price 158. boards.

embodies in its text the pith of the decisions on "Modern Pleading,"

as incident to the above "rules," and condenses in the notes other våArches and Prerogative Courts of Canterbury, the Consistory Court

ture is adapted to render the volume more extensively useful in courts of of London, and in the High Court of Delegates; contained in the Reports of Sir G. Lee, Phillimore, Addams, and Haggard. By EDWIN practitioners. Nor is it rigorously limited to its chief object; but in

Nisi Prius, particularly on the circuits, and in the library of country MADDY, Esq., D.C.L., Barrister at Law.

cludes the course of decisions on the replication de injuria in its ex. William Benning & Co., Law Booksellers, 43, Fleet-street.

tended application, as well as on the modern acts respecting land, tithes, LAW BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED BY W. BENNING & CO., law of amendment, evidence, and costs as elucidates the new rules of

mines, commons, ways, and easements, together with so much of the Law Booksellers, 43, Fleet-street. CHITTY, JUN., ON PLEADING.-SECOND EDITION.

pleading. On the whole, this work appears to have been prepared with In royal 8vo., price 17. boards.

much care and industry, and will be found to afford in small comparative

compass a useful adjunct to the works of Stephen and Chitty." ---Times, PRECEDENTS in PLEADING, with copious Notes on Oct. 29th, 1846. Pleading, Practice, and Evidence. By the late JOSEPH CHITTY,

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane; V. and R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, BellJun., Esq. The Second Edition, containing References to all the Cases yard, Lincoln's-inn. decided upon the New Rules of Pleading, and short

preliminary Observations on the more important Subjects. By HENRY PEARSON, VALUABLE LAW LIBRARY of the late Sir CHARLES WETHEEsq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. In Two Parts. Part I. RELL, Knt., with a Good Collection of the Greek and Latin Classics, Part II is in the press, and will shortly be published,

and English Literature, by the best Authors. ROSCOE'S CRIMINAL EVIDENCE.-THIRD EDITION. MR. HAMMOND is DIRECTED TO REMOVE and In royal 12mo., price 17. 58. boards.

SELL at his large Rooms, 28, Chancery-lane, on MONDAY, Nar. A DIGEST of the LAW of EVIDENCE in CRIMINAL CASES. 30th, and following Day, at 12 o'clock, the above Library of 2500 voBy HENRY ROSCOE, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. lumes; including the Statutes at Large, 4to., with Continuations to 8 Third Edition, with considerable Additions. By T. C. GRANGER, Vict.; Journals of the House of Lords and Commons; Viner's Abrida Esq., Barrister at Law.

ment, and Supplement: Vesey jun.'s Reports, Dickens, Atkins, Ver. SAUNDERS'S REPORTS.-Sixti EDITIOX.

non, Peere Williams, Strange, Ambler, Eden, Brown, Merivale, Ssan. In 3 vols. royal 8vo., price 41. 48. boards.

ston, Jacob & Walker, Turner & Russell, Russell, Russell & Mylne, THE REPORTS of the most learned Sir EDMUND SAUNDERS, Mylne & Craig, Mylne & Keene, Maddocks, Simons & Stuart, Beatan, Knt., late Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, of several Pleadings | Robinson, Acton, Haggard, Dumford & East, Maule & Selwyn, Barneand Cases in the Court of King's Bench, in the Time of the Reiga of his well & Cresswell, and General Books of Reference and Practice, &c. most excellent Majesty King Charles the Second. Edited, with Notes many of which are enriched with his MS. Notes; together with the Misand References to the Pleadings and Cases, by JOHN WILLIAMS,

cellaneous Library, consisting of many rare and useful Works. To be one of his late Majesty's Serjeants-at-Law. The Fifth Edition, by viewed Two Days prior to the Sale, and Catalogues to be had, 6d. each, JOHN PATTESON, of the Middle Temple, Esq., now one of the at his Estate Agency Offices, Nos. 28, Chancery-lane, and 30, Bell-yard, Judges of the Court of Queen's Bench; and EDWARD VAUGHAN

Lincoln's-inn. WILLIAMS, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister at Law. Sixth Edition,



Fleet-street, (Corner of Chancery-lane), on WEDNESDAY nex, In royal 12mo., price 11. 43. boards.

Nov. 11th, and THURSDAY, Nov. 12th, at half-past 12, A DIGEST of the LAW of EVIDENCE on the TRIAL of ACTIONS at NISI PRIUS. BY HENRY ROSCOE, Esq., of the Inner Temple

, THE VALUABLE LAW LIBRARY of a BARRIS. Barrister at Law. sixth Edition, with considerable Additions. "By

TER of the INNER TEMPLE, retired from the Profession ca EDWARD SMIRKE, Esq., Barrister at Law.

account of ill-health: including the Year Books: Dugdale's Origines PHILLIPPS ON EVIDENCE.-NINTH EDITIOX.

Juridicialis, illustrated; Spelman's Glossary; Rushworth's Historical

Collections; Gibson's Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani; a fine Set of In 2 vols, royal 8vo., price 21. 10s. boards.

Ruffhead's Statutes at Large to 5 & 6 Victoria; Howell's State Trial; A TREATISE on the LAW of EVIDENCE. Ninth Edition, with

Hansard's Parliamentary History and Debates; Petersdorff's, Viner's, considerable Alterations and Additions. By S. M. PHILLIPPS, Esq.

and Bacon's Abridgments; Series of the Modern Reports in the Equits, STEPHEN ON PLEADING-FIFTH EDITION.

Law, Admiralty, and Ecclesiastical Courts, complete to the present A TREATISE on the PRINCIPLES of PLEADING in CIVIL time; Treatises and Books of Practice: the whole in good preservation. ACTIONS; comprising a Summary View of the whole Proceedings in a

To be viewed, and Catalogues had.
Suit at Law. By HENRY JOHN STEPHEN, Serjeant-at-Law. The
Fifth Edition.

Printed by WALTER M.DOWALL, PRINTER, residing at No. 1,
In 12mo., price 58. boards.
Pemberton Row, Gough Square, in the Parish of St. Bride,

in the City A PRACTICAL TREATISE on the several COUNTS and PLEAS of London, at his Printing Office, situate No. 5, Pemberton Row

afore allowed to be pleaded together in CIVIL PROCEEDINGS, under the said; and Published at No. 3, CHANCERY LAXE, in the Parish of St. Statute 4 Anne, c. 16, and the New Rules of Hilary Term, 4 Will. 4, and Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, LAR other Rules and Statutes. By HENRY MACNAMARA, Esq., of Lin BOOKSELLER and PUBLISHER, residing at No. 11, John Street, Bedford coln's Inn, Special Pleader,

Row, in the County of Middlesex. Saturday, November 1, 1816.

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*** The following are the Names of the Gentlemen who favour The JURIsT with Reports of Cases argued and

decided in the several Courts of Law and Equity:-House of Lords

A. GORDON, Esq. of the Inner || Vice-Chancellor Wigram's ( F. FISHER, Esq. of Lincoln's
Temple, Barrister at Law. Court

Inn, Barrister at Law.
Privy Council

SG.J.P.Smith, Esq. of the Inner
Tenison EDWARDS, Esq. of the Court of Queen's Bench
Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

Temple, Barrister at Law.

InnBarrister at .
TempleBarrister at Law.

Court of Common Pleas, D. Power, Esq. of Lincoln's

Inn; and
Master of the Rolls Court
Temple, Barrister at Law.

Appeals under Registra- | W. PATERSON, Esq. of Gray's

tion of Voters Act.. Inn, Barristers at Law. Tenison EDWARDS, Esq. of the Vice-Chancellor of Eng

SW.M. Best, Esq. of Gray's Inn, Inner Temple, and

Court of Exchequer land's Court CHARLES MARETT, Esq. of the

Ecclesiastical and Admi. S J. P. Deane, D.C.L. of Doctors Inner Temple, Barristers at Law.

ralty Courts

Commons. Vice-Chancellor Knights W. W. COOPER, Esq. of the Inner

Court of Review

W.W. COOPER, Esq. of the Inner Bruce's Court....

Temple, Barrister at Law.

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{ Barrister at

{, a


done to the personal estate of the testator in his life

time, whereby it became less beneficial to the executor, It is curious to observe the exceptions which the as the testator himself might have had, whatever the progress of society has caused to be ingrafted on the com- form of action might be, (Latch. 169): trespass or mon-law rule, “ Actio personalis moritur cum persona.” trover,-action for a false return,-for an escape,-debt The principle of the common law was, that, if any in- on a judgment against an executor suggesting a devasjury were done either to the person or the property of tavit,--action for removing goods taken in execution another, for which damages only could be recovered in before the testator (the landlord) was paid a year's satisfaction, the action died with the person to whom rent,—and other actions of the like kind, for injuries or by whom the wrong was done. Thus, where the ac- done to the personal estate of the testator in his lifetime. tion was founded on any malfeasance or misfeasance, But neither in terms nor by construction did thes tatute was a tort, or arose ex delicto, such as trespass for of Edward III extend to injuries done to the person or taking goods, &c., trover, false imprisonment, assault to the freehold of the testator: therefore, an executor or and battery, slander, deceit, diverting a watercourse, administrator cannot have actions of assault and batobstructing lights, escape, and many other cases of the tery, false imprisonment, slander, deceit, nor, as the law like kind, where the declaration imputes a tort done stood under that statute, for diverting a watercourse either to the person or the property of another, and the obstructing lights, cutting trees, and other actions of the plea must be not guilty, the rule was “ Actio personalis like kind. moritur cum persona.” The first alteration in this rule The want of a remedy for injuries done to the freewas made by stat. 4 Edw. 3, c. 7, (De bonis asportatis hold of the testator, led to the next statutory alteration in vita testatoris), which, reciting, that in time past ex- of the common-law rule. ecutors have not had actions for a trespass done to their Amongst the various amendments of the law introtestators, as of the goods and chattels of the said tes- duced by the stat. 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 42, the 2nd section tators carried away in their life, and so as such tres- enacted, that an action of trespass, or trespass on the passes have remained unpunished, enacts, that the case, might be maintained by the executors or adminiexecutors in such cases shall have an action against the strators of any person deceased, for any injury to the trespassers, and recover their damages in like manner as real estate of such person, committed in his lifetime, they whose executors they be, should have had if they for which an action might have been maintained by were living. The remedy above given was extended such person, so as such injury shall have been commitby the stat. 25 Edw. 3, c. 5, to executors of executors; ted within six calendar months before the death of and, by an equitable construction of the first statute, to such deceased person; and provided such action shall administrators. This statute, indeed, being a remedial be brought within one year after the death of such perlaw, has always been expounded largely, and, though it son; and the damages, when recovered, shall be part of makes use of the word “ trespasses” only, has been ex. the personal estate of such person. And, further, that tended to other cases within its meaning and intent. an action of trespass, or trespass on the case, might be By the construction put upon it, an executor or ad maintained against the executors or administrators of ministrator might have the same actions for any injury 'any person deceased, for any wrong committed by him VOL. X.



in his lifetime to another, in respect of his property, shall have been caused; that the jury may give such real or personal, so as sueh injury shall have been damages as they may think proportioned to the injury committed within six calendar months before such per- resulting from such death to the parties respectively son's death, and so ds such action shall be brought for whom and for whose benefit the action shall be within six calendar months after such executors or ad- brought; and that the amount recovered shall be diministrators shall have taken upon themselves the ad-vided amongst those parties in such shares as the jury, ministration of the estate and effects of such person. by their verdict, shall find and direct. · We presume, But actions for injuries to the person remained subject that, in estimating the damages, the jury will be ex. to the common-law rule, “ Actio personalis moritur cum pected to take into consideration the pecuniary injury persona.” The executors of a deceased person could the parties have received. Now, it may often happen, not bring an action for the most grievous injury to that the parties for whose benefit the action is allowed

and the strictness of the rule led to the anomaly, to be brought have sustained no pecuniary injury whatthat, if a person received an injury through the default ever—that has fallen upon others. Is the wrongdoer or negligence of another, which stopped short of causing in such a case to have the benefit of it? Suppose, for his death, he might bring an action and recover ample instance,—what will, no doubt, be very common,—the damages; but if the injury was so great as to produce death of a person whose life is insured. In a pecuniary death, all right of action was gone, and no damages could point of view, this would be a benefit to the parties for be recovered. This state of the law had been often com- whom the action might be brought, and, therefore, that plained of, but would probably have remained unaltered element of the damages ought to be excluded. But the had not railway travelling furnished examples, too insurers, who really sustain that portion of the injury, striking to be passed over, of its repugnance to common cannot bring an action, or recover any damages. sense and justice. Accordingly, the Legislature has, in Many similar cases might be put, in all of which the the last session, in conformity with the laws of most action allowed by this act will fail of doing justice to foreign countries, made a further encroachment on the but a very imperfect remedy for the defect hitherto es

those who are really injured. It seems to us to afford common-law rule, in the “Act for compensating the isting in the law; and we venture to think that the Families of Persons killed by Accidents.” Th act simplest and boldest course would have been the bestrecites, that no action at law was maintainable against to give to executors and administrators a right of action a person who, by his wrongful act, neglect, or default, in such cases, and direct that the damages recovered may have caused the death

of another person, and it is should be considered part of the personal estate. oftentimes right and expedient that the wrongdoer in such case should be answerable, in damages, for the

COURT OF EXCHEQUER. injury so caused by him; and enacts, that, whensoever

MICHAELMAS TERM.--10 VICTORIÆ.-Nov. 12. the death of a person shall be caused by wrongful act, neglect, or default, and the act, neglect, or default is This Court will hold Sittings on Friday the 27th and such as would (if death had not ensued) have entitled Saturday the 28th days of November instant, and also the party injured to maintain an action and recover da on Wednesday the 2nd day of December next, and the mages in respect thereof, then and in every such case 12th day of December next, and will proceed in dis

three next following days, and also on Saturday the the person who would have been liable if death had posing of the business then pending in the Special not ensued shall be liable to an action for damages, not- Paper.

BY THE COURT. withstanding the death of the person injured, and al- Read in open Court.-E. BENNETT. though the death shall have been caused under such circumstances as amount in law to a felony. Having | LIST OF SHERIFFS NOMINATED BY THE thus resolved to destroy the principal relic of the com- LORDS OF THE COUNCIL FOR 1847. mon-law doctrine, it would have been well, we think, if the Legislature had simply directed that the damages Bedfordshire.- Robert Newland, Esq., Kempston. recovered in the action should form part of the personal

Thomas Abbott Green, Esq., Pavenham. estate of the person injured, in the same manner as any Berkshire.-Wm. Henry Stone, Esq., Streatley House.

Richard Gilpin, Esq., Hockliffe Grange. other damages recovered by an executor. There seems

John Hopkins, Esq., Tidmarsh. no sound reason why the compensation for the death of Robert Allfrey, Esq., Wokefield Park. a person should not be applied in the same manner and Buckinghamshire.-The Baron Meyer Amschel de Roth

schild, Mentmore, for the same objects as the fruits of his industry would

William Lowndes, Esq., The Bury, Chesham. have been if he had lived-why his creditors should not

John Kay, Esq., Fulmer. have the same claim upon the former as they would Camb. and Hunt.-Robert Francis Pate, Esq., Wisbeach. have had upon the latter,-or why the one should not be

John Vipan, Esq., Sutton. as much within his disposition by will as the other. Cheshire.— Ralph Gerard Leycester, Esq., Toft Hall.

Wm. Whiting, Esq., Manea and Thorney Abbey. But the Legislature appears to have been startled at Henry Brooke, Esq., Grange. the boldness of its infringement upon the common

Thomas Wm. Tatton, Esq.,


Cornwall.-Nicholas Kendall, Esq., Pelyn. law, and to have wished to call to its assistance the

Sir Wm. Pratt Call, Bart., Whiteford House. softer feelings of our nature. What it hesitated to

William Daubuz, Esq., Killiou. grant to the claims of strict justice, it thought grace- Cumberland.-Gilfrid William Hartley, Esq., Rose Hill. fully to yield to those of kindred and affection. It

Henry Dundas Maclean, Esq., Lazonby. has, therefore, introduced an anomalous kind of action, Derbyshire.—John Bell Crompton, Esq., Milford.

Andrew Fleming Hudleston, Esq., Hutton-John. by providing that it shall be for the benefit of the wife,

Sir Robert Burdett, Bart., Foremark. husband, parent, and child of the person whose death Jedediah Strutt, Esq., Belper.

Devonshire.-Sir J.P. B. Chichester, Bart., Arlington Court. Wiltshire.-Wadham Locke, Esq., Ashton, Gifford House.
Henry Champernowne, Esq., Dartington.

Sir Francis Dugdale Astley, Bart., Everley.
Henry Richard Roe, Esq., Guaton House.

John Bird Fuller, Esq., Neston House.
Dorsetshire.-Thomas Bowyer Bower, Esq., Iwerne Minster. Worcestershire.—Edw. Gresley Stone, Esq., Chambers-court.
H. J. Reuben, Earl of Portarlington, Milton Abbas.

Joseph Frederick Ledsam, Esq., Northfield.
John Gooden, Esq., Over Compton.

James Moilliet, Esq., Selly Hall.
Durham.-John Fawcett, Esq., South Bailey.

Yorkshire.-George Lane Fox, Esq., Bramham Park,
Sir Wm. Eden, Bart., Windleston Hall.

Joseph Dent, Esq., Ribston Park.
Henry John Spearman, Esq., Newton Hall.

Yarburgh Greame, Esq., Sowerby.
Essex.-Wm. Coxbead Marsh, Esq., Park Hall, Thoydon
Garnon, Epping.

Beale_ Blackwell Colvin, Esq., Mangham's Hall, Anglesey.The Right Hon. Spencer Bulkeley, Lord New.
Waltham Holy Cross.

borough, Treiddon.
Charles Preston, Esq., Luthers, near Sewardstone.

Sir Harry Dent Goring, Bart., Trysglwyn.
Gloucestershire.-Wm. Edwards Lawrence, Esq., Greenway

Richard Griffith, Esq., Bodowyr Isaf.
House, Badgeworth.

Breconshire.-Rhys Davies Powel, Esq., Graig-y-Nos.
Charles Greenaway, Esq., Little Barrington.

Penry Williams, Esq., Cefn Parc.
Thos. Barwick Lloyd Baker, Esq., Hardwick Court.

William Pearce, Esq., Ffrwdgrech.
Herefordshire.-Thomas Hill, Esq., Felton.

Carnarvonshire.-Thomas Wright, Esq., Derwen-fawr.
Sir Velters Cornewall, Bart., Moccas.

George Augustus Huddart, Esq., Brynkir.
Robert Maulkin Lingwood, Esq., Lystone.

William Henry Foley, Bryn Eryr.
Hertfordshire.-H. Harper Burchell, Esq., Bushey Grange. Carmarthenshire.-Seymour Phillipps Allen, Esq., Kencerd.
William Parker, Esq., Ware Park.

Thomas Morris, Esq., Greencastle.
Fulke Southwell Greville, Esq., North Mimms Park.

Sir James Cockburn, Bart., Ddobgwm.
Kent.-John Pelly Atkins, Esq., Halstead.

Cardiganshire.-Alban Thomas Davies, Esq., Tyglyn.
John Ashley Warre, Esq., Ramsgate.

Abraham Grey Harford Battersby, Esq., Peterwell.
William John Evelyn, Esq., St. Clair.

Matthew Davies, Esq., Tanybwlch. Leicestershire.-William Wootton Abney, Esq., Swepstone. Denbighshire.-R. Lloyd Edwards, Esq., Bronhaulog Abergele. Henry Freeman Coleman, Esq., Evington Hall.

Richard Jones, Esq., Belham Place, Rhuabon. John Goodacre, Esq., Lutterworth.

Christ. Leyland, Esq., Nantclwyd Hall, Ruthin. Lincolnshire.-Theophilus Fairfax Johnson, Esq., Spalding. Flintshire.-Llewelyn Falkener Lloyd, Esq., Nannerch. Richard Ellison, Esq., Sudbrooke Holme.

Sir William Henry Clerke, Bart., Mertyn.
James Whiting Yorke, Esq., Walmsgate.

John Whitehall Dod, Esq., Cloverley.
Monmouthshire.-C. J. Kemeys Tynte, Esq., Cefnmably.

Glamorganshire. - Thomas Wm. Booker, Esq., Velindra. William Mark Wood, Esq., Rumney.

Nash Vaughan Edwards Vaughan, Esq., Rheola. John Jones, jun., Esq., Llanarth Court.

Rowland Fothergill, Esq., Hensol Castle. Norfolk.-Wyrley Birch, Esq., Wretham.

Montgomeryshire.- Edward Gatacre, Esq., Nantymeichied.
Sir Jacob H. Preston, Bart., Beestone St. Lawrence.

Christopher Bullin, Esq., Brynllwyarch.
William Mason, Esq., Necton.

John Vaughan, Esq., Penmaen Dovey.
Northamptonshire.- Thomas Tryon, Esq., Bulwick Park.

Merionethshire.-J. Griffith Griffith, Esq., Faltreuddyn-fawr.
John Monckton, Esq., Fineshade Abbey.

Hugh Jones, Esq., Gwernddelwa.
The Hon. Henry Hely Hutchinson, Lois Weedon.

Robert Davies Jones, Esq., Cyfronydd.
Northumberland.-J. H. Hollis Atkinson, Esq., Angerton.

Pembrokeshire.—Thomas Davies Lloyd, Esq., Kilehew.
George Burden, Esq., Hedden House.

William Henry Lewis, Esq., Clynfiew.
William Hodgson Cadogan, Esq., Brinkburn Priory.

Owen Owen, Esq., Cwm Gloyn.
Nottinghamshire.-John Vere, Esq., Carlton-upon-Trent.

Radnorshire.- John A. Whittaker, Esq., Newcastle Court.
John Wetham, Esq., Kirklington.

John Williams, Esq., Skreen.
John Henry Manners Sutton, Esq., Kelham.

Henry Miles, Esq., Downfield.
Osfordshire.—Samuel Weare Gardiner, Esq., Coombe Lodge,

Matthew Piers Watt Boulton, Esq., Great Tew.

London Gazettes.
Henry Baskerville, Esq., Crowsley Park.
Rutlandshire.-Inchley Taylor, Esq., Preston.

John Walker, Esq., Wardley.
The Hon. Charles George Noel, (commonly called

Lord Viscount Campden), Flitteris Park. WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE, Lawrence-lane, London,
Shropshire.- Joseph Venables Lovett, Esg., Belmont.

woollen draper, dealer and chapman, Nov. 20 at half-past Sir Edward Blount, Bart., Mawley Hall.

12, and Dec. 19 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. John Salway, Esq., The Moor.

Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Wollen, 30, Bucklersbury.- Fiat Somersetshire.-J.M. Quantoch, Esq., Norton-sub-Hamdon. dated Nov. 7.

Edward Ayshford Sanford, Esq., Nynehead-court. DAVID PATTIE, St. Alban’s-place, Edgeware-road, Mid.
Sir C. Abraham Elton, Bart., Clevedon.

dlesex, stationer, dealer and chapman, Nov. 18 at half-past Staffordshire.- Sir E. Dolman Scott, Bart., Great Barr. 11, and Dec. 19 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon. The Hon. Frederick Gough, Perry Barr.

don: Off. Ass. Alsager; Sol. Swan, Eldon-chambers, De. Charles Arkwright, Esq., Dunstall.

vereux-court, Temple.- Fiat dated Nov. 7. Southampton.-Lancelor Archer Burton, Esq., Woodlands WILLIAM ALLEN, Wheeler-st., Spitalfields, Middlesex, Emsworth.

scaleboard manufacturer and stationer, Nov. 19 at 11, and John Wood, Esq., Thedden Grange, Alton.

Dec. 18 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. William Garnier, Esq., Rooksbury, Wickham. Pennell: Sol. Roberts, Temple-chambers, Falcon-courtSuffolk.-Henry James Oaks, Esq., Nowton Court.

Fiat dated Nov. 7.
Thomas James Ireland, Esq., Ousden Hall.

HENRY GODFREY, Milton-next-Gravesend, Kent, builder Charles A. Lord Huntingfield, Hivengham Hall. and undertaker, dealer and chapman, Nov. 18 at 2, and Surrey.-Joseph Bonson, Esq., Poulsden.

Dec, 18 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. F. Boyle Shannon Wilder, Esq., Busbridge Hall. Belcher; Sol. Buchanan, Basinghall-street, London.--Fiat Lee Steere, Esq., Jayes, Dorking.

dated Nov. 6. Sussex.-W. Gratwicke Kinleside Gratwicke, Esq., Ham. THOMAS WYATT, Oxford-terrace, King's-road, Chelsea,

Sir S. Branthwaite, Bart., Peckham Micklethwaite. Middlesex, builder, timber merchant and coal agent, dealer
Sir Henry Shiffner, Bart., Coombe.

and chapman, Nov. 26 at 12, and Dec. 18 at 2, Court of Warwickshire.-W. C. Russell, Esq., Leamington Priors. Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards; Sols. Bruner, George Whieldon, Esq., Springfield House.

Oxford Spencer, Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn.- Fiat Thomas Dilke, Esq., Maxtoke Castle.

dated Nov. 9.

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