Monopoly and Competition: A Study in English Industrial Organisation

Macmillan and Company, limited, 1911 - 333 páginas

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Página 11 - Rodds, to try the deepnesse and thicknesse of the Coale, rare Engines to draw Water out of the Pits ; Waggons with one Horse to carry down Coales from the Pits, to the Stathes, to the River etc. Within few years, he consumed all his money and Rode home upon his Light Horse.
Página 20 - It is a nest of wasps, or swarm of vermin which have overcrept the land. I mean the Monopolies and Pollers of the people : these, like the Frogs of Egypt, have gotten possession of our dwellings, and we have scarce a room free from them. They sup in our cup.
Página 101 - Where competitors are so few, they always end by agreeing not to compete. They may run a race of cheapness to ruin a new candidate, but as soon as he has established his footing they come to terms with him.
Página 99 - Half a dozen wool-combers, perhaps, are necessary to keep a thousand pinners and weavers at work. By combining not to take apprentices, they can not only engross the employment, but reduce the whole manufacture into a sort of slavery to themselves, and raise the price of their labour much above what is due to the nature of their work.
Página 17 - When this list was read in the House, a member cried, ' Is not bread in the number?' ' Bread,' said every one with astonishment; 'yes, I assure you...
Página 319 - ... notice previous to the 1st day of January and the 1st day of July in any year to the respective committees of his intention to make appeal.
Página 20 - Pollers of the people : these, like the Frogs of Egypt, have gotten possession of our dwellings, and we have scarce a room free from them. They sup in our cup. They dip in our dish. They sit by our fire. We find them in the dye-fat, wash-bowl, and powdering tub. They share with the butler in his box. They have marked and sealed us from head to foot.
Página 11 - Master Beaumont, a gentleman of great ingenuity and rare parts, adventured into our mines with his ^30,000, who brought with him many rare engines...
Página 191 - Trust system—using that term in its evident or generic sense—in our own country. It does not seem to me that here the system could be applied with advantage to producers, and certainly not with any possible gain to consumers. The main reason for this fact is that while in protectionist countries prices may be regulated by such combinations within tolerably wide limits, here prices must be largely determined by the behaviour of the foreigner. An arrangement made to-day to sell at a certain regulated...
Página 172 - It has been held by eminent free traders that the effect of unrestrained competition is to prevent trusts. J. Thorold Rogers tells us that "attempts to secure prices to producers against competitors have constantly been made and have constantly failed. The most profitable process hitherto known and employed is for strong men, or a combination of strong men, to ruin weak ones by low or unremunerative prices, and, having secured a monopoly, to commence a legal pillage of the public. But though the...

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