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Rule VI.—Any Committee may, for expert assistance at any examination, incur an expense not exceeding $25, in addition to the actual and necessary disbursements of the expert, without the special vote of the Commission. The Chairman shall appoint an auditing committee, which shall consist of two members of the Commission, and said committee shall audit every charge for expenses incurred by the Commission, or for it by any committee.

Rule VII.—No member of the Commission shall sign as voucher under the application of any person applying for a position under the Civil Service Regulations, and no person who has signed an application as voucher shall be eligible as expert at the examination of the applicant for whom he has thus vouched.

Rule VIII.—These Rules may be amended at any meeting of the Commission upon a previous notice in writing, filed with the Secretary at least three days before the meeting; said notice to contain a copy of the proposed amendment. The Secretary shall notify each Commissioner of such proposed amendment.

Rule IX.-During the temporary absence from the city, or inability, of the Chairman of the Commission, the Vice-Chairman shall act as Chairman, or, in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chair man, the Commission may appoint an acting Chairman to serve during such absence or inability.


Appendix A.

Excepted Positions.
The Mayor.
The Members of the Board of Aldermen.
The Comptroller.
The Auditor.
The City Treasurer, ex officio.
The Collector of Taxes.
The Registrar of Arrears.
The Counsel to the Corporation.
The President of the Board of Assessment.
The Assessors.
The Commissioner of Police.
The Fire Commissioner.
The Commissioner of Health.
The Commissioner of Buildings.
The Commissioner of City Works.
The Commissioner of Parks.
The Commissioners of Civil Service.
The Police Justices.
The Examining Board of Plumbers.

All Officers, Members and Employees of or under the Board of Education, and those who seek to enter the public service thereunder.

The Members of the Board of Elections.
The City Clerk.

The Members of the Atlantic Avenue Improvement Commission.

Appendix B.

Positions in Schedule A. Mayor's Office:

1 Private Secretary. Civil Service Commission;

1 Secretary,

Board of Aldermen:

1 Chief Clerk.
7 Clerks to Committees.
1 Messenger.
1 Assistant Messenger.
1 Sergeant-at-Arms.
1 Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms.
1 Clerk and City Auctioneer.

Department of Finance:

1 Deputy Controller.
1 Chief Clerk of Accounts.
1 Bond Clerk.
1 Assistant Bond Clerk.
1 Chief Clerk of arrears property.
1 Coupon Clerk.
1 Assistant Coupon Clerk.
1 Superintendent at Wallabout Docks.
1 Assistant Clerk of Accounts.
1 Chief Clerk Bureau of Taxes and Assess-

1 Bookeeper.
1 General Warrant Clerk.
12 Assistant Warrant Clerks.
1 Salary Warrant Clerk.
6 Dockmasters having custody of money.
3 Messengers.
1 Paymaster.
1 Assistant Paymaster.
1 Clerk of Docks.

1 Chief Searcher. Department of Audit:

2 Deputy Auditors.
1 Chief Clerk.
1 Inspector.

Department of Collection:

1 Deputy Collector.
1 Chief Clerk.
1 Cashier.
8 Temporary Clerks (to serve during the press

of business at the time for the receipt of
taxes, and to be engaged chiefly in the re-
ceipt and handling of money).

Department of Arrears:

1 Deputy Registrar.
1 Cashier.
1 Assistant Cashier.
1 Keeper of Supplies.

Department of Law:

1 First Assistant Corporation Counsel.
8 Assistant Corporation Counsels.
1 Chief Clerk.
6 Law Clerks.

Department of Assessment:

1 Secretary.
1 Surveyor.

Department of Police:

1 Deputy Commissioner.
1 Counsel.
1 Property Clerk.
1 Superintendent.
1 Deputy Superintendent.
4 Inspectors.

Police Courts:

In each Court one Chief Clerk.

Department of Health:

1 Deputy.
1 Counsel.
1 Secretary.
1 Private Secretary.
1 Chief, Bureau Bateriology.
1 Chief, Bureau of Chemistry.
1 Chief, Bureau Sanitary Engineering.
1 Medical Superintendent, Contagious Disease

1 Superintendent of Disinfection.
1 Superintendent Shore Inspection.
1 Finance Clerk.
5 Drivers.
Experts and special inspectors appointed in

emergencies by the Commissioner of Health, in accordance with Regulation IV.

Department of Fire:

1 Deputy Commissioner.
1 Secretary.
1 Fire Marshal.
1 Superintendent of Repair Shops.
1 Chief Engineer.
2 Assistant Chief Engineers.
1 Superintendent Bureau of Combustibles.
5 License Fee Collectors.

Department of Buildings:

1 Deputy Commissioner.
1 Assistant Deputy Commissioner.
1 Secretary.

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