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the seas, and shall voluntarily serve any such foreign any vessel to be so employed, shall be deemed guilty of prince, not having before his going taken the oath of a misdemeanour; and every such vessel, together with obedience, shall be a felon." Upon the construction of all the stores, tackle, and furniture, shall be forfeited, this act, it was considered, that, if a party went out of and it may be prosecuted and condemned as in other the realm with intent to serve a foreign state, though cases of the forfeiture of vessels to the Crown. he did not serve in fact, or if a party actually so served, By the 8th section, every person who shall, without though he did not go over for that purpose, he was license as aforesaid, increase or augment the warlike within the statute. (3 Inst. 80; 1 East, P. C., c. 2, force of any ship of war or other armed vessel which is s. 23). The principal act, however, now in force, and in foreign service as aforesaid, shall be deemed guilty of under the provisions of which the proceedings now a misdemeanour. Provision is then made in subsepending have been taken, is the 59 Geo. 3, c. 69. quent sections for the trial in Westminster of any of

By that statute, after reciting that the enlistment or these offences committed out of the kingdom, and for engagement of His Majesty's subjects to serve in war excluding the operation of the act from all persons who in foreign service, without His Majesty's license, and enter into military service in Asia, with leave from the the fitting out of vessels without such license, for war- Governor-General in Council. like operations against the dominions of any foreign prince, may be prejudicial to, and tend to endanger the INNER TEMPLE.-HILARY TERM, 1847. peace and welfare of the kingdom, it is in substance enacted, that if any natural-born subject, without the The Reader of the Inner Temple will proceed in his leave of His Majesty under the sign-manual, or signi- | Course in the Inner Temple Hall, on Wednesday the fied by order in council, or by proclamation, shall ac

13th, Wednesday the 20th, and Wednesday the 27th

| January, 1847, at half-past seven precisely each day. cept or agree to accept any military commission, or

The subject of the Readings will be, " The Laws of shall enlist or agree to enlist as a soldier, or to serve England, which restrain Communication by Words, in any warlike operation in the service of or for any Pictures, or other Signs." foreign prince or state, or of any person exercising, or Members of the other Inns of Court desirous of being assuming to exercise, the powers of government over present, are invited to attend; and strangers are reany foreign country, or to serve as a sailor or marine, or quested to apply at the Treasurer's Office. Inner

Temple, for orders of admission. to be employed on board any vessel of war, or any ves-sel used, fitted out, equipped, or intended to be used for any warlike purpose in the service of any foreign

Court Papers. power, or of any person exercising, or assuming to exercise, the powers of government over any foreign EQUITY SITTINGS, HILARY TERM, 10 Vict,

1847. country or people; or if any such natural-born subject shall, without such leave, engage to go, or shall go, to

Court of Chancery. any foreign state, with intent to enlist or serve in any Before the LORD CHANCELLOR, at Westminster. warlike or military operations whatever in the service Monday .... Jan. 11 Appeal Motions. aforesaid, although no enlisting-money may have been Tuesday........ 12 (General Petition-day).-Petitions. actually paid or received in either of the aforesaid cases; Wednesday ..... 137 or if any person whatever, within any part of His Ma

Friday ..... jesty's dominions, shall hire or procure (or attempt to Saturday .... 16 Appeals. do so) any person to enlist in any such service, whether Monday ...... any enlisting-money be given or not, every person so


Wednesday offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanour, and Thursday ..... 21 Appeal Motions. be punishable by fine and imprisonment, or either of

Friday .......

S (Petition-day).-Petitions (unopposed them.

I only) and Appeals.

Saturday .....
By the 4th section, these offences, if committed in

England, are to be tried in the Court of King's Bench. Tuesday.... >Appeals.

By the 5th section, vessels, with persons on board Wednesday ..... 27 J engaged in foreign service, may be detained by any of

Thursday ..... 28° Appeal Motions.

20 S (Petition-day).-Petitions (unopposed the principal officers of the customs, upon information Friday ..........

T only) and Appeals. on oath given before them.

Saturday ....... 30 Appeals. By the 6th section, masters or other persons having Monday .... Feb. l Appeal Motions and Appeals. the command of the vessel, knowingly taking on board persons enlisted contrary to the act, shall forfeit 501, for

Vice-Chancellors' Courts. every person so received on board; and every such ship Before the VICE-CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND, at may be seized and detained by the collector or other

Westminster. officer of the customs until such penalty be paid, or

Monday .... Jan. 11 Motions bail given.

Tuesday........ 12 (General Petition-day).-Petitions.

Wednesday ..... 13 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, By the 7th section, any person, without the leave of Thursday 14] and Further Directions. the king as aforesaid, equipping, fitting out, or arming

Friday .........

15 Short Causes, Unopposed Petitions, any vessel with intent that it shall be employed on fo

" and Causes.

Saturday ....... 167 reign service as aforesaid, or to commit hostilities against Monday

18 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, any prince or state with whom his Majesty shall not Tuesday... 19 and Further Directions. then be at war; or any person issuing a commission for I Wednesday .. 20J

Thursday .....



Thursday .....
Friday .....

Tuesday ........

(F D, C)

Thursday ...... 21 Motiong.

Welham v. Welham (Objec. | Davis o. Roberts
00 S (Petition-day). - Unopposed first, tions for want of parties) Roberts v. Davis
Friday .........
Short Causes, and Causes.

Samev. Same(Objections,&c.) Syms v. Lee
Saturday .......

Suffield v. Bond (E)

Corageo o. Same Monday........ 25 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Same v. Vink Tuesday...... 26 ? and Further Directions.


Judson o. Hawkins Wednesday .....

Walton v. Potter 3rd C D, Howard v. Prince Thursday ...... 28 Motions.

Easter Term

Same v. Stapeltons 20 S (Petition-day). - Unopposed first, A.J.B. Hope v. Hope 3rd CD Wood v. Swann Friday ......... 29 21 Short Causes, and Causes.

A. J. Hope o. Hope 3rd CD Humble u. Fenwick Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, H. J. Hope o. Hope 3rd CD Wiggins v. Pappin Saturday ...... 30 and Further Directions.

Hele v. Lord () S O to Same v. Clarke Monday .... Feb. 1 Motions.

Bexley file Supp.

Same o. Pappin (FD, C) Ditto v. 'Ditto Bill Same v. Mariot

Hodgkinson v. Cooper (E, Before VICE-CHANCELLOR KNIGHT BRUCE, at Westminster.

Carlisle o. Morris 1 (E, F D,

pt. hd.) 3rd C D, Easter T. Same v. Same į C ) Monday .... Jan. 11 Motions and Causes.

Churchman v. Capon (FD, C, Bowden o. Avery
S (General Petition-day).-Petitions and
Tuesday........ 12

part heard) 3rd CD, Easter Att.-Gen. v. East Ret-


ford Wednesday ..... 13 Bankrupt Petitions.

Hargrave v. Hargrave (F D, Same v. Mould Thursday

14 ) Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, C) 3rd C D, Easter Term Same v. Parker Friday ..... 15 and Further Directions.

Augаrand v. Parry (pt. heard) Trotter v. Walmsley Saturday ... 16 Short Causes and Ditto.

3rd CD

Att.-Gen. v. Wright (FD, C) Monday....

18 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Lord Nelson o. Lord Bridport Same v. Same (Supplem. bill) 19 and Further Directions.

(F D, C, Ptn)

Att.-Gen. v. Corporation of Wednesday 20 Bankrupt Petitions and Ditto.

Barnes v. Hastings

1 Leicester (F D, C) 21 Motions and Causes.

Clark v. Chuck 3rd CD Kirton v. Lyne (F D, C) 22 (Petition-day).-Petitions and Causes. Bagshaw v. Parker 12 Brown v. Selby Saturday ... 23 Short Causes and Causes.

Same v. Same

Att.-Gen. v. Gibbs (F D, C) Monday... 25 7 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Hamilton v. Samler

Gordon o. Abdy (F D, C) 26 and Further Directions.

Samler v. Hamilton

Mason o. Upton Wednesday 27 Bankrupt Petitions and Ditto.

Howard v. Howard

Baker v. Baylden Thursday ...... 28 Motions and Causes.

Att.-Gen. v. Magdalen Col. Same 9. Addey ) Friday ......... 29 (Petition-day).- Petitions and Causes.

lege, Oxford

Webb v. Earl Shaftesbury) Saturday ....... 30 30 Short Causes and Causes.

Feistel v. King's College Earl Shaftesbury v. Ar- | Monday .... Feb. 1 Motions and Causes.

Allfree v. Allfree

rowsmith Same v. Same

Same o. Ponsonby

Willis v. Douglas (part heard) Ponsonby v. Same Before VICE-CHANCELLOR WIGRAM, at Westminster.

Baker v. Gibson (F D, C, Same v. Graham Monday .... Jan. 11 Motions and Causes.

Same v. Pearson M) Same v. Ponsonby Tuesday ........ 12

Oasely v. Anstruther (E, 3 Same o. Same 13 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, sets, F D, C)

Same o. Lord Kinnaird and Further Directions.

Hubbard v. Young (FD.C.

Same v. Same Friday ......

Drewry v. Davies

Same v. Baron de Mauley J

Ptn) 16 S Short Causes, Cause Petitions, (unop


Same v. Drewry Saturday

F ) Coombes v. Stewart posed first), and Causes.

Stratford v. Retson (FD, C)

Att.-Gen. v. Day LFD. Monday........ 10 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Woods v. Wood (Ptn) So, Śh Same v. Johnson (PD) Tuesday.....

Stourton 0. Jerningham and Further Directions.

To Lord Mostyn v. Spencer ? Wednesday

present petition

Same v. Same Thursday 21° Motions and Ditto.

Kendall v. Granger

Att.-Gen. v. Curtis S Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Samel v. Same (FDC) Barton v. Mills (F D, C) Friday wl and Further Directions.

Same o. Carthew J

Peters v. Peters
Short Causes, Cause Petitions, (unop Thompson o. Clive

MFarlane 0. 7
w posed first), and Causes.

Pole v. Wakeman

M'Farlane (FD, C) Monday........ 20 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Hills v. Nash

Same v. Weshart Tuesday....

Elderton v. Lock

Lane v. Hardwickel and Further Directions. Wednesday

Att.-Gen. o. Churchill Same v. Goodyear 28° Motions and Ditto.

Williams v. Griffiths

Skipper v. King
Friday .........
20 S Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Counsel v. Ward

Lee v. Lockhart
I and Further Directions.

Perring v. Ward 5

Wild v. Same o Š Short Causes, Cause Petitions, (unopSaturday .....

Pooley v. Majoribanks Lee v. Hardy 09 posed first), and Causes.

Same v. Walbrook

Wild v. Same (F D, C) Monday .... Feb. 1 Motions and Causes.

Madeley 0. Harborne

Same v. Dawson
Richardson o. Hastings Same v. Longton

Wheatley v. Wheatley Same o. Thexton j
EQUITY CAUSE LISTS, HILARY TERM, 1847. | Kilner v. Leach Lan

Kilner v. Day (F D, C) ***


Turner v. Hudson
The following abbreviations have been adopted to

Same v. Same

Fearenside o. Fearne abridge the space the Cause Papers would otherwise have occu

Same v. Scott

Same o. Kynaston pied: A. Abated-Adj. Adjourned-A. T. After Term-Ap.

Lautour v. Majoribanks / Appeal-C. D. Cause Day-C. Costs—D. Demurrer-E.E. | Same v. Greatwick ceptions-F. D. Further Directions-M. Motion-P. C. Pro

Gardler v. Gardler (F D, C) Same v. Lautours

Pattison v. Hawkesworth Blagrave v. Blagrave Confesso--Pl. Plea-Ptn. Petition-R. Re-hearing-S. O.

Cossens v. Green

Same o. Same Stand Over-Sh. Short.

Plestow v. Cornbloom

Dowding v. Bartley
Bolls Court.

Kerr v. Gillespie

Same o. Same
Fryer v. Andrews

Same v. Same

Fussell v. Same (FDC) Hicks o. Lord Alvanley (PI) Dean of Ely v. Gayford (6 Pls) Same v. Same }

Same v. Dowding

Ward v. Same

Same v. Bartley
Ottley o. Gray (Cause) Puredes v. Lazardi (PI) Fortnium o. Shackel

Same o. Dowding J


Wednesday ..."
Thursday .....


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27 /


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Surrey ......

Watson o. Davis

Smith v. Earl Effingham (F) Lond.-Brown o. De Winton Surrey.--Collins o. Newstead Same o. Chester D, C)

Heartley 0. Cum- , King o. Norman Thorp v. Harvey Same v. Same Suppl. suit J


Couling r. Coxe Lubbock o. Chapman (F D, I Pares v. Miles (F D, C)

Same v. Same Livpl.–Tuckey o. Hawkins Same v. Lubbock C) Jennings v. Mules (F D, C)

Baker v. Plaskett , Winch v. Hamilton Wilkinson v. Charlesworth (F Norris v. Faint la

Phillips v. Nairne Newcas.-Lambert v. Knill D, C) Tween v. Samen

Von Nelle v. Higgs Devon.-Young o. Grove Mollett v. Wacker. Corn.-Ricketts v. Bennett barth

, Doe d. Lord v. Crago Court of Queen's Bench.

Angle v. Gilpin , Coode o. Cayzer CROWN PAPER, HILARY TERM, 1847.

Maxey v. Thomas Derby.-Core v. Glue For Saturday, Jan. 16.

Berks.- Pryce v. Belcher

Same o. Saint Yorkshire .... Ryalls o. Reg. (in error).

Essex.--Daines v. Heath

Same o. Monsley Kent.-Barker v. Stead

Batho o. Batthyany Surrey ....... Reg. o. Inhabitants of Crondall, Hants, (part 1

Surrey.--Dawson v. Morrison Warw.–Valpey o. Sanders heard).

Stead v. Anderson „ Tunnicliff v. Tedd
Middlesex .... - Westbrook & ors.
Carnarvonshire Churchwardens, &c. of Bangor.
Middlesex ....
Inhabitants of St. Anne, Westminster.

Same ........

To 5th Day. Ricketts v. Bowhay
Worcestershire Inhabitants of St. Peter, Droitwich.

Newton v. Boodle

Same o. Same
London ......
In the matter of Sir G. Ste-

To 6th Day.
Devonshire ...
Inhabitants of East Stonehouse.

phen, Knt.

| Matthews v. Leapingwell Same ........

Inhabs. of Widecomb-in-the-Moor.
England...... South-eastern Railway Company.
Inhabitants of Mendham.

Ely .........
Inhabitants of Blackburn.

Friday, Jan. 15. Cundell v. Dawson
Carnarvonshire Churchwardens of Bangor.

Whitting o. Des Anges & an. | Joll v. Viscount Carzon Kent ........ Everest.

Jenkinson & an. v. Raphael Hollier v. Laurie & an. Yorkshire .... Inhabitants of Marton-cum-Grafton. Dixon, jun. v. Clark

Battershell v. Bishop of WinDevonshire ... Inhabitants of Landkey.

Clark v. Allatt

chester Buckinghamsh. Great Western Railway Company. Ablett v. Clarke

Ring & ors. 0. Newman
Same ........

West o. Nibbs
Inhabitants of Clixby.

Scott o. Berkley

Wednesday, Jan. 20. Bolton Shipperbottom.

Chadwick v. Herapath

Fearne o. Cochrane
Churchwardens of St. George the Mar. Francis v. Dodsworth

Capel o. Jones
tyr, Southwark.

Richardson v. Tubbs

Hunt o. Shaw
Same ........

Crompe v. Hunter

Nye o. Roach Monmouthshire Inhabitants of Hartbury.

Webb o. Hurrell

Webb o. Hurrell Gloucestershire

Collins. Dorsetshire ...

Inhabitants of Halesowen. Lancashire.... - Overseers of the Poor of the townships

CUR. ADV. VULT. in the Oldham Union.

Patterson v. Holland, (to stand | Nias v. Davies Yorkshire .... - Justices of the West Riding.

over till the sci. fa. in Q. | Boyson o. Gibson Somersetshire.. - Richardson.

B. is disposed of)

Doe d. Phillips o. Rollings London ...... Douglass.

Roberts v. Gruneisen

Brown o. Mallett 'Warwickshire Phillips & an.

Rich o. Basterfield

Ireland . Thomson
Gloucestershire - Inhabitants of Alderley.

Doe d. Harrison o. Hampson Clark v. Smith
Lancashire.... Grimshaw.
Carnarvonshire - Inhabitants of Rhosecolyn.


Inhabitants of Shalford.
Surrey ......
Inhabitants of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, | No. County.

Appellant. Respondent.

5. Monmouth .......... Woollett .... Davies Middlesex ....

Inhabs. of St. George, Bloomsbury. 12. Worcester, City of .. Waters...... Lippitt & others Yorkshire ... Inhabitants of Stainforth.

14. London ............ Price ...... Luckett Cornwall ... - Inhabitants of Mylor.

Holste ......Ditto

Inhabitants of St. Clement's Danes. 16. Worcester, City of .. Bedford .... Ings
Cheshire ...
Inhabitants of Dukinfield.

17. Brecon, Borough of .. Powell ...... Price
Inhabitants of Leeds.

18. Nottinghams. (North) Ackroyd .... Lees Middlesex .... Belton.

19. Bewdley, Borough of Allen ...... Greensill Same ........ Saffrey.

20. Cumberland ........ Elliot ...... St. Mary Within Same'........ Myers.

(Overseers) Buckinghamsh. Churchwardens of Ashe.

21. Westminster, City of . Barry ...... Score Middlesex .... Inhabitants of Hammersmith.

22. Newport, Borough of Cheshire ..... Thompson.

Isle of Wight .... Pring ...... Estcourt Liverpool .... Same.

23. Monmouth, County of Wanklyn .... Woollett Cheshire .....

Staffordshire .. Keen.
Carnarvonshire Inhabitants of Holywell.

Court of Grchequer.
Cornwall .....

Worcestershire Commissioners of the Town of Dudley.


Nisi Prius. us Peremptory Paper Monday .. Jan. 11

"U after Motions S Court of Common Pleas.

Tuesday ...... 12 Do. before Motions Midd. Ist Sitting

Wednesday.... 13

Thursday ..... 14 Circuits chosen
TRINITY TERM, 1846. Midd.-Parsons v. Sexton Friday ....... 15 .........
Midd.-Lane v. Dixon

Wotner v. Sharp Saturday ..... 16 Mich. TERM, 1846.

Parratt v. Blunt Monday ...... 18 Special Paper London Ist Sitting Midd.-Pater v. Baker

Elderton v. Emmens Tuesday ...... 19 Errors
Cameron v. Winch
Shaw v. Clarkson Wednesday .. 20 Special Paper

Midd. 2nd Sitting



[blocks in formation]

| Holford v. Body-Sp. C. Potter & ors. v. Cyton-D.

Carter v. Flower-D.
Jones v. Jones-D.

Duke v. Dive-D.
Evans v. Upshur-Sp. C. Galsworthy v. Strutt-D.
Wright v. Webb-D. (Part Hammond v. Peacock-Sp.C.

heard 5th Dec. 1846). Shuttleworth v. Williamson-
De Beauvoir o. Rushout-D. | D.
Washbourn v. Burrows—D. | Hills v. Kitching-D.
Bromage o. Lloyd-D. Harris v. Wall-Sp. C.
Forster v. Becke-D. Goode v. Burton-D.

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For JODGMENT. | Bala.-Doe d. Cadwallader v.

Court of Queen's Bench.
Moved Easter Term, 1846.

Liverp. - Omerod v. Chad-Ruthin. - Doe d. Hall o.



1st sitting .. Tuesday .. Jan. 12, and two following days, at 11. Chester-Pott o. Clegg Berks. Owen v. De Beauvoir

| 2nd ditto .. Friday ....... 15, and subsequent days, at 11. Worcest.-Bellamy o. Burch FOR ARGUMENT.

3rd ditto .. Friday ....... 29, at half-past 9 precisely (for

Nash v. Hemming Moved Easter Term, 1846.

undefended causes only). in Moore v. Gardner Chester-Chamberlainev. The Hereford.—Jones v. Jones

After Term.—Tuesday, Feb. 2.
Chester and Bir- | Monmouth.-Rees v. Prothero! A list of such remanets as appear fit to be tried in term will

kenhead Rail. Co. Gloucst.-Townshendo. Syms be printed immediately ; but on the statement of either side Moved Mich. Term, 1846.

Doe d. Wood v. that a cause is too long to be tried in term, it will be withMidd.—Richardson v. Doyle

drawn from such list, provided the other side have two days'

Clark o. Bell

Lincoln.-Burnby o. Rollitt notice of the application at the Marshal's to postpone, and do
Ellaby v. Saunders

, Stockdale v. Mer | not oppose the application on good grounds. The usual numBurton v. Revell


ber of completed and new causes will be put into the list day

by day in their usual order.
Welby v. Brown

Derby.--Harrison v. Heaton
Lond. Samuel v. Robinson
Frost v. Stanly

LONDON.-In Term.
Dixon v. Westlake
Warwk.-Sturge v. Hall

Sitting at 10, on Saturday, Jan. 30, for undefended causes,
May v. Chapman

Goodwin v. Fisher Lana

her and such as the judge considers fit to be taken. Rivitt v. Wood

York.-Skelbeck v. V. Vyver

Wingfield v. Marston Maidst.-Brown v. Troup

After Term.-Wednesday, Feb. 3, to adjourn. Guildfd.-Wright v. Webb

Shaw v. Rowley , Bailey v. Stevenson

Durham-Webb v. Watts
Bedfd.-Henshaw v. Moreton
Livrp.-Humberston v. Jones

Court of Common Pleas.
Devizes.-Robertson v. Gant-
Schuster v. Cooper

In Term.
, Haynesv.Butterworth

Exeter.-Carlile v. Mander

Sleddon v. Dixon

Friday .. .. .. .. .. .. Jan. 15 Wednesday ........ Jan. 20 Phesey v. Vicary y Smith v. Fisher

Friday ................ 22 Wednesday ............ 27 Wells. -Doe d. Welch & ors. | Moved after the fourth day of 0. Langfield Mich. Term, 1846.

After Term. Payne v. Hayne | Midd.-Meredith v. Holman Tuesday .......... Feb. 2 | Wednesday ........ Feb. 3 Bristol. Doe d. Chidgey u. "

Same v. Same

The court will sit at ten o'clock in the forenoon on each of Harris , Ivemey v. Marks the days in term, and at half-past nine precisely on each of the

days after term.

The causes in the list for each of the above sitting days in PEREMPTORY PAPER.

term, if not disposed of on those days, will be tried by adjournTo be called on the first Day of Term after the Motions, and

ment on the days following each of such sitting days. to be proceeded with the next Day, if necessary, before

On Wednesday, the 3rd February, in London, no causes will Motions.

be tried, but the court will adjourn to a future day. Dawson o. Waite

Smith v. Temperley
Boyd o. Podmore
Dawson v. Molyneux

@rchequer of Pleas. Same v. Booth

Van Putten v. Ruyssenaers
Same v. Maddocks
Duncan o. Wright

In Term.
Doe d. Fox v. Bagshaw
Peters v. Dobson


LONDON. Rees v. Waters

1st sitting, Tuesday .. Jan. 12 | 1st sitting, Monday ..Jan. 18 2nd sitting, Wednesday .. 20 | 2nd sitting, Monday ..... 25

3rd sitting, Tuesday ..... 26 |

After Term.


Tuesday ........... Feb. 2 | Wednesday ......... Feb. 3 Duncan o. Benson-D. Griffiths v. Pike-D.

(To adjourn only). (Heard 2nd June, 1845). (To stand over until sp. case. The court will sit in Middlesex, at Nisi Prius, in term, by Ashley v. Pratt-Sp. C.


| adjournment, from day to day, until the causes entered for the (Heard 27th April, 1846). Chilton v. The London and

| respective Middlesex Sittings are disposed of. Monypenny o. Dering—S. C. | Croydon Railway Co.-D.

The court will sit, during and after term, at ten o'clock. (Heard 5th May, 1846). | (Part heard 27th Nov. 1846). Pardoe o. Price-Sp. C. Spry v. Gallop-Sp. C. (Heard 27th May, 1846). Price 0. The Great Western

MASTERS IN CHANCERY,—The Lord Chancellor has

Railway Co.-Sp. C. Pilkington o. Cooke-D.

(Heard 3rd July, 1846). Brown v. Byers-Sp. C. appointed the following gentlemen Masters ExtraordiHaigh v. Jaggar—D. | Hamett o. Maitland-D. (Part nary in the high Court of Chancery :-John Musgrave,

(Heard 18th Nov. 1846). heard 28th Nov. 1846) of Whitehaven, Cumberland; Charles Bishop, LlanPrice, sen. o. Price, jun.-D. | Doe d. Knight v. Chaffey, jun. dovery, Carmarthenshire; John Sanderson, Liverpool; (Heard 5th Dec. 1846). 1 -Sp. c.

| John Lane the younger, Stratford-upon-Avon.

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London Gazettes.

Hen. Flower, Barge-yard-chambers, Bucklersbury, London, and Regent-sq., St. Pancras, Middlesex, bookseller, Jan. 27

at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-W. Griffiths, TUESDAY, JANUARY 5.

Great Malvern, Worcestershire, draper, Feb. 9 at 12, District BANKRUPTS,

Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac. and div.-Hen.

J. Palmer, Wantage, Berkshire, grocer, Jap. 28 at 12, Court MATTHEW CHRONE JOHNSTONE, Lamb's Conduit.

of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Thos. Thompson, Brighton, st., Middlesex, draper, dealer and chapman, Jan. 14 at 1, Suss

Sussex, grocer, Jan. 26 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, and Feb. 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off, Ass.

div.-John Rumsey, Dean-street, Shadwell, Middleser, glue Graham ; Sols. Sole & Turner, Aldermanbury.- Fiat dated

piece maker, Jan. 27 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, Dec. 16.

div.-Stephen Unwin the elder, Fisher Unwin, and Stephen WILLIAM RICHARDS, Old-street, Middlesex, retailer of

| Unwin the younger, Coggeshall, Essex, woolstaplers, Jan. 28 beer, Jan, 13 at 12, and Feb. 4 at half-past 12, Court of

at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div. Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Green ; Sols. Palmer & Co., Bedford-row. Fiat dated Dec. 29.

CERTIFICATES. EDMUND SNOWDEN, Alton, Southampton, painter,

To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on tke plumber, and glazier, Jan. 14 at half-past 1, and Feb. 13 at

Day of Meeting. 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Follett ; Sols. Neville Smith, Fleet-street, London, printer, Jan. 27 at Prickett, Oldham ; Bridger & Co., London-wall. — Fiat 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. Elliott, Petworth, dated Dec. 31.

Sussex, corn merchant, Jan. 21 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, JOHN TERRY, Wych-st., Strand, Middlesex, licensed vic, London.-H. Flower, Barge-yard-chambers, Bucklersbury,

tualler, Jan. 14 at half-past 12, and Feb. 18 at 1, Court of London, and Regent-square, St. Pancras, Middlesex, book. Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Johnson; Sol. Taylor, seller, Jan. 27 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. John H. Moorgate-street.-Fiat dated Jan. 4.

Bedford, Bristol, artists' colourman, Jan. 28 at 11, District JOHN DAVIS, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, hosier and Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-Thomas Little, Kingston.

haberdasher, Jan. 18 at 12, and Feb. 16 at 11, District Court upon-Hull, tobacco manufacturer, Jan. 27 at 10, District of Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Hutton; Sols. Chandler Court of Bankruptcy, Kingston upon-Hull.-John Brown, & Badham, Tewkesbury; Peters & Abbot, Bristol.--Fiat Bubwith, near Howden, and T. Brown, Newport, Eastrington, dated Dec. 31.

both in Yorkshire, brick makers, Jan. 27 at 10, District Court HENRY GREEN, Birmingham, button manufacturer, Jan. 9 ) of Bankruptcy, Kingston-upon-Hull.-Rich. Cripps Lloyda,

and Jan. 30 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bir- | Liverpool, painter, Jan. 26 at 11, District Court of Bankmingham : Off. Ass. Valpy; Sol. Harding, Birmingham.- ruptcy, Liverpool.- Joseph Howard Freeman, Birmingham, Fiat dated Dec. 17. .

builder, Jan. 27 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bir. MEETINGS.

mingham, Wm. Guy Boucher, Stepney-green, Middlesex, merchant,

To be allowed by the Court of Review in Bankruptcy, unler Jan. 18 at ii, Court of Bankruptcy, London, ch. ass.-Ed. Cause be shewn to the contrary on or before Jan. 26. Boult, Isleworth, Middlesex, grocer. Jan. 19 at 11, Court of Henry Charles, Manchester, commission agent.-Thos. D. Bankruptcy, London, last ex. -Ed. Hopewell and Anthony Weaver, Liverpool, ship broker.-Rich, Foulkes, Soughton, Thacker, Leadenhall-st., London, outfitters, Jan. 12 at 12, Northop, Flintshire, cattle salesman.-E. Williams, Northop, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex. ; Jan. 27 at 1, aud. ac. Flintshire, draper.--Henry Liptrot, Wrexham, Denbighshire, -Ed. Garbett, Skinner's-place, Sise-lane, London, banker, bootmaker.—John Birch, Kingston-upon-Hull, tailor. --Thos. Jan. 20 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.-Chas. Hutchinson, Sunderland and Wingate, Durham, tea dealer.Jungmichel, Austin-friars, London, merchant, Jan. 21 at 12, Samuel Roden, Wellington, Shropshire, retail brewer. ---ITEG. Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.-Wm. Sutcliffe, Law Both Stacy, Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, London, warehouse. rence-lane, London, warehouseman, Jan. 27 at half-past 11, man.-John Teasel, Norwich, carpenter. Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. - Wm. Þannell,

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. High-street, Poplar, Middlesex, grocer and cheesemonger,

Richard Wilson and Edw. Turnbull, Hartlepool, Durham, Jan. 28 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.

attornies at law and solicitors in Chancery.-Fred. J. Walthew George Augustus Cavendish, Church-end, Finchley, Middle.

and Rich. Walthew, Furnival's-inn, London, solicitors.-Ti. sex, clerk in the employ of army agents, Jan. 28 at 11, Court

Ferrand Dearden and J. Molesworth, Rochdale, Lancashire, of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-Hen. Browne, Ferdinand

attornies at law, solicitors, and conveyancers. terrace, Hampstead-road, Middlesex, surgeon, Jan. 28 at half

Scotch SEQUESTRATIONS. past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-Henry Woolcott, Museum-st., Bloomsbury, Middlesex, fringe ma

Wm. Clarke, Dundee, tea merchant.-John Thomson, In nufacturer, Jan. 28 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud.

verness, accountant.--Robert Hendry, Paisley, grocer.- Peter ac.-James Harris, Leadenhall-market, London, butcher,

Stirling, Glasgow, surgeon.-Wm. Noble, junior, Laswade, Jan. 28 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.

candle maker.-Wm. Lauder and John Lauder, Edinburgh, Thos. L. Powell, Romsey, Hampshire, cabinet maker, Jan.

leather manufacturers. 29 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-James

INSOLVENT DEBTORS Plumley, Reading, Berkshire, stone mason, Jan. 27 at 12, Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-William Hodges, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection fros Kingsgate-st., Holborn, Middlesex, cloth worker, Jan. 26 at Process. 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.—Thos. Brad. John Marchant Wilkins, Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, bridge, Wardour-st., Soho, Middlesex, cheesemonger, Jan. 27 shoemaker, Jan. 15 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bris. at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. tol. - George Dacombe, Walcot, Somersetshire, carpenter, Geo. England, Brimscombe, Minchinhampton, Gloucester Jan. 21 at half-past 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.

Aire, clothier, and basinghall-st.,, London, cloth factor, Feb. - Thomas Fletcher the younger, Wavertree, near Liverpool, 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.; in no business, Jan. 13 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Feb, 4 at 11, div.-Rich. W. Openshaw, Prestwich, Prest- Liverpool.-Jesse Hardy, Hulme, Manchester, timber dealer, wich-cum-Oldham, Lancashire, common brewer, Jan, 28 at Jan. 15 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester.12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac. - William Lewis, Staunton-upon-Arrow, Herefordshire, farmer, Jane Wright, widow, Manchester, licensed victualler, Jan. 28 Jan. 12 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham. at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.-- George Taverner, Exeter, butcher, Jan. 14 at 1, District Court Wm. E. Oldham, Manchester, commission agent, Jan. 28 at of Bankruptcy, Exeter. 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, agd. ac.Thos. Marsh, Camomile-st., Bishopsgate-st., London, cabinet

Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee

the Estates and Effects of the following Persons: manufacturer, Jan. 28 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.--Wm. Bonella, Pollard's-row, Bethnal-green, Mid

Wednesday, Dec. 30. dlesex, out of business, Jan. 28 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy,

(On their own Petitions). London, aud. ac.-Rich. Staning, Fetter-lane, London, sur. Henry Harris, Hendre-road, Old Kent-road, Surrey, dealer geon, Jan. 28 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-'in hay: in the Queen's Prison.-Joseph Bennett, Hackney

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