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Schedule A (page 101). Assistants to Corporation Counsel.

Schedule B (page 125). General Bookkeeper.

Clerks. Clerk to Bureau of Street Openings.

Schedule F (page 139).

| Stenographer and Typewriter.

Computer of Accounts.

Schedule G (page 140). Laborers (Appendix III, page 150).


Schedule F (page 139).
Stenographer and Typewriter.

Schedule A (page 101).

Schedule B (page 127). Accountant.

1 Office Boy or Girl. Clerks (as graded in Appendix III, | Assistant Secretary.

page 150).

Schedule D (page 136).
Part I.

Deputy Commissioner.
Engineering Corps (as graded in Ap-

Part II. pendix III, page 150).

Draughtsman. Assistant Surveyor.

[blocks in formation]


Schedule A (page 101). Deputy Commissioner,

Water Register. Consulting Engineer,

Secretary. Chief Engineer.

Engineer in Charge of Sewers. Cashier.

Stenographer to the Commissioner. Assistant Cashier.

Schedule B (page 125). Chief Clerk.

| Timekeeper. General Bookkeeper.

Office Boy or Girl. Clerks (as graded in Appendix III,

page 130).

Schedule D (page 136).
Part II.

Inspectors: Engineering Corps (as graded in Ap First Grade -pendix III, page 150).

Inspector of Making Pipes. Map Clerk.

Inspector of Making Hydrants. Draughtsman (Topographical and Ne Inspector of Masonry. chanical).

Inspector of Laying Pipe. Mechanical Engineer.

Inspector of Construction. Hydraulic Engineer.

Inspector of Bureau of Incum

brances. Part I.

Inspector of Lamps and Gas. Engineering Corps:

Inspector of Vaults and Areas. Assistant Engineer.

Inspector of Paving, Regulating Topographical Engineer.

and Grading (Engineer). Assistant Engineer in Charge of Inspector of Meters and Water Sewers.

Consumption. Engineer of Subsurface Construction, Inspector of Cement.

Inspector of Sewer Connertions. Part II.

Inspector and Weigher of Coal. Chainman.

Inspector of Openings in HighRodman.

ways. Lereler.

Second Grade -

Assistant General Inspector.
Third Grade -
General Inspector.

Schedule F (page 139). Superintendent of Lamps and Gas. , Engineman. Superintendent of Incumbrances. Gardener. Superintendent of Streets and Roads. Foreman. Superintendent of Repairs and Sup Assistant Foreman. plies.

Janitor. Superintendent of Street Improve Keeper (on Aqueduct). ments.

Vessenger, Examiner of Complaints.

Patrolman on Aqueduct. Stenographer and Typewriter.

Rockman, Measurer.

Watchman. Bath Attendant (Male and Female). Axeman.

Schedule G (page 140). Laborers (Appendix III, page 150).



Schedule A — Alderman.

Schedule F – Attendant, Cottage Schedule D 2 — Apothecary and As- | (Female). sistant.

Schedule G – Attendant, Elevator. Schedule D 1 - Architect.

Schedule F - Attendant, LaboraSchedule D 2- Architectural tory. Draughtsman.

Schedule F -- Attendant, Medical Schedule F - Assessor.

Bath. Schedule A - Assistant to Corpora- Schedule F – Attendant, Hospitals. tion Counsel, $4,000 or more per an Schedule F - Attendant, Pier. num.

Schedule F – Attendance Officer. Schedule D 1 - Assistant Engineer. | Schedule A — Attorney and Assist

Schedule F - Assistant to Commis ant. sioner.

Schedule A - Auditor of Accounts, Schedule A - Assistant City Super-| Deputy. intendent (Board of Education).

Schedule F - Axeman. Schedule F - Attendant, Bath.


Schedule D 1 - Bacteriologist and |
Assistant Bacteriologist.

Schedule G-- Baker.
Schedule G - Barber.
Schedule G - Basketmaker.

Schedule G - Batteryman and Assistant.

Schedule G-Blacksmith.
Schedule G - Blacksmith Helper.

Schedule G -- Boatman.
Schedule G- Boatbuilder.
Schedule F -- Boilermaker.
Schedule F - Bookbinder.
Schedule B - Bookkeeper.
Schedule G-- Bricklayer.
Schedule G - Bridgetender.
Schedule G - Butcher.

Schedule G - Cabinet Maker.

Schedule C - Chief of Fire Depart. Schedule G - Calker (Ship and ment and Assistant. Pipe).

Schedule C -- Chief of Battalion Schedule F -- Canvasser.

(Fire Department). Schedule C - Captain of Police. | Schedule C - Chief Instructor (Fire Schedule F - Captain (Steamboat). | Department). Schedule G-Carpenter.

Schedule ( - Chief of Department Schedule A - Cashier.

and First and Second Assistant. Schedule B - Cashier Assistant. Schedule B - Chief Clerk to the Schedule G - Cement Worker. Collector of City Revenue and SuperSchedule D 2 - Chainman.

intendent of Markets. Schedule A - Chamberlain.

Schedule D 2 - Chemist and AsSchedule G-Chambermaid.

sistant Chemist. Schedule A -- Chaplain.

Schedule A - City Paymaster. Schedule F - Chef.

Schedule D - City Surveyor. Schedule C - Chief Park Police. Schedule G-Cleaner.

Schedule E - Chief of Staff, De Schedule B - Clerk, partment of Charities.

Schedule B - Clerk of Building Schedule G- Cook. Department.

Schedule A - Collector of AssessSchedule B - Clerk Burial Permitments and Clerk of Arrears. (Health Department).

Schedule A - Collector of City Rev. Schedule B - Clerk to Bureau of enues and Superintendent of MarStreet Opening.

kets. Schedule B - Clerk, Engrossing. Schedule A - Collector of City Rev. Schedule B - Clerk, Executive. enues. Schedule B - Clerk, Exempt.

Schedule B - Collector of City Rev. Schedule B-Clerk, Fire-escape and enues, Deputy. Violation.

Schedule F - Collector (Dock DeSchedule B - Clerk, Junior.

partment). Schedule B - Clerk of Law Depart Schedule A - Commissioner. ment.

Schedule A – Comptroller, Deputy Schedule B -- Clerk, Labor.

Comptroller. Schedule B - Clerk, Process.

Schedule F - Computer of ACSchedule B - Clerk, Property. counts. Schedule B -- Clerk of Markets (Fi Schedule D 2 - Computer. Dance Department).

Schedule G - Cooper. Schedule B - Clerk, Receiving.

Schedule G – Coppersmith. Schedule B - Clerk, Supply.

Schedule B - Copyist. Schedule B – Clerk of Taxes and Schedule F - Cottage Attendant Assessments.

(Female). Schedule D 2- Clerk of the Work Schedule A - Counsel to the Corpo(Armory Board).

ration. Schedule B - Clerk, Warrant and Schedule G-Coxswain. Bond (Mayor's Office).

Schedule B - Custodian Mortgages, Schedule G-Climber.

Titles, Deeds, etc. Schedule G - Clothing Cutter.

Schedule G - Deck Hand.

| Schedule F - Dockmaster's AssistSchedule F–Deputy Commissioner, ant. Taxes and Assessments.

Schedule F - Doorman. Schedule F - Director of Menag- Schedule D 2 – Draughtsman (Meerie.

chanical, Architectural, TopographiSchedule D 1- Director of Bacte- | cal). riological Laboratory and Assistant. I Schedule C - Drill Master and In

Schedule F - Disinfector and As- structor. sistant.

Schedule F -- Driver, Ambulance. Schedule F - Diver.

Schedule F - Driver, Van. Schedule G - Diver's Tender.

Schedule F - Driver, Repairs and Schedule G - Dock Builder.

Supplies. Schedule F - Dockmaster.

Schedule D 2 - Druggist.

Schedule D 1 - Engineer and As-/ Schedule D 1 -- Engineer and Chief sistant.

| Draughtsman and Assistant. Schedule A - Engineer, Chief.

Schedule A - Engineer in Charge Schedule A – Engineer, Consulting. I of Sewers and Assistant. Schedule D 1 – Engineer, Supervis- / Schedule F – Engineman (Station

ary and Marine). Schedule D 1 – Engineer, Chief As Schedule D 1- Engineer, Hydrausistant.


I lic.


Schedule D 1- Engineer, Mechan- ! Schedule F – Examiner of Claims

(Finance). Schedule D 1- Engineer, Topo

Schedule F - Examiner of Comgraphical.

plaint (Public Works). Schedule D 1- Entomologist.

Schedule F – Examiner of Coupons Schedule A – Examiner (Commis


Schedule F – Examiner of Dependsioner of Accounts).

ent Children (Charities). Schedule F – Examiner (Chief)

1 Schedule E – Examining Physician, (Civil Service).

Bureau of Medical and Surgical ReSchedule F – Examiner (Civil Ser- lief. vice, Finance, Law Departments). Schedule E – Examining Physician

Schedule F -- Examiner, Assistant (Civil Service Boards), (Fire Depart(Civil Service).

ment), (Street Cleaning Department).

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Schedule D 2 - Inspector, General. / Schedule D 2 - Inspector of ComSchedule D 2 - Inspector.

| bustibles. Schedule D 2-Inspector of Bridges. Schedule D 1 - Inspector of Con

Schedule D 2 - Inspector of Build- | tagious Diseases, Chief and Assistant. ings -- Iron and Steel Construction, | Schedule D 2- Inspector District Masonry and Carpentry.

and Assistant. Schedule D 1- Inspector of Burial Schedule D 2 – Inspector of Dredg. Permits.

ing. Schedule D 2 -- Inspector, Bureau Schedule 1 2 - Inspector of Dunpof Incumbrances.

and Assistant. Schedule, D 2 - Inspector of Ce Schedule D 2 - Inspector of Dumpment.

ing of Dredged Material.

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