Origin and History of Manors in the Province of New York and in the County of Westchester


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Contains detailed descriptions of the land and the legal rights of the owners and colonists of the manors from the time they were established until the manors were broken up and sold off. Anyone interested in what everyday life on the manors was like at that time will be find this book to be a very good source of information. Also contains some genealogical information regarding the original owners. 

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Página 82 - To BE HELD of us our Heirs and Successors as of our Manor of East Greenwich in the County of Kent in free and Common Soccage and not in Capite or by Knights Service.
Página 79 - An Act for taking away the Court of wards and liveries and tenures in capite, and by knights service, and purveyance, and for settling a revenue upon his Majesty in lieu thereof...
Página 90 - All lands ; within this State are declared to be allodial, so that, subject only to the liability to escheat, the entire and absolute property is vested in the owners, according to the nature of their respective estates.
Página 156 - CHARLES the Second by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Página 46 - ... so far into the country as the situation of the occupiers will permit...
Página 88 - Baptist, at the instance of the great men of the realm granted, provided, and ordained, that from henceforth it shall be lawful to every freeman to sell at his own pleasure his lands and tenements or part of them, so that the feoffee shall hold the same lands or tenements of the chief lord of the same fee, by such service and customs as his feoffor held before.
Página 78 - Assigns covenant and promise to yield and render unto us our Heirs and Successors of and for the same yearly and every year forty Beaver skins when they shall be demanded or within Ninety days after...
Página 81 - ... this, my lord, that I shall be faithful and true unto you, and faith to you shall bear for the lands which I claim to hold of you, and that I shall lawfully do to you the customs and services which I ought to do, at the terms assigned, so help me God and His saints"; and he shall kiss the book. But he shall not kneel when he maketh his fealty nor shall make such humble reverence as is aforesaid in homage.
Página 105 - You are not to prefer any minister to any ecclesiastical benefice in that our province without a certificate from the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of London, of his being conformable to the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England and of a good life and conversation.

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