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com-pen-sate com-plete-ly con-jec-ture con-joint-ly con-ni-vance con-sid-er con-sist-ent con-sum-mate con-tem-plate con-tent-ment con-tin-gent con-trac-tor con-trib-ute con-tri-vance con-trol-ler con-vert-er con-vict-ed cor-rect-or cor-ro-sive cor-rupt-ness cos-met-ic cre-a-tor

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NE day James Thomas brought! And what do you think I did ?

a neat little watch-key to Instead of letting any one see my Il school, and handed it to me little key, I went into the garden,

to examine. Then I wished dug a hole, and buried it. to be the owner of it.

After the key had been buried “I'll tell you what I'll do,” said

a few days, my brother and I went he; “if you'll bring me six apples

outpring me, six apples into the garden together, and I you may have this key."

began to dig. By and by I came Pleased at the thought I soon

across the key. made the bargain. I went home.

“Oh, see what I've dug up!” I But how was I to get the apples?

exclaimed; “see what I have found!” I did not like to ask my parents for them ; for they might think it

But when I carried the key into the

house, my parents knew that it foolish for me to trade for a little

could not have been long lost, as it key, which would be of no use.

showed no signs of rust. So I did not tell them of what I was about to do; and, unknown to

“Did you really dig it up ?” they any one besides myself, I went into

inquired. What to do I hardly the cellar and filled my pockets

knew, but I told them that what with apples, and hurried away to

I had said was the truth. the school, where I soon found They thought that some one must James, and settled for the key. recently have dropped it, and said But now I had the key, what

no more. But I did not feel very must I do with it? If I let my happy with my key ; I knew that parents see it, thought I, they will I had obtained it dishonestly. wish to know how I came by it. And thus will all children feel

If I tell them I gave some apples who do wrong, unless they repent, for it, they will certainly know that and are sorry for their faults. I I came by them dishonestly. wish I had not done wrong.

It is better to listen to the wise than to talk with the foolish.

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To-WHIT! to-whit! to-whee!. Why, I have not a chick
Will you listen to me?

That would do such a trick.
Who stole four eggs I laid,
And the nice nest I made?

“We all gave her a feather,

And she wove them together. “Bob-a-link! Bob-a-link!

I would scorn to intrude Now what do you think?

On her and her brood. Who stole my nest away

Cluck! cluck!" said the hen; From the plum-tree to day?” “Do not ask me again.” “Not I,” said the cow; “moo-00! “ Chirr-a-whirr! chirr-a-whirr! Such a thing I never would do. We will make a great stir. I gave you a wisp of hay,

Let us find out his name, But I did not take your nest away.” And all cry, 'For shame!'” “Not I," said the dog; “bow-wow!

“I would not rob a bird,” I would not be so mean, I vow ! Said little Mary Green. I gave the hairs the nest to make, | “I think I never heard But the nest I did not take."

Of any thing so mean.” Not I,” said the sheep, “O no!

“ It is very cruel, too,I would not treat a poor bird so.

Said little Alice Neal. I gave the wool, the nest to line;

“I wonder if he knew But the nest was none of mine."

How bad the bird would feel.” “ Caw! caw!” cried the crow;

| A little boy hung down his head, “ I should very much like to know

| And went and hid behind the bed; What thief stole away A bird's nest to-day.”

For he stole that pretty nest

From the poor little Yellow-breast; “ Cluck! cluck!” said the hen; And he felt so full of shame, Do not ask me again.

He did not like to tell his name. We should never talk but to some good purpose.

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148 A-dop-tion af-flic-tion ag-gres-sion al-le-giance : at-ten-tion at-trac-tion:

Miros: Ca-pa-cious ces-sa-tion col-lec-tion com-mis-sion com-pas-sion com-pul-sion con-ces-sion con-clu-sion con-coc-tion con-fes-sion con-junc-tion con-struc-tion con-ten-tious

Observe, in those words formerly
pronounced in four, but now in three
syllables, that,
tial and cial.. sound like shal
tion, sion, cion, scion like shon
tian, scian, cian . , like shan
tient, cient, scient . like shent
tious, cious, scious. like shous
science, tience . . like shen e
giance . . . . .

like junce
geon . . . . . , like jun

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Make not your sail too large for your ship.

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