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XII. It will help to preserve many ministers

from idleness and misspending their time 214

XIII. It will contribute to subdue our own corrup-

tions, and to exercise our own graces . 210

XIV. It will withdraw both ourselves and our

people from vain controversies, and the

lesser matters of religion . . . 21S

XV. It will extend these various benefits to all

the people in our several parishes . . 216

XVI. It will not even stop here, but is like to be

a work that will reach over the whole land 217

XVII. The weight and excellency of the duty

recommended 218

,i a ncLE II.—Motives from the difficulties of the Work 222

I, Difficulties in ourselves .... 222

II. Difficulties in our people .... 224

Vbiicle III.—Motives from the Necessity of the Work 226

I. It is necessary for the glory of God . . 226

II. It is necessary to the welfare of our people 229

III. It is necessary to our own welfare . . 232

,vkticle IV.—Application of these Motives . . 233

Part II.—Objections to this Duty . . 250

Part III.—Directions for this Duty . . 276

Article I.—Directions for bringing our People to

submit to the Exercise .... 278

I. Conduct yourselves in the general course of

your life and ministry, so as to convince

them of your ability, sincerity, and love

to them 278

II. Convince them of the benefit and necessity

of this exercise 280

III. Put catechisms into the hands of every family

in your congregation, whether rioh or poor 283

IV. Deal gently with them, and avoid every

kind of discouragement . . . 284

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