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Unfathom'd caves beneath the deep 16 Lat Israel's God be ever diesg'd,
For thee their hidden treasures keep. His Name eternally confess'd;

Let all his saints, with full accord, 2 By thee alone the living live,

Sing loud Amens-praise ye the LORD!
Hide but thy face, their comforts fly;
They gather what thy seasons give,

Take thou away their breath, they die;
But send again thy spirit forth,

From the cvii. Psalm of David,
And life renews the gladdeu'd earth.

PART ). III.1. 3 Joy in his works JEHOVAH takes,

1 MAGNIFY JEHOVAH's Name; Yet to destruction they return,

For his mercies ever sure,
He looks upon the earth, it quakes,
Touches the mountains, and they burn ;

From eternity the saine,
But God for ever is the same ;

To eternity endure. Glory to his eternal Name!

2 Let his ransom'd flock rejoice,

Gather'd out of every land, PSALM 85.

C. M.

As the people of his choice,
From the cv. Psalm of David.

Pluck'd from the destroyer's hand
10 RENDER thanks, and bless the LORD. 3 In the wilderness estray,
Invoke his sacred Name;

In the lonely waste, they roan,
Acquaint the nations with his deeds,
Ilis matchless deeds proclaim.

Hurgry, fainting by the way,

Far from refuge, shelter, home: 2 Sing to his praise in lofty hymns,

4 To the LORD their God they cry; His wondrous works rebearge ; Make them the theme of your discourse,

He inclines a gracious ear, And subject of your verse.

Sends deliv'rance from on high,

Rescuce them from all their fear: 3 Rejoice in his almighty Name, Alone to be adored;

5 Them to pleasant lands he brings, And let their hearts oerflow with joy

Where the vine and olive growi. That humbly seek the LORD.

Where, from verdant hills, the springe

Through luxuriant vallies flow. 4 Seek ye the LORD, his saving strength Devoutly still implore;

6 O that men would praise the LORD, For his

goodness to their sace; And, where he's ever present, seek

For the wonders of his word, His face for ever more.

And the riches of his grace!
5 The wonders that his hands have wrought
Keep thankfully in mind;

The righteous statutes of his mouth,
And laws to us assign'd.

1 THY wondrous power, Almighty LORD,

That rules the boist'rous sea, PSALM 86.

L. M.

The bold adventurers record,
From the cvi. Psalm of David.

Who tempt that dangʻrous way.
1 O RENDER thanks to God above, 2 At thy command the winds arise,
The fountain of eternal love;

And swell the tow'ring waves; Whose mercy firun through ages past

While they astonishid mount the skies, Has stood, and shall for ever last.

And sink in gaping graves. 2 Who can his mighty deeds express,

3 Dismay'd they climb the watry hills, Not only vast, bunt numberless ?

Dismay'd they plunge again; What mortal eloquence can raise

Each like a tott'ring drunkard reels, His tribute of inmortal praise?

And finds his courage vain. 3 Happy are they, and only they, 4 Then to the LORD they raise their cries Who from thy judgments never stray

He hears their loud request, Who know what's right; nor only so,

He calms the fierce tempestuous skies, But always practise what they know. And lays the floods to rest. 4 Extend to me that favor, LORD, 5 Rejoicing, they forget their fears, Thou to thy chosen dost afford;

They see the storm allay'd : When thout return'st to set them free, The wish'd-for haver now appears ; Let thy salvation visit me.

There, let their vows be paid! 50 may I worthy prove to see

16 O that the sons of men would praise Thy saints in full prosperity;

The goodness of the LORD! That I the joyful choir may join,

And those who see his wondrous ways And count ihy people's triumph mine.

His wondrous love record!


C. M. 15 His bounty, like a flowing tide,
From the cviii. Psalm of David. Has all his servants' wants supplied ;

And he will ever keep in mind
I O GOD, my heart is fully bent
To magnify thy Name;

His cov'nant with our fathers sign'd.
My tongue with cheerful songs of praise 6 Just are the dealings of his hands,
Shall celebrate thy fame.

Immutable are his commands, 2 Awake, my lute; nor thou, my harp,

By truth and equity sustain'd,

And for eternal rules ordain'd.
Thy warbling notes delay;
Whilst I with early hymns of joy

7 He set his saints from bondage free, Prevent the dawning day.

And then establish'd his deoree, 3 To all the list'ning tribes, O LORD,

For ever to remain the same: Thy wonders I will tell,

Holy and rev'rend is his Name. And to those nations sing thy praise

8 Who wisdom's sacred prize would win That round about us dwell;

Must with the fear of God begin. 4 Because thy mercy's boundless height

Immortal praise a:d heavenly skill The highest heaven transcends,

Have they who know and do his will. And far beyond th' aspiring clouds


L. M. Thy faithful truth extends.

From the cxii. Psalm of David. 5 Be thou, O GOD, exalted high Above the starry frame;

1 THAT man is bless'd who stands in awe And let the world, with one consent,

Of God, and loves his sacred law; Confess thy glorious Name.

His seed on earth shall be renown'd,

And with successive honors crown'd. PSALM 89.

II. 2 2 The soul that's fill'd with virtue's light From the cx. Psalm of David.

Shines brightest in affliction's night; 1 THE LORD unto my Lord thus spake:

To pity the distress'd inclined, “'Till I thy foes thy foolstool make,

As well as just to all mankind. Sit thou in state at my right hand: 3 His lib'ral favors he extends, Supreme in Sion thou shalt be,

To some he gives, to others lends; And all thy proud opposers see

Yet what his charity impairs Subjected to thy just command.

He saves by prudence in affairs. 2“Thee, in thy power's triumphant day, 4 Beset with threat'ning dangers round, The willing people shall obey;

Uninoved shall he maintain his ground And, when thy rising beams they view, The sweet remembrance of the just Shall all, (redeem'd from error's night,) Shall flourish when he sleeps in dust. Appear more numerous and bright Than crystal drops of morning dew."


II, 2. 8 The LORD hath sworn, nor sworn in vain,

From the cxiii. Pealm of David. That, like Melchisedec's, thy reign 1 YE saints and servants of the LORD,

And priesthood shall no period see: The triumphs of his name record; Anointed Prince! thou, bending low, His sacred Name for ever bless : Shalt drink where darkest torrents flow, Where'er the circling sun displays Then raise thy head in victory!

His rising beams or setting rays,

Due praise to his great Name address. PSALM 90.


2 God through the world extends his sway, From the cxi. Psalm of David.

The regions of eternal day | PRAISE ye the LORD! our God to But shadows of his glory are : praise

With bim whose majesty excels,, My soul her utmost power shall raise; Who made the leaven in which he dwells, With private friends, and in the throng Let no created power compare. Of saints, his praise shall be my song.

3 Though 't is beneath his state to view 2 His works, for greatness though renown'd, Io highest heaven what angels do, His wondrous works with ease are found Yet he to earth vonchsafes his care; By those who seek for them aright, He takes the needy from his cell, And in the pious search delight.

Advancing him in courts to dwell,
3 His works are all of matchless fame, Companion of the greatest there.
And universal glory claim;
His truth, confirm'd through ages past,


C. M. Shall to eternal ages last.

From the cxv. Psalm of David. 4 By precepts he hath us enjoin'd

1 LORD, not to us, we claim no share, To keep his wondrous works in mind; But to thy sacred Name And to posterity record

Give glory, for thy mercy's sake, That good and gracious is our LORD.

And truth's eternal fame


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2 Why should the Heathen cry, "Where's 8 Therefore my life's remaining years,

Which God to me shall lend, The God whom ye adore."

Will I. in praises to his Name, Convince them that in heaven thou art, And in his service, spend. And uncontrollid thy power,

9 In God I trusted, and of him 3 O Israel, make the LORD your trust, Did hvast in greatest fear: Who is your help and shield;

Though in my trouble I exclaim'd, Priests, Levites, trust in him alone,

All men are insincere. Who only help can yield.

10 O what return to God shall I 4 Let all who truly fear the LORD

For all his goodness make! On him they fear rely ;

I'll praise his Name, and with glad zeal Who them in danger can defend,

The cup of blessing take. And all their warts supply.

11 I'll pay my vows among his saints 5 Of us he oft has mindful been,

Whose hlood (howe'er despised And Israel's house will bless;

By wicked men) in God's account Priests, Levites, proselytes, e'en all

Is always highly prized. Who his great Name confess.

12 To thee I'll off'ringe bring of praise;

And while I bless thy Name, 6 On you, and on your heius, he will Increase of blessings bring :

The just performance of my vows Thrice happy you, who favorites are

To all ihy saints proclaim. of this almighty King!

13 They in Jerusalemn slall meet,

And in thy house shall join 7 Heaven's highest orb of glory he

To bless thy Naine with one consent,
His empire's seat desigurd ;

Ard mix their songs with mine.
And gave this lower gl be of earth
A portion to mankind.


C. M. 8 They who in death and silence sleep

From the cxvii. Psalm of David.
Tu him no praise afford ;
But we will hless tor evermore

1 WITH cheerful notes let all the earth Our ever-living LORD.

To heaven their voices raise ;
Let ali, inspired with godly mirth,

Sing solemn hymns of praise.

C. M.

2 God's lender mercy knows no bound, From the cxvi. Psalm of David.

His truth shall ne'er decay;

Then let the willing nations round 1 MY soul with grateful thoughts of love Their grateful tribute pay.

Entirely is possess'd,
Because the LORD Vouchsafed to hear


C. M. The voice of my request.

From the cxvii. Psalm of David. 2 Since he has now his ear inclined, I never will de pair ;

1 O PRAISE the LORD, for he is good,

His mercies ne'er decay;
But still in all the straits of life
To him address my prayer.

That his kind favors ever last,

Let thankful Israel say, 3 With deally sorrows compass'd round,

2 Their sense of his eternal love With pains of hell oppress'd,

Let Aaron's house express; When troubles seized my aching heart

And that it never fails, let all And anguish rack'd my breast

That fear the LORD confess. 4 On Gou's almighty Name I call'd,

S Far better 't is to trust in GOD, And thus to him I pray'd;

And have the LORD our friend, ""'LORD, I beseech thee save my soul, Than on the greatest human power With sorrows quite dismay'd."

For safety to depend. 5 How just and merciful is GOD,

4 The LORD has been my belp: the praise How gracious is the LORD!

To him alone belongs ; Who saves the harmless, and to me

He is my Saviour and my strength, Des timely help afford.

He only claims my songs. 6 Then, free from rensive cares, my soul, 15 Joy fills the dwelling of the just, Resume thy wonted rest;

Whom God has saved from harm; For God has wondrously to thee

For wondrous things are brought to pass His bounteous love express'd.

By his almighty arm. 7 When death alarm'd me, he removed' 6 He, by his own resistless power, My dangers and my fears;

Has endless honor won; My feet from falling he secured,

The saving strength of his right hand And dried my eyes from tears.

Amazing works has done.

, God will not suffer me to fall,

15 O then that thy most holy will But still prolongs my days ;,

Might o'er my ways preside; That, by declaring all his works,

fand I the course of all my life I may advance his praise.

By thy direction guide!
8 When God had sorely me chastised, 6 Then with assurance should I walk,
'Till quite of hopes bereaved,

From all confusion free;
His mercy from the gates of death Convinced, with joy, that all my ways
My fainting life reprieved.

With thy commands agree. 9 Then open wide the temple gates

7 My upright heart shall my glad mouth To which the just repair,

With cheerful praises fill, That I may enter in, and praise

When, by thy righteous judgments taught, My great deliv'rer there.

I shall have learu'd thy will. 10 Within those gates of God's abode To which the righteous press,

8 So to thy sacred laws shall I

Entire observance pay: Since thou hast heard, and set me safe,

O then forsake me not, my God, Thy holy Name I'll bless.

Nor cast me quite away. 11 That which the builders once refused Is now the corner-stone:

PART II. BETH. C. M. This is the wondrous work of God,

1 How shall the young preserve their ways The work of God alone.

From all pollution free? 12 This day is God's; let all the land By making still their course of life Exalt their cheerful voice:

With thy commands agree. “LORD, we beseech thee, sare (is now And make us still rejoice."

2 With hearty zeal for thee I seek,

To thee for succor pray ; 13 Him that approaches in God's name O suffer not my careless steps Let all th' assembly bless;

From thy right paths to stray. “We that belong to God's own house Have wish'd you good success."

3 Safe in my heart, and closely hid 14 God is the LORD, through whom we all To succor me with timely aid

Thy word, my treasure, lies,
Both light and comfort find;

When sinful thoughts arise.
Fast to the altar's horns with cords
The chosen victim bind.

4 Secured by that, my grateful soul

Shall ever bless thy Name; 15 Thou art my LORD, O God, and still

O teach me then by thy just laws
I'll praise thy holy Name;
Because thout only art my God,

My future life lo frame.
I'll celebrate thy fame.

5 My lips, unlock'd by pious zeal, 16 O then with me give thanks to GOD,

To others have declared Who still does gracious prove;

How well the judgments of thy mouth And let the tribute of our praise

Deserve our best regard. Be endless as his love.

6 Whilst in the way of thy commands,

More solid joy I found,

Than had I been with vast increase

Of envied riches crown'd.
From the cxix. Psalm of David.

7 Therefore thy just and upright laws PART 1. ALEPH. C. M.

Shall always fill my mind; 1 HOW bless'd are they who always keep And those sound rules which thou prescrib'st The pure and perfect way ;

Entire respect shall find. Who never from the sacred paths

8 To keep thy statutes undefaced Of God's commandments stray!

Shall be my constant ;
2 How bless'd, who to his righteous laws The strict remembrance of thy word
Have still obedient been ;

Shall all my thoughts einploy,
And have with fervent huinble zeal,
His favor sought to win!

PART III. GIMEL. C. M. 3 Such men their utinost caution use 1 BE gracious to thy servant, LORD; To shun each wicked deed;

Do thou my life defend, But in the path which he directs

That I according to thy word With constant care proceed.

My time to conne may spend. 4 Thou strictly hast enjoin'd us, LORD, 2 Enlighten both my eyes and mind, To learn thy sacred will;

That so I may discern And all our diligence employ

The wondrous things which they behold, Thy statutes to fulfil.

Who thy just precepts learn.

3 My fainting soul is almost pined, 13 Dirert me in the sacred ways With earnest longing spent,

To which thy precepts lead; While always on the eager search

Because my chief delight has been Of thy just will intent.

Thy righteous paths to tread. 4 Thy sharp rebuke shall crush the proud, 4 Do thou to thy most just commands Whom still thy curse pursues ;

Incline iny willing heart ; Since they to walk in thy right ways Let no desire of worldly wealth Presumptuously refusé.

From thee my thoughts divert. 5 But far from me do thou, O LORD 5 From those vain objects turn mine eyes Contempt and shame remove;

Which this false world displays; For I thy sacred law affect

But give me lively power and strength With undissembled love.

To keep thy righteous ways.
6 For thy commands have always been 6 Confirm the promise of thy word,
My comfort and delight;

And give thy servant aid,
By them I learn with prudent care Who to transgress thy sacred laws
To guide my steps aright.

Is awfully afraid.
PART IV. DALETH. C. M. 7 The censure and reproach I fear,
1 My soul, oppress'd with deadly care,

In mercy, LORD, remove; Close to the dust doth cleave;

For all the judgments thou ordain'st Revive me, LORD, and let me now

Are full of grace and love. Thy promised aid receive.

8 Thou know'st how after thy commands 2 To thee I still declared my ways,

My longing heart does pant; And thou inclin'dst thine ear;

O then make haste to raise me up, O teach me then my future life

And promised succor grant By thy just laws to steer.

PART VI. VAU. C. M, 3 If thou wilt make me know thy laws, 1 THY constant blessing. LORD, bestow And by their guidance walk,

To cheer my drooping heart; The wondrous works which thou hast done To me, according to thy word, Shall be my constant talk.

Thy saving health impart. 4 But see, my soul within me sinks, 2 So shall I, whosoe'er upbraids,

Press'd down with weighty care; This ready answer make; Do thou, according to thy word,

“In God I trust, who never will My wasted strength repair.

His faithful promise break.” 5 Far, far from me be all false ways 3 Then let not quite the word of truth And lying arts removed ;

Be from my mouth removed; But kindly grant I still may keep Since still my ground of steadfast hope, The path by thee approved.

Thy judgments, LORD, have provech 6 Thy faithful ways, thou Gon of truth, 4 So I to keep thy righteous laws My happy choice Í've made;

Will all my study hend;
Thy judgments, as my rule of life, And constantly my time to come
Before me always laid.

In their observance spend.
7 My care has been to make my life 5 My soul shall gladly walk at large.
With thy commands agree;

From all oppression free,
O then preserve thy servant, LORD, Since I resolve to make my life
From sharpe and ruin free.

With thy commands agree. 8 So in the way of thy commands

6 My longing heart and ravish'd soul Shall I with pleasure run;

Shall both o'erflow with joy,
And, with a heart enlarged with joy, When in thy loved commandments I
Successfully go on.

My happy hours employ.
PART V. HE. C. M. 7 Then will I to thy holy laws
I INSTRUCT me in thy statutes, LORD,

Lift up my willing hands;

My care and business then shall be
Thy righteous paths display;
And I from them, through all my life,

To study thy commands.
Will never go astray.

PART VII. ZAIN. C. M. 2 If thou true wisdom from above | 1 ACCORDING to thy promised grace, Wilt graciously impart,

Thy favor, LORD, extend; To keep thy perfect laws I will

Make good to me the word on which Devote my zealous heart.

Thy servant's hopes dependa

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