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How sweet to hear the Bible read-It teaches what the Saviour said.


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NINETEENTH READING LESSON. When you ven-ture in-to the woods, take care of the snakes, or they may sting you with their ve-nom. Lis-ten to the words of your tu-tor, who teach-es you good things. As you get on you will know much. You will learn a-bout ves-sels. You will be told that they sail up-on the sea, and you will learn of the dis-tant lands to which they go. This will be ve-ry pleas-ing. You would like to vi-sit these lands, and you may do so when you are grown up. Love vir-tue. Do not be un-just. Do not take um-brage when you are told of your faults, and think those who tell you of them un-kind. You should be glad that you are un-der a good tu-tor. The tu-lip is a pret-ty flow-er. The tur-nip is good for food; so al-so is the tur-tle.

And all therein proceed from Him.

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clat-ter dra-gon flu-ent bless-ing | brit-tle | chat-ter cra-dle dra-per Au-id blos-som bro-ther cher-ry | cre-dit drug-get flat-ter blus-tercham-ber cler-gy crim-son drum-mer fri-gate brace-let chan-nel clo-ver c ru-el fla-gon fro-lic

TWENTY-FIRST READING LESSON. The blan-ket keeps us warm; it is made of wool. What a bless-ing is a warm blan-ket when the win-ter is cold, and not a blos-som is to be seen up-on the trees. The bram-bles are then with-out leaves, and their stems are dry and brit-tle. Love your bro-ther. Go to wor-ship with him ; find out the chap-ter, and do not chat-ter. See the stars in the sky; there are plen-ty of them. Some are call-ed plan-ets. What glo-ry we be-hold when we look up to the sky. The Lord is the King of Glo-ry, for he made all things. Do not drink strong drink, or you may be-come a drunk-ard. Be fru-gal, and take care of what God has giv-en you. A drunk-ard has no cre-dit; nor has the glut-ton. Be so-ber and ho-nest, and you will pros-per.

Be my delight to know the right.

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