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Executive Officers,

Judiciary, . . . . . .

Diplomatic Corps,

Members of the Twenty Second Congress,

Othcers of Congress, -

Governors of States and Territories, .
Statemen of the Funded Debt of the United States, on the 1st of Janu-

ary, 1832, .

Statement of Revenue received through the Customs,

Statement of the value and quantities of Merchandize on which duties ac.

crued during the year 1531 --(consisting of the differences between

articles paying duty imported, and those entitled to draw-back re-ex-

ported): and also of the nett revenue which accrued during the same
period from duties on merchandize, tonnage, light-money-passports and

clearauces, -

Operations of the Land Office, .

Expenditures of the United States for 1831,

Statement of the inoneys received into the Treasury from all sources other

than Customs and Public Lands, for the year 1831, -

Statement of the Commerce of each State and Territory from 1st October,

1830, to 30th September, 1831, - - -

American and Foreign Tonnage entered into and departed from each Dis-

trict, from Sept. 30, 1830, to Sept. 30, 1831, - .

Statistical View of the Commerce of the United States, exhibiting the value

of every description of Imports from, and the value of articles of every

description of exports to, each Foreign country; also the Tonnage of

American and Foreign vessels arriving from and leparting to cach For-

eign country during the year ending on the 20th day of September, 1831,

Statement exhibiting a condensed view of the Tonnage of the several

Districts of the United States on the last day of December, 1830,

Comparative View of the Registered, Eniolled, and Licensed Tonnage of

the United States, from 1815, to 1830, inclusive, . .

Statement of the Number of Vessels, and the amount of Tonnage, which

were built, registered, enrolled and licensed, in each State and Territo-

ry of the United States, during the year ending on the 31st Dec. 1830,

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