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Rules for Admission of Attorneys

1. ADMISSION OF ATTORNEYS: TIME |quiring of each regular class recitation avOF EXAMINATION.—Examinations of ap- eraging at least ten hours a week. If it plicants for admission to the bar will be held be shown by the affidavit of the applicant on the second Tuesday of June and the third that his preceptor is dead, or that for other Tuesday of November each year; provided, satisfactory reasons his certificate cannot however, that the commission may hold ex- be obtained, there may be substituted thereaminations at such other times and at such for the certificate of any member in good places as the commission, or a majority standing of the bar of the county in which thereof, shall deem advisable, applications of the applicant pursued his studies, and who candidates for such examinations being on may be personally cognizant of the facts. file with the clerk of this court as provided


AND QUALIFICATIONS OF APPLICANT. 2. APPLICATION AND SHOWING: CER- - None of the facts required for qualifying TIFICATE OF SPONSORS.—Each applicant an applicant for admission shall be conclufor admission shali, at least four weeks be- sively established by the foregoing proof, but fore the day set for examinations, file with the applicant shall in his application give the clerk of this court a written request, in the names and addresses of at least three (3) his own handwriting and subscribed by him- persons other than those whose certificates self, for admission, together with his per- he presents, of whom inquiry can be made in sonal affidavit, as to his age, residence and regard to the applicant's character and other time and place of study, or admission and qualifications. period of practice in courts of record in an

5. PAYMENT AND DISBURSEMENT other state or a territory, and the certificate OF FEES.—The applicant shall also, with or affidavit of at least two citizens of good his application, deposit with the clerk the standing in the community where the appli- sum of five ($5.00) dollars. The clerk shall cant resides, or formerly resided, that they enter all sums so received in a book or acare well acquainted with him and that he is count kept for that purpose, showing date of good reputation in that community and and name of applicant, and shall pay the that they believe him to be of good moral same out on order of the Chief Justice, in character.

payment of the expenses of such examina3. ADMISSION ON EXAMINATION: tion, and for no other purpose; that is to SHOWING BY APPLICANT AND PRECEP- say, the cost of necessary printing and sta. TOR: EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: tionery; to the clerk for each oath and cerREPUTABLE LAW SCHOOL. Each appli- tificate of admission issued to an applicant, cant for admission upon examination shall, one dollar and fifty cents; to each member in addition to making the showing set out in of the commission conducting the examinarule 2, make proof by his own affidavit, and tion, his necessary traveling expenses, and by the affidavit or certificate of his preceptor for personal expenses while actually engaged or preceptors that he has regularly and at- in the performance of his duties, not exceedtentively studied law under his or their per- ing five dollars per day. The secretary shall sonal direction or supervision in a reputable receive a salary of $50.00 per annum. law school or in the office of a practicing at- 6. ADMISSION FROM ANOTHER STATE torney, or partly in such school and partly OR A TERRITORY.-Any practicing attorin such office, for a period of at least three ney in the courts of record of another state years, at least one year of which office study or a territory, having professional business shall have been passed in a law office in in either the Supreme or district courts of this state; provided, also, that each appli- this state, may, on motion to such court, be cant shall prove either by school, college or admitted for the purpose of transacting such teacher's certificate or diploma or in exam- business, upon taking the required oath. Any ination before the bar commission, that he such attorney having become a resident of has had preliminary education, other than this state, desiring to be admitted to praclegal, equivalent to that involved in the com- tice generally in the courts of this state must pletion of the first three years of a high make his application as required by these school course accredited by the State De- rules and present proof by satisfactory cerpartment of Public Instruction. A reputable tificate that he is a licensed practitioner in law school within the meaning of the act for a court of record of another state or a teradmission to the bar is one having a three ritory where the requirements for admission years' course of study of not less than thir- when he was admitted were equal to those ty-four weeks a year and actually requiring now prescribed in this state, or, that he has for admission to regular class standing a pre- practiced law five full years under license liminary education equivalent to a Nebraska in any state or territory within ten years 7. REGISTRATION AT COMMENCE- it shall commence the examination of apMENT OF STUDY: FORM: FAILURE TO plicants. The method of conducting the exREGISTER: CHANGE OF PRECEPTOR: aminations shall be left to the discretion of FEE.-The clerk of this court shall keep a the commission, it being expected that the register in which every person applying for commission will, in the conduct of such exadmission upon examination as having stud- aminations, and in the investigation of the ied in the office of a practicing attorney in qualifications of applicants, take care that this state, must have registered at the be- no person shall be recommended for admisginning of his term of study, unless good sion who has not in all particulars shown cause, other than ignorance of this rule, sat- himself to be well qualified. isfactory to the commission, be shown to

9. REPORTS.-As soon as practicable, aftthe contrary. Such register shall disclose

er the conclusion of the examination, the the name of the student, his residence and commission shall make a written report to the name and address of the attorney in the court of its conclusion, and all persons whose office he is studying. The application who shall be recommended for admission by for registration shall be in writing and may a majority of the commissioners shall therebe formal or informal. In case of change of preceptor or removal from one office to upon be admitted to practice, on taking the

oath prescribed by law. another, such change must be notified to the clerk, who will note it on the register.

10. REJECTION OF APPLICANT: FURThe clerk may require a fee of fifty cents THER CERTIFICATE.-If an applicant shall from every applicant registered.

be rejected, he shall not again be admitted 8. COMMISSION: APPOINTMENT: DU

to an examination for one year from the TIES.—The court will, on or before the op

time of such rejection, and until he shall file ening of the September term in each year,

a certificate that he has studied law for one appoint a commission composed of five (5) year since his rejection. persons, learned in law, to conduct exam- 11. GRADUATES OF COLLEGES OF inations for the ensuing year. The commis- LAW.-Graduates of the College of Law of sion so appointed shall, prior to the exam- the University of Nebraska and Creighton inations, examine the proofs of qualifications College of Law shall make application and filed in accordance with the foregoing rules, present proofs of qualifications in the same and may make such further investigations as manner as other applicants. If found other. to the qualifications of any applicant as it wise qualified by the commission, they shall shall deem expedient. On the day appointed be admitted without examination.




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.1046 inn.)

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