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· Page I HE Minstrel or Progrefs of Genius Beattie 3 Owen of Carron . - Langhorne 39 Hermit of Warkworth

Bishop Percy 63 Sir Eldred of the Bower

Moore 109 Bleeding Rock

ditto 135 Lucy and Colin -

Tickell 145 William and Margaret :

Mallet 149 Edwin and Emma

ditto 153 Hermit

Goldsmith 159 Traveller

ditto 165 Deserted Village

ditto 179 Haunch of Venison

ditto 193 Retaliation

ditto 199 Supplement to Retaliation - Cumberland 2017 Jupiter and Mercury

en Garrick 211 Jeu d'Esprit

Dean of Derry 213

Dorinda -

Fitzpatrick 217 Verses sent to a young Lady with the new edition of Shakespeare

openson Carlisle 221 Verses on Mrs. Crewe

Fox 223 Rhapsody on Taste

- Carlife 225 Elegy written in the Garden of a Friend Mason 227 Elegy written in a Country Church Yard' Gray 231 Elegy on Captain Cook --- Seward 237 Death of Alico

Edwards 249 Monody to the Memory of Lady Lyttleton

Lyttleton 251 Verses making Part of an Epitaph on the same Lady

ditto 251 Monody on Major Andrea Seward 263 Ode to John Howard, Esq;

Hayley 281

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AH! who can tell how hard it is to climb
1The steep where Fame's proud temple fainesafar!
Ah! who can tell how many a foul sublime
}! is felt the influence of malignani ftar,
And wag d with Fortune an eternal war!
Check'd by the scoff of Pride, by Envy's frown,
And Poverty's unconquerable bar,
In life's low vale remote his pined alone,
Then dropt into the grave, unpitied and unknown!

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Liberal, not lavilh, is kind nature's handl;
Nor was perfection made for man below.
Yet all her schemes with nicest art are plann'd,
Good counteracting ill, and gladness wo.
*With gold and gems if Chilian mountains glor's

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