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WORDS OF TWO SYLLABLES. 50 | 51 | 52 | 53 | 54 55 lar-ling de-luge di-rect di-vert doe-tor em-balm daz-zle de-mand dis-card di-vest doc-trine em-bers de-base | de-vise dis-cern di-vide dol-phin | em-brace de-bate de-vote dis-claim di-vine do-zen em-pire de-clare dic-tate dis-close de-vont du-ty emp-ty de-fame dif-fer dis-cord de-vote E-clipse en-camp de-fence dif-fuse | dis-count de-tain le-dict en-due de-fine di-gest dis-creet de-tract ef-fect en-dure de-light di-gress dis-use | de-note | ef-fort 1 en-gage

EIGHTH READING LESSON. The ways of the bad daz-zle the weak, and de-base those who fol-low tliem. De-fame no one, but de-vote your time to good works. Be dis-creet, and a-void the wick-ed. De-bate not with them up-on that which is e-vil, but do your du-ty to man and to God. Their ways are full of dis-cord. Dis-cern good from e-vil, and dis-card that which is bad. En-gage in learn-ing. Make a great ef-fort to be-come wise and good. Then you will dif-fuse joy a-round you. If bad men try to de-lude you, heed them not. Dis-claim them, or they will de-base you.

Why should I hurt a poor fly.

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56 157 158 159 160 161 en-grave en-try e-vil lex-ert le

ex-port fal-con en-grossen-vy ex-act ex-hort ex-pose fal-ter en-hance er-rand ex-alt ex-ile | ex-press | fa-mine en-large er-ror ex-cel ex-ist ex-tent | fa-mish en-sign | e-scape l ex-cept | ex-pand ex-tinct | far-thing

ELEVENTH READING LESSON. Good books en-large our minds. En-ter school glad-ly, and give your en-tire mind to your du-ties. If bad boys en-tice you a-way, do not con-sent. When you go on an er-rand, make haste. If you try, you will ex-cel, and by the ad-vice of your friends you will e-scape er-ror. Bad boys grow up to be bad men: they do wrong, for which there is no ex-cuse; and then they are brought to ac-count, and sent from their homes in-to ex-ile as fe-lons. Do not eat or drink to ex-cess. Be ex-act in your ways. En-vy no one, but try to en-hance the good of all. Lis-ten to the words of your fa-ther. Do not ex-pose your-self to cold and wet. Ex-ert your-self to do good, and be al-ways glad when you suc-ceed.

Little child be always mild.

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