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New York Civil Service Regulations.

REGULATION 1. Appointments and promotions in the Civil Service of the City of New York shall be made according to merit and fitness, to be ascertained, so far as practicable, by examinations which, so far as practicable, shall be competitive.

REGULATION 2. The violation of any of the provisions of the Civil Service Act, or of these regulations, by any person in the Civil Service of the City shall be considered a good cause for the dismissal of such person from the service.

REGULATION 3. The Commission shall have authority to prescribe such rules, in pursuance of and for the execution of the provisions of these regulations and of the Civil Service Act, as may not be inconsistent therewith, and may prescribe blank forms for all applications, certificates, reports, records and returns required under these regulations and the rules made in pursuance thereof.

REGULATION 4. Schedule A shall include all positions not subject to competitive examination and not included in Schedule G. All positions classified in Schedule A as exempt from examination, or as subject to noncompetitive examination, shall permit but one appointment for each of said positions unless otherwise specially stated.

Schedule B shall include clerks, copyists, recorders, bookkeepers and others rendering clerical services, except typewriters and stenographers; also all public employes, however designated, whether

as "skilled laborers” or otherwise, who may be called upon to do or shall, in fact, do any clerical work.

Office boys (or girls) shall be employes actually employed as such in the offices of the departments of public service and who are paid at a rate not exceeding $25 per month.

Office boys (or girls), who have served as such for two years, may, at the request of the head of the department in which they have served, be examined for the position of junior clerk, which position shall be classified in Schedule B.

Junior clerks shall consist of employes who receive a compensation not exceeding $600 per annum. Junior clerks shall not be eligible to the position of clerk except after the competitive examination prescribed for original appointment to said position.

Schedule C shall include Policemen in the Department of Parks, and the uniformed force in the Fire Department.

Schedule D shall include all persons for whose duty special expert knowledge is required and not included in Schedule E.

Schedule E shall include Physicians, Nurses, Surgeons in the Department of Public Parks and Medical Officers in the Fire Department.

Schedule F shall include Stenographers, Typewriters and all perBons not included in the foreging schedules, except laborers or day workmen.

Schedule G shall include all persons employed as laborers or day workmen.

Each schedule shall also include the persons specified under that head in the classification hereto annexed, marked Appendix III.

REGULATION 5. For the purpose of ascertaining the qualifications of persons seeking or named for positions in the Departments and offices of the Municipal Government, there shall be a Board of Examiners for all positions in Schedules B, C, D, E and F, and all examinable positions in Schedule A.

This Board shall be composed of the Chief Examiner and as many citizens designated by the Mayor as the Civil Service Commissioners may deem necessary. None of such Examiners, however, shall be a public officer or employed in any Department of the Municipal Government.

There shall be a Chief Examiner, who shall devote his whole time to the business of his office, who shall preside at meetings of the Board of Examiners, hear appeals from the decision of any of the Examiners, and have the general supervision of the work of the Examiners. It shall be his duty to attend the meetings of the Commission, except when the Commission is in executive session. The rate of compensation of the officers mentioned in this regulation shall be fixed by the Mayor, who will employ assistants, procure suitable offices, and incur such other expenses as may be required for the efficient performance of the duties imposed upon him by the eighth section of chapter 354 of the Laws of the State of New York for the year 1883, as amended by chapter 410 of the Laws of the said State for the year 1884.

It shall be the duty of such Board of Examiners, by such of its members as the Chief Examiner shall designate, to conduct all examinations called for under these regulations, except as herein otherwise provided, and to ascertain the fitness of candidates for the service of the City with regard to character, knowledge and ability for the branch of the service into which they seek to enter, and to determine the relative excellence or standing of the persons examined and to certify the same as herein prescribed.

The Mayor will employ a suitable person who shall act as Secretary of the Supervisory Board, keep minutes of all proceedings and all necessary records of the examination, standing and certification of applicants, and a complete record of all persons employed in the several departments to which these regulations apply, and of all appointments, promotions, dismissals, resignations and other changes of any kind therein. The Secretary shall have the general executive charge of the Civil Service Office, shall assign the clerks and employes to their respective positions and superintend them in the discharge of their respective duties, and shall be Secretary of the Examining Board. The Secretary shall, after conference with the Chief Examiner, order and fix the dates of examinations, shall see that they are properly and efficiently advertised, and shall indicate to the Chief Examiner which examination shall be first rated and otherwise expedited, to the end that eligible lists which are most needed shall be first prepared.

In addition to the Board of Examiners, hereinbefore prescribed, there shall be a Commission, to be composed of five citizens designated by the Mayor, whose duties shall be:

First. To aid the Mayor, at his request, in preparing suitable 'regulations for the carrying into effect the provisions of said act.

Second. To conduct such inquiries as it may deem expedient respecting the examinations in these regulations provided for; to control such examinations and the general administration of the system created by these regulations, and to decide, from time to time, subject to revision by the Mayor, all questions arising under these regulations or the constructions thereof, and to make an annual report to the Mayor, showing its own action, the regulations and the exceptions thereto in force, the administration thereof, with such suggestions as it may deem necessary for the more effectual accomplishment of the purposes of the said section and of said regulations.

The vouchers for the pay-rolls, and all other expenses incurred in carrying these regulations into effect, shall be certified to the Comptroller by the Secretary, or in the absence or disability or resignation of the said Secretary shall be certified to the Comptroller by the Mayor's Secretary.

REGULATION 6. Appointments to positions in Schedule A may be made without competitive examination; but the appointing officer shall file with the Secretary, within five days after making any such appoint

ment, a formal notification thereof, setting forth the full name of the appointee, the date and place of his birth, length of his residence in the City of New York, nature of previous employment, whether he has ever been in official service before, and if so, when and where, the date of beginning of such service and term for which appointed, salary, name of person in whose place appointed, and such other statistical information as the Commission may deem proper for registration.

REGULATION 7. Vacancies in positions classified in Schedules B, C, D, E and F, not filled by promotion, shall be filled by selection from those who have passed highest in open competitive examinations, and for no such position shall any noncompetitive examination be allowed. This regulation is without prejudice to the provisions of Regulation 62.


REGULATION 8. Applications of competitors for positions included in Schedules B, C, D, E and F must be in the handwriting of the applicant and addressed to the “Secretary of the Civil Service Commission, New York City," and for all positions except Firemen and Park Policemen, must be accompanied with the following papers:

First. The affidavit of the applicant, showing that he is not less than eighteen years of age and a citizen of the United States, giving his place of residence, with the street and number thereof, if any; the place, nature and extent of his education, and of his business training and experience, and stating whether he has ever been in the civil service of the City of New York, or in the military or naval service of the United States, and if so, when and where.

Second. A statement whether such application is limited to any particular office or offices in the service.

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