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68 169 170 171 172 in-come in-sist ken-nel lan-tern lob-by man-né in-duce in-stinct ker-chief | lat-ter lo-cust ma-nui in-dulge in struct kin-dle lat-tice lof-ty mar-bl in-fant in-sult king-dom les-son | Lon-don mar-ket in-flict in-trude lad-der let-ter lau-rel mas-ter in-form Ja-pan | la-dle let-tuce ma-dam mer-cy in-fringe jin-gle | la-dy li-ar ma-lice mer-cha

THIRTEENTH READING LESSON. Let me in-duce you to be good. Do not in-dulge in fol-ly Be al-ways joy-ful, but do not in-trude. Lad-ders are use-fi to get to high parts. You should not be a li-ar: that is dread-fit But you should love truth al-ways. Do not lose a mi-nute ( time: it can-not be brought back. Lon-don is a large ci-tythe lar-gest in the king-dom. Look at the land-scape-see th hills and dales, the sheep and cows, the trees and shrubs—the are love-ly. Love your kin-dred; that is, all man-kind. In-sul no one. Do not in-flict pain up-on a-ny one. Love jus-tic and mer-cy. A-void ma-lice. Lis-ten to those who wish to in-struct you. Learn your les-son glad-ly. Show a kind man-ner. When you learn to write, you shall send a let-ter.

In truth be strong, nor love the wrong.

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86 87 88 89 90 91 sa-tin ser-vant sin-ner suc-Oess sup-ply | tar-get sa-vage ser-vice sis-ter Suid-den sup-pose tar-nish Sax-on ser-vile so-ber suf-fer sur-face tat-ter se-cond se-ven so-lace suf-fice sur-plice tem-per se-cret sex-ton so-lemn su-garsus-pect tem-pest se-cure si-lence so-lid sul-len table tem-ple sel-dom sil-ver sor-ry sum-mer ta-lent ten-der sen-tence sim-per sub-due sun-der | tam-per ter-ror ser-mon

sin-cere sub-mit | sup-per tan-ner till-age ser-pent | sin-gle | sub-sist | sup-plant| ta-per l tim-ber

SIXTEENTH READING LESSON. When you hear a ser-mon on the Sab-bath re-gard what is said. There are se-ven days in the week. The church is a so-lemn place. Sub-due e-vil thoughts when at church or cha-pel. Do not make fun of the sex-ton; he is an old man. Be kind to him, for he has laid ma-ny in their graves, and is fast go-ing to the grave him-self. Do not rat-tle in the church and make a noise, nor sim-per and be sil-ly. But keep si-lence that all may hear. If you do not sub-mit to this rule, all will re-prove you, and you will feel re-morse. Love your sis-ter; take care of her, and be a so-lace to her. Take care to walk in the sum-mer, and do not climb a-bout and tear your clothes in tat-ters.

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