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the chose in action; he has only the right to reduce it the rest followed of course. But was the entire ininto possession, if it be in a state capable of being terest, even the life interest assigned by M. G. Edgar, so reduced. Reduction into possession is a necessary and reducible into possession? In the first place, merger is, indispensable preliminary to the husband's having any as the Vice-Chancellor admits, out of the question, right of property in himself, or to his being able to convey Merger is a technical consequence of certain legal inany right of property to another.” (1 Russ. 66). cidents of tenure, and is wholly inapplicable to choses in

« The current of authorities shewing that the court action, or even to equitable interests in land. If land is will not receive the wife's consent to part with her limited at law to A. for life, remainder to B. for life, and reversionary property, bears strongly on the question. A. conveys his life estate to B., his executors, adminiIf the assignment of the husband passes the interest to strators, and assigns, the estate so conveyed is merged, the assignee, and destroys her legal right by survivor- and B.'s executors or assigns have no title after his ship, all that could remain to her would be an equity death, though A. be living. But if an equitable into have a settlement; and there can be no reason why terest in land or in personal property be so limited and she should not be permitted to extinguish, by her con- dealt with, there is no merger, and no destruction of the sent, that equity, as completely as if it were an equity first life interest. There is no such thing as the merger attaching upon property in possession. The court, how- of one equitable interest in another. If trustees are dieer, will not take her consent while the fund remains in rected to apply the income of a fund for the maintereversion; and the reason which it has assigned for this nance of A. until he attains the age of twenty-five, and refusal is, that it will not prejudice the future right on his attaining that age, and not before, to transfer which the wife may have by survivorship.(1 Russ. the fund to him; A., as soon as he is of age, can compel 28).

a transfer of the fund. Why? Not because such & The judgment in Purdew v. Jackson has always transfer would be in accordance with the terms of the been considered to have settled the law on this subject trust, but because the trust gives him a vested interest upon its true grounds. It appears, then, that the pro- in the fund and in its produce; and an adult man tantection of the reversionary choses in action of a married not be restrained from dealing as he likes with his woman from the acts of her husband and herself, is vested interests. He obtains the fund at twenty-one, merely a consequence of the general rule, both of law because he is then under no disability, and in defiance of and of equity, that her choses in action remain in her the special terms of the trust. If a trustee is directed until they are reduced into possession by her husband. to pay the dividends of a fund to A. for life, and after A legal chose in action is reducible into possession his death to transfer the fund to B., and A. assigns his when it may be recovered in an action; an equitable interest to B., the trustee may go on paying the divichose in action is reducible into possession when the dends to B., or, at Bi's request, he may transfer the fund trustee is bound to pay it. The husband may recover to him; but in the latter case he will not be obeying his wife's legal chose in action as soon as it is due, the terms of his trust, but he will be obeying the diwithout her concurrence. He may recover her equit-rection of a person on whom the trust and subsequent able chose in action, when it is due, without her con- events have conferred the right of dominion over every currence, but subject to her right to insist on having a part of the property. Where the cestui que trust is a settlement out of it. If he can arrange with the trus- married woman, the case is entirely different; the trustee tee out of court, the wife, in order to enforce her right must literally perform the terms of the trust, because to a settlement, must move; if he is obliged to go to the cestui que trust is incapable of authorising him the court, the court will not interfere until the wife's to deviate from those terms in the minutest particular, settlement is provided for, or waived by her consent in If the trust were, to pay the dividends to Mrs. H. until court. This is the only case in which the wife's con- she should attain the age of twenty-five, and then to sent in court is taken, or can have any operation: the transfer the fund to her, could it be contended that the specific and only object of that ceremony is to waive court would allow the fund to be transferred before she her right to a settlement. A married woman can, by attained that age? Would it not be tantamount to a an appropriate assurance, deal with her interests in real restriction on alienation until twenty-five? Yet the property; she can deal with her separate property as if whole interest would be in her. Would not the case she were unmarried; she can waive her equity to a be the same if the direction were to pay the divisettlement out of her equitable choses in action; she dends to the wife until the death of A., and then to can exercise a power expressly given to her; these are transfer them to her? Would it not be even stronger the only cases in which a married woman has any if the trust were to pay the dividends to her during power to do, or consent to, any act affecting her pro- her husband's life, and after his death to transfer the perty. Accordingly, in Purder v. Jackson, Honner v. fund to her? Again, if the dividends were given to Morton, (3 Russ. 65), and the other cases where the the husband himself for life, and the fund to the husband and wife joined in attempting to assign her wife after his death, would the husband's appointreversionary choses in action, the court took no notice ment to a trustee for his wife of that which would be of the wife's part in the transaction, but treated it as his after the appointment quite as much as it was bethe act of the husband alone.

fore, be allowed to affect her reversion, or the duty of So far there is no dispute as to the law. Let us the trustees? Can it make any difference, that the life see how it applies to the case of Hall v. Hugonin. interest is given to a stranger, who afterwards assigns it There trustees were directed to pay the dividends of to the wife? Would not, in each of these cases, the a sum of stock to M. G. Edgar and his assigns during trustee be justified in following the terms of the trust his life, and after his decease to transfer one moiety paying the dividends only until the arrival of the time of the fund to Mrs. Hall. M. G. Edgar having as appointed for transferring the fund? Can there be an signed his life interest to Mrs. Hall, the court held option in the trustee to choose between two courses so that the entire interest in the trust-fund became im- materially different in their consequences to his cestui mediately reducible into possession by Mr. Hall, sub- que trust? If not, can the husband have such an opject to his wife's equity to a settlement, which she tion? That the wife can interfere is not pretended. Waived in court. It is not,” said the Vice-Chan- When a trustee is directed to transfer a fund to a particellor," a question of merger, but whether a married cular person at a certain period, the authority of that woman has not, at the time of petitioning, both inter- person alone can justify the transfer at a different ests, as representing the life interest of some one else, period; and here she is not in a capacity to give any and also her own interest in reversion.”

such authority. If the entire interest was reducible into possession,! If it is said, that, in the case of a prior life, interest,

the transfer of the fund iš postponed merely for the out the interference of the court. For, the principle of sake of securing such life interest, and that the moment that case is, that an assignment of the prior interest or that obstacle is removed the fund may be transferred, interests to the feme renders the fund immediately transhow are those cases answered in which the tenant for ferable, and the trustees are not bound to regard the life has removed the difficulty by concurring in the wife's equity, but may transfer to the husband, if she application, and yet the court has refused to sanction does not apply to the court to stop them. G. S. the transfer, -cases which the Vice-Chancellor expressly recognises: as in Seaman v. Duill and Richards v. Chambers, (10 Ves. 580), and Fraser v. Baillie, (1 Bro.

COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH. . C. C. 618), where the life interest was originally limited to the husband, and the application was for a transfer to him; and in Pickard v. Roberts, (3 Madd. 384), within

Nov. 25.-Lord Denman, C.J., with reference to the where the husband acquired the life interest by assign.

*), sittings in banc after term, said: The court will, on ment, and applied for a transfer to himself; and

Mondaythe 30th, take the case in the Crown Paper Box v. Box, (2 Con. & Laws. 605; 1 Drury, 42), where

which has been partly heard; and then go into the New the tenant for life was a stranger, and the application

Trial Paper, taking first the case of Bainbridge v. was for a transfer to him.

| Bourne, which has been partly heard. On the other

Bo In none of these cases was days, the court will proceed with the Special Paper, and there any obstacle to the immediate transfer of the fund, save only the fact, that the time appointed for

on one of them will take the case of Reg. V. Arnoud. such transfer by the trust had not arrived. Even if there were no force in the above observations,

COURT OF EXCHEQUER. . we are at a loss to see how the objection can be answered, that the wife is at liberty when she becomes

MICHAELMAS TERM.-10 VICTORIÆ.—Nov. 25. discoverte to disavow the whole transaction, and disclaim the insidious gift which was made to her. Her This Court will, at the Sittings already appointed to consent in court, it is admitted, cannot bind her, ex- be held on Saturday, the 12th day of December Dext, cept to waive that equity which is the creature of the proceed to give Judgment in all motions now standing court-her equity to å settlement.

for Judgment, and also in all causes now standing for There is another way of putting the objection to the Judgment in the New Trial Paper. decision in Hall v. Hugonin, which we conceive to be

BY THE COURT. unanswerable. It is settled, that when a life interest Read in open Court.-E. BENNETT. in a chose in action not merely commensurate with the coverture belongs to a married woman, the husband has no power to dispose of it beyond the coverture. Being a

:: GRAY'S INN. mere periodical payment, it is not reducible into possession at all by anticipation; the husband, being under no disability, may dispose of it by anticipation to the extent

At a Pension held the 24th day of November, 1846, of his interest, (i.e. during the coverture), but not be The Masters of the Bench of Gray's Inn have reyond. (Fraser v. Baillie, i Bro. C. C. 518; Stiffe v. Eve- solved to establish a Lectureship of Real Property and ritt, 1 My. & C. 41; Lee v. Young, 2 You. & C. C. C. Conveyancing Devises and Bequests; and have ordered, 636*. See Whitmarsh v.Robertson, i You.&C.C.C.715; that the sum of 3001. per annum, for three years, be Box v. Box, 1 Drury, 66; Scarborough v. Borman, 4 My paid by the Society, by way of endowment, to such & C. 383)." It is, indeed, self-evident, that a lifé inter person as the Bench shall elect to deliver the Lectures, est, standing alone, cannot be reduced into possession. I to begin from the day of his appointment. Even a life interest confined to the period of the co | The Benchers therefore invite gentlemen desirous verture is not reducible into possession. The husband to accept the Office of Lecturer to send in testimonials may assign it, or release it, or, by purchasing the rever- of their competency and Atness, addressed to the Trea. sion, entitle himself to a present transfer of the fund: surer, at the Steward's Office, in South-square, Gray's. but it is out of his power to reduce the life interest, per inn, on or before the last day of Hilary Term next. se, into possession.

The Benchers are desirous, that, in addition to the Now, in Hall v. Hugonin, Mrs. Hall having become Lectures, some further means should be adopted to entitled to M. G. Edgar's life interest, which, it is ad secure the attention, and to ascertain the proficiency of mitted, did not merge, it was necessary that the trus the Students. tees should retain the fund in order to preserve her The discussion of some appointed subjects, in which contingent interest in the dividends during the remain the Students should be invited to join, subject to proper der of the life of M. G. Edgar, in case Mr. Hall should regulations, - opportunities afforded to Students of die first; and if there was a necessity for keeping the stating and of obtaining from the Lecturer the solution fund in the hands of the trustees, it was not then re of difficulties,--and examinations in the subjects of the ducible into possession. But, it is said, the life interest

previous Lectures and discussions, suggest themselves was united to the reversion. Surely, not united more as means by the judicious application of which the end intimately than the two parts of the life interest,

in view may be attained. -- which we have seen the courts have recognised as se

The Benchers express, however, no opinion as to the parable, were united.

best course to be adopted; but they suggest these matOn the whole, it is submitted that the decision in ters to explain distinctly their object in establishing Hall v. Hugonin cannot be sustained without entirely this Lectureship, and more particularly to induce each overturning the settled rules of the court with respect | Candidate to send in such a plan of the course of instructo a married woman's choses in action.

tion he proposes to adopt as may enable the Benchers If Hall v. Hugonin is sustainable, the reversionary to form a judgment of its probable efficiency. equitable choses of married women may be got at with


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* « There is here an interest, neither represented nor ca. pable of being represented, namely, the interest of Mrs. Lee. | MASTER IN CHANCERY.—The Lord Chancellor has in the event of her surviving Mr. Lee, in the income of the appointed Christopher Carter Foottit, of Newark-uponfund during her life after his decease." Per Sir J. Knight Trent, in the county of Nottingham, Gent., to be a Bruce, v.č., 2 You. & C. C.C. 535.

Master Extraordinary in the high Court of Chancery.

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Rolls Court. ' glesby Rogers, Esq., M.A.; Paul Augustine Kingdon, Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE Rolls, at Esq., M.Ă. ; Alfred Martineau, Esq., M.A.; Hon.

the Rolls.
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rections, and Exceptions. Montague Marriott, Esq.; Henry Collinson, Esq.; Monday........ 14 `Motions. James Glenie Price, Esq.; Nicholas Edward Hurst,

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18 | Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Further Di. Taylor, Esq., M.A.; John Best, Esq., B.A.; James Saturday .......

iar rections, and Exceptions. . . William Fergusson, Esq., B.A., John Coucher Dent, Monday........ 21° Motions. Esq.; Samuel John Wilde, Esq., Frederick Kingston, Tuesday........ 22 Petitions—Unopposed first.. Esq.; Matthew Wm. Thompson, Esq., M.A.; Charles Wednesday .... 23 Remaining Motions and Petitions.. Cavendish Clifford, Esq.; Robert Anstruther Strange, Short Causes, Consent Causes, and Consent Petitions on Esq., M.A.: Samuel Lucas, Esq.; Alexander Kyá Saturday the 12th and Saturday the 19th December, at the Curtis, Esq., M.A.; George Henry Money, Esq., M.A.; 1 sitting of the court. Stephen Cave, Esq., M.A.; Charles Griffith Smith, 1 Notice.-Consent Petitions must be presented, and copies Eso.. M.A.: Thomas Francis Crosse, Esq., B.C.L.: left with the Secretary, on or before the Thursday preceding John Charles Conybeare, Esq., M.A.

the Saturday on which it is intended they should be heard. GRAY's Inn, Nov. 18.—Timms Augustine Sargood, Esq.; Robert Rouiere Pearce, Esq.

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April 1.





HENRY REVELL REYNOLDS, Esq., Chief Commissioner.
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Feb. 20.
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County), Friday, Feb. 26.
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Westmoreland, at Kendal, Friday, March 5.
Lancashire, at Lancaster, Monday, March 8.
Lancashire, at Liverpool, Tuesday, March 16.
Montgomeryshire, at Welsh Pool, Friday, Mareh 19.
Merionethshire, at Dolgelly, Monday, March 22.
Anglesey, at Beaumaris, Wednesday, March 24.
Carnarvonshire, at Carnarvon, Friday, March 26.
Denbighshire, at Ruthin, Monday, March 29.
Flintshire, at Mold, Tuesday, March 30.
Cheshire, at Castle of Chester, (City and County), Thursday,

April 1.

London Gazettes.

Neville Smith, Thos. L. Holt, and John Neale, Fleet-st.,

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last ex.Hen. Charles, Manchester, commission agent, Dec.

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dlesex, chymist and druggist, Dec. 2 and Jan. 5 at 12, ac. Stephen Unwin the elder, Fisher Unwin, and Stephen Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Pennell; Sol. Unwin the younger, Coggeshall, Essex, woolstaplers, Dec. 16 Cunningham, Buckingham - street, Strand. —Fiat dated at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ąc. Th. Marsden Nov. 23.

the younger, Northallerton, Yorkshire, mercer, Dec. 17 at 11, FRANCES CLARK, George-street, Adelphi, Middlesex, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac. Jos. E. West

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ruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.--Jas. Jay Eva, Redruth, Cornwall, DAVID WORTHINGTON, Silver-street, Stepney, Middle baker, Dec. 16 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter,

sex, out of business, Dec. 11 and Jan. 15 at 12, Court of aud. ac.; Dec. 17. at 11, div.--Wm. Brown, Atherstone, Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Groom; Sol. Smith, 6, Warwickshire, ironmonger, Dec. 17 at 12, District Court of Finsbury-terrace, City-road. Fiat dated Nov. 19.

Bankruptcy, Birmingham, pr. d.-Thos. Wright, Edinburgh, JAMES SMITH, Edmonton, Middlesex, brewer, Dec. 9 at and Rich. Burgess and Ralph Taylor, Tunstall, Staffordshire,

half-past ll, and Jan. 15 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon. earthenware manufacturers, Dec. 17 at 11, District Court of · don : Off. Ass. Edwards ; Sol. Burbidge, 88, Hatton-garden. Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.-Wm. Timmis, Longton, . -Fiat dated Nov. 18.

Staffordshire, draper, Dec. 17 at 12, District Court of BankJOHN GREEN, Park-terrace, Maize-hill, Greenwich, Kent, ruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.-John Acton, St. Chad, Lich

lodging house keeper, dealer and chapman, Dec. 8 at half- field, farmer, Jan. 12 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, past 1, and Jan. 15 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.--Henry Deverill, Stoke-upon-Trent, London: Off. Ass. Edwards; Sol. Sadgrove, Mark-lane. Staffordshire, and Congleton, Cheshire, corn factor, Dec. 15 Fiat dated Nov. 20.

at 110, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.JOSEPH COLES, Strand, Middlesex, tobacconist, dealer Wm. Boulton the younger, and Wm. F. Palmer, Stafford,

and chapman, Dec. 9 at half past 2, and Jan. 12 at half. Staffordshire, builders, Jan. 12 at 10, District Court of Bankpast 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Groom ; ruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.—Jas. Ward, Manchester, iron Sol. Lane, Falcon-square, Aldersgate-street. Fiat dated founder, Dec. 17 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Man. Nov. 13.

chester, aud. ac.; Dec. 18 at 12, fin. div.-Charles Harwar, HENRY FLOWER, North-buildings, Finsbury-circus, Lon- Serle's-place, Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn, Middlesex, paper don, publisher, bookseller, dealer and chapman, Dec. 2 at merchant, Dec. 17 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manhalf.past 12, and Dec. 30 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon. chester, aud. ac.; Dec. 18 at 12, div.-Geo. Edw. Schultz don: Off. Ass. Bell; Sol. Shaw, Furnival's-ion. Fiat and Hen. W. Carr, Liverpool, sharebrokers,: Dec. 15 at 12, dated Nov. 23.

District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.; Dec. 18 WILLIAM CLAY and JAMES CLAY, Sowerby-bridge, at 12, div. of H. W. Carr.-James M. Gardner, Liverpool,

Halifax, Yorkshire, woollen manufacturers, Dec. 7 and 28 wine merchant, Dec. 16 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds: Off. Ass. Liverpool, aud, ac.-Jos. Froste and Isaah Ashlin, Liverpool, Freeman; Sols. Holroyd, Halifax; Courtenay, Leeds; merchants, Dec. 16 at half-past 11, District Court of Bank

Jacques & Co., Ely-place, London.-Fiat dated Nov. 17. ruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac. joint est. and sep. est. of Joseph JAMES MAY, Redruth, Cornwall, stationer, printer, dealer Froste.--Hen. Cooke, Liverpool, painter, Dec. 16 at 12, Disand chapman, Dec. 8. and 28 at 11, District Court of Bank- trict Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud, ac.-Sam. Highruptcy, Exeter: Off. Ass. Hernaman ; Sols. Coode & Co., field, Birkenhead, Cheshire, merchant, Dec. 16 at 12, District

St. Austle; Stogdon, Exeter.- Fiat dated Nov. 16. Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.- Robert Jones, JAMES WALTON, Leeds, Yorkshire, tailor and draper, Liverpool, boot maker, Dec. 16 at 12, District Court of Bankdealer and chapman, Dec. 7 and Jan. 1 at 11, District Court ruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-- Richard Allerton, Bootle-cumof Bankruptcy, Leeds : Off, Ass. Hope; Sols. 'Tempest, Linacre, Lancashire, wheelwright, Dec. 16 at 11, District Leeds; Cariss, Leeds ; Williamson & Co., Gray's-inn, Lon Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-John Casson, don.-Fiat dated Nov. 20.

Liverpool, corn merchant, Dec. 16 at half-past 11, District RICHARD CRIPPS LHOYDS, Liverpool, painter, plumber, Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-John Barff, 'Li

and glazier, dealer and chapman, Dec. 3 and 31 at 11, Dis- verpool, merchant, Dec. 16 at 11, District Court of Banktrict Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Morgan; ruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.- Rev. Roger Clough, BathafamSols. Curry & Co., Liverpool ; Vincent, King's-bench- park, Llanrhydd, Rich. B. Clough, Glanywern, Llandymnog, walk, Temple, London. Fiat dated Nov. 18.

Dav. Mason, Astraducha, Llanrhaiadr Cunmuch, and Rev. JAMES FORD, Birmingham, hosier, dealer and chapman, J. L. Jones, Plas Madoc, Llandoget, Denbighshire, bankers,

Dec. 5 and Jan. 12 at half.past 10, District Court of Bank- Dec. 16 at 11, aud. ac.-John Pestell, Beeston, Sandy, Bedruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Christie ; Sole. Hodgson, fordshire, corn factor, Dec, 16 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy,

Birmingham; Sherwood, London.-Fiat dated Nov. 16. London, fin. div.-Jos. Plowman, Oxford, ironmonger, Dec. JOSEPH NICHOLLS, Edgbaston, Warwickshire, stone 16 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. div.-Mary mason, builder, dealer and chapman, Dec, 5 and Jan. 12 Anne Abercrombie and Wm. A. Abercrombie, Goodge-st., at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off., Tottenham-court-road, Middlesex, brass founders, Dec. 15 at Ass. Valpy ; Sol. W. H. Reece, Birmingham.-Fiat dated 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. div.-Thos. Howell, Nov. 18.

Queen's-bead-passage, Newgate-st., London, tavern keeper, THOMAS LOWIS, Newcastle-upon Tyne, laceman and Dec. 15 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. div.-Ben. hosier, (trading under the firm of T. Lowis & Co.), Dec. 4 B. King, Fish-street-bill, London, stationer, Dec. 15 at half. at 12, and Jan. 8 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, New. past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. fin. div.-G. Gandell castle-upon-Tyne: Off. Ass. Wakley; Sols. Griffith & and Jas. B. Higgs, Charlotte-row, Mansion-house, London, Crighton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Reed & Langford, Friday. bill brokers, Dec. 15 at balfapast 12, Court of Bankruptoy, street, Cheapside, London.--Fiat dated Nov. 18.

London, fin. div.-Melchor Lopez, Crutched-friars, London,

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