My Southern Friends ...

Carleton, 1863 - 308 páginas

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Página 167 - When the devil was sick, the devil a monk would be, When the devil was well, the devil a monk was he.
Página 125 - Her children rose up and called her blessed ; her husband also, and he praised her.' Such was ' the lady ' in the old Scottish house. Her speech was the Doric of her native land, as broad as that of her domestics. Trained from her earliest days to use her hands, and believing in the dignity of labour, she taught her daughters to be what the law, based on an old fact, still as a fiction...
Página 203 - Ole Aggy an' I hab trabbled de road. Hand in hand we hab gone ober de rocks ; fru de mud ; in de hot burning sand ; been out togedder in de cole, an
Página 203 - My chil'ren, lub one anoder; bar wid one anoder; be faithful ter one anoder. You hab started on a long journey; many rough places am in de road; many trubbles will spring up by de wayside; but gwo- on hand an...
Página 203 - ... peace hab broke fru de clouds, an' sent him bressed rays inter our hearts. We started jess like two young saplin's you's seed a growin' side by side in de woods. At fust we seemed 'way part fur de brambles, and de tick bushes, an...
Página 204 - way part, fur de brambles. an' de tick bushes, an' de ugly forns — [dem war our bad ways] — war atween us, but lub, like de sun, shone down on us, an' we grow'd. We grow'd till our heads got above de bushes ; till dis little branch, an' dat little branch — dem war our holy feelin's — put out toward one anoder, an' we come closer an
Página 204 - An' dough we'm ole trees now, an' sometime de wind blow, an' de storm rage fru de tops, an' freaten ter tear off de limbs, an' ter pull up de bery roots, we'm growin' closer an' closer, an' nearer an' nearer togedder ebery day. An' soon de ole tops will meet ; soon de ole branches, all cohered ober wid de gray moss, will twine roun' one anoder; soon de two ole trees will come, togedder, an...

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