Deutiska: An Historical and Oritical Survey of the Literature of Germany

1863 - 367 páginas
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Página 115 - Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Página 25 - MEDICAL LEXICON ; A Dictionary of Medical Science : Containing a concise Explanation of the various Subjects and Terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence and Dentistry, Notices of Climate and of...
Página 286 - ... von allem, was sie beunruhigt, auch ergriffen, in dem, was sie verabscheut, gleichfalls befangen und durch das, was sie wünscht, auch beseligt worden. Sehr entfernt sind solche Zustände gegenwärtig von dem Dichter, auch die Welt hat gewissermaßen ganz andere Kämpfe zu bestehen; indessen bleibt doch meistens der Menschenzustand in Freud...
Página 2 - I concur in opinion with those who deem the Germans never to have intermarried with other nations; but to be a race, pure, unmixed, and stamped with a distinct character. Hence a family likeness pervades the whole, though their numbers are so great: eyes stern and blue; ruddy hair; large bodies, powerful in sudden exertions, but impatient of toil and labour, least of all capable of sustaining thirst and heat. Cold and hunger they are accustomed by their climate and soil to endure.
Página 17 - ON THE NATURE OF THE SCHOLAR, AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German by William Smith.
Página 269 - I drown'd my child beneath the wave. Was it not given to thee and me — thee too? Tis thou thyself! I scarce believe it yet. Give me thy hand! It is no dream! 'Tis true!
Página 345 - Da stürzet die raubende Rotte Hervor aus des Waldes nächtlichem Ort, Den Pfad ihm sperrend, und schnaubet Mord Und hemmet des Wanderers Eile Mit drohend geschwungener Keule. „Was wollt ihr?
Página 22 - His Place in Sanskrit Literature. An Investigation of some Literary and Chronological Questions which may be settled by a study of his Work. A separate impression of the Preface to the Facsimile of MS. No. 17 in the Library of Her Majesty's Home Government for India, which contains a portion of the MANAVA-KALPA-SUTRA, with the Commentary of KUMARILA-SWAMIN.
Página 143 - Ponder, O Man, Eternity ! Eternity! Eternity! How long art thou, Eternity ! As long as God is God, so long Endure the pains of hell and wrong, So long the joys of heaven remain ; O lasting joy, O lasting pain ! Ponder, O Man, Eternity...
Página 250 - Thule, the first monologue, and the first scene with Wagner, were written ; and during his love affair with Lili, he sketched Gretchen's catastrophe, the scene in the street, the scene in Gretchen's bedroom, the scenes between Faust and Mephisto during the walk, and in the street, and 1 BULWER'S Life of Schiller.

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