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Página 751 - Act annexed, or as near thereto as the Circumstances of the Case will admit...
Página 1101 - Pacific, in which it is represented, that upon the transference of the territories in question to the Canadian Government, the claims of the Indian tribes to compensation for lands required for purposes of settlement, will be considered and settled in conformity with the equitable principles which have uniformly governed the British Crown in its dealings with the aborigines.
Página 1101 - Company, as also all the lands and territories lying to the westward of the sources of the rivers which fall into the sea from the west and northwest, as aforesaid; and we do hereby strictly forbid, on pain of our displeasure, all our loving subjects from making any purchases or settlements whatever or taking possession of any of the lands above reserved, without our special leave and license for that purpose first obtained.
Página 901 - I apprehend that the principle is correctly thus expressed: the antecedent statement must be such that a person of ordinary knowledge of the subject would at once perceive, understand, and be able practically to apply the discovery without the necessity of making further experiments and gaining further information before the invention can be made useful.
Página 1061 - Gladstone said afterwards in parliament, and was much blamed for saying, — and in the opinion of many with whom I communicated, the Fenian conspiracy has had an important influence with respect to Irish policy ; but it has not been an influence in determining, or in affecting in the slightest degree, the convictions which we have entertained with respect to the course proper to be pursued in Ireland. The influence of...
Página 1101 - And we do further declare it to be our royal will and pleasure, for the present, as aforesaid, to reserve under our sovereignty, protection, and dominion, for the use of the said Indians, all the...
Página 681 - Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Let him drink and forget his poverty and remember his misery no more.
Página 781 - ... used solely for the conveyance of any goods or burden in the course of trade or husbandry, and whereon the Christian name and surname, and place of abode, or place of business of the...

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