Constitution of the Boston Stock Exchange with Rules and Resolutions Adopted by the Governing Committee: Amended to March, 1905

Nathan Sawyer & Son, 1905 - 77 páginas

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Página 74 - Whenever it shall appear to the committee on stock list that the outstanding amount of any security listed upon the stock exchange has become so reduced as to make inadvisable further dealings therein upon the exchange, the said committee may direct that such security shall be taken from the list and further dealings therein prohibited.
Página 44 - ARTICLE XXII Contracts Subject to the Rules of the Exchange All contracts of a member of the Exchange, or of a firm having a member of the Exchange as a general partner, with any other member of the Exchange, or with any other firm having a member of the Exchange as a general partner, for the purchase, sale, borrowing, loaning or hypothecation of securities, or for the borrowing, loaning, or payment of money, whether occurring upon the floor of the Exchange or elsewhere, are contracts subject to...
Página 37 - Should the member die leaving descendants and no widow, then the whole sum shall be paid to the children as directed in the preceding paragraph to be done with the moiety; but no adopted child shall share in the gratuity if the member leaves a widow or descendants. Should the member die leaving neither widow nor descendant, but an adopted child or children, then the whole sum shall be paid to such adopted child or children, the issue of any deceased adopted child to take the share which the parent...
Página 38 - Nothing herein contained shall be construed as constituting any estate in esse which can be mortgaged or pledged for the payment of any debts ; but it shall be construed as the solemn agreement of every subscribing member...
Página 57 - SEC. 2. The buyer shall be entitled to receive all interest, dividends, rights and privileges, except voting power, which may pertain to the securities contracted for, and for which the transfer books shall close during the pendency of the contract. When such contract shall mature before the official date for payment of interest or dividend, the seller shall deliver a due-bill therefor signed or endorsed by him. When a security is sold before the day of closing books for "Rights...
Página 62 - Exchange, nor with any person who has been expelled therefrom ; nor with any insolvent person, or with any person who may have previously been a member of the Exchange, and against whom any member holds a claim, arising out of transactions made during the time of such membership, and which has not been released, or settled in accordance with the laws of the Exchange.
Página 46 - Exchange, members having contracts subject to the rules of the Exchange with the member or firm, shall without unnecessary delay proceed to close the same. If the contracts involve securities admitted to quotation upon the Exchange the closing must be in the Exchange, either officially by the Chairman, or by personal purchase or sale. If the contracts involve securities not dealt in on the Exchange, the purchase or sale of such securities must be promptly made in the best available market. Should...
Página 73 - That transacting or offering to transact business in grain, produce, cotton or other commodities, without commission, or for a nominal commission, by any member of this Exchange or firm represented therein, for a customer dealing in securities dealt in at the Exchange, is a method or arrangement for rebatement of commissions, and is a violation of the commission law.
Página 77 - Fourth. — While members of the Stock Exchange may connect their offices by wire with the offices of non-members, in accordance with the provisions of these resolutions, and pay for such wire connection, nevertheless no such member shall directly or indirectly, by himself, or through his firm, pay the cost of telegraph operators or any other expense pertaining to non-members
Página 37 - In all cases a certified copy of the proceedings before a Surrogate or Judge of Probate shall be accepted as proof of the rights of the claimants, be deemed ample authority to the Exchange to pay over the money, shall protect the Exchange in so doing, and shall release the Exchange forever from all further claim or liability whatsoever. SEC.

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