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WORDS OF ONE SYLLABLE. 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 add dart grain Jack mane pain soft / veal boor dirt gain joke / mart part six


book art dusk grate

mine point

vane cook desk green

moan proud soon vent look axe gone

moon pride | swan vow leer buy earth hoist


none proof tart who mood bite I ell hurt

hurt / keel | need pound test whom meek born elk heave key

noon pint

toast whose peep burn eel hall know nut port toad want rook black ease high knot nod

time wise seek cares from


rain tone week seed cars

fine ink learn oil roan tome worse took cart fear ice like owl ripe treat woke teem cane

| fair , ides less I off real tread youth teen come fond isle | least ope roll teaze young veer

SECOND READING LESSON. Know you not. A soft rain. A black rook. A meek look. Who are you? A good cart. A long mane. Call the cook. Get the key. A ripe nut. Are you hurt? Come to tea. I want my kite. Add a pound. See the grate. Do not hurt the cat. Take care of the fire. Heave the ball high. A pound of pork. Will you eat some ?

God made the sky so blue and high.


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WORDS OF ONE SYLLABLE. 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 21 sheep bread beans


chin horse buns. peas cap clogs

teeth mare cakes


cloak shoes mouth COW meat eggs coat boots cheeks mor calf beef


frock l thread lips pig

cream smock silk hair mule veal cheese gown wool back lark lamb curds slip down breast eat dove fowl whey frill head thighs

drin duck fish salt lace hands

Wea goose trout sweet cuff


feet use cock eels sour

eyes walk hen plaice

tart muff nose run was crow cod 1 nice shirt toes stand lost

THIRD READING LESSON. The sheep gives wool. The horse is swift. Pigs gru Cows give us milk. Milk forms cream. Cream is nice. Bre is good. The lark sings. The duck swims. The cock crot A chick is a young fowl. Peas and beans are nice. I like cu and whey. A muff is warm. Shoes keep our toes warm. In run, or walk, or stand, or sit. I like to eat and drink nice thing God gives us all good things. Thank God, for He is good.

God grant that I may fear to lie.

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28 29 30 bench floor stool spoon hail tide beam porch


sea floor door

dish frost hearth hall chest cup dew rock stairs vault clock pint mist weed safe fire cloth


grass wood heat broom east land

corn stone grate

brush west rock wheat brick range lamp north brook hops lime stove plate


oats slate tongs fork wind


rice paint

chair knife rain stream rye

FOURTH READING LESSON. Go to the door. Down the stairs. Get the wood. Lay it on the stove. Light the fire. It will warm us. It is cold out of the room. The wind blows from the east. Snow falls. The ea is rough. Put on the coal with the tongs. Keep your bands clean. Do not let the coal fall on the floor. Take care of the fire, or it may burn the house. Now boil the rice. It is rood with milk. Sit on the stool, and eat your food. Thank God for it. Use the spoon. Take care of the knife. Lay it by he side of the fork. Do not eat too much. It will hurt you. Look at the clock. It is time to read your book.

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32 33 | 34 35 36 37 a-base ac-cess ad-just af-ter at-tach | a-wake a-bate ac-cord ad-inire a-las at-tack a-ward ab-hor ac-cost ad-mit a-larm at-tempt a-ware ab-jure ac-cuse ad-verse al-lude at-tend 1 | ba-con a-bound a-cute ad-vise al-lure at-test bad-ge a-bove a-cor

af-fect | al-mond at-tire | bag-99 ab-sent ac-quire af-flict a-tone at-tract

bag-pi ab-solve ad-der | af-ford | al-so I a-venge | ba-ker

FIFTH READING LESSON. Ab-hor that which is wrong. God dwells a-bove the sk When you ac-cost a friend, do not be rude. Ac-quire kir ways. Be of good ad-dress. Let good men ad-vise you. I not af-front any one. Al-ter that which is bad. Af-ter ve a-wake, pray, and say A-men. At-tend to your books. Ker your at-tire clean. Do not a-venge a wrong. If you are goo men will a-ward you praise. Have you heard a-nyone pla on the bag-pipe ? Did you e-ver see an a-corn? It grows ( the oak. The al-mond is a nice nut. It al-so grows on a tre If you climb up a tree you may take af-fright, and fall dowi Do not ab-sent your-self from school to climb trees.

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