American Agricultural Implements: A Review of Invention and Development in the Agricultural Implement Industry of the United States ...

The author, 1894 - 236 páginas

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Página 103 - For the fitches are not threshed with a threshing instrument, neither is a cart wheel turned about upon the cummin ; but the fitches are beaten out with a staff, and the cummin with a rod.
Página 26 - The feeding cylinder is made to revolve by a toothed wheel which is fixed on each end of the main axle, and gears with other toothed wheels on each end of the cylinder. The surface of the cylinder is furnished with a series of cups which revolve with it and are of various sizes according to the different seeds intended to be sown. These deposit the seed regularly in funnels, the lower ends of which lead immediately behind the coulters...
Página 79 - To the bottom of this shaft, near the ground, is fixed a circular horizontal frame work, on the circumference of which is screwed the scythes in six parts, laid horizontally, with the edges turned outward, so as to form a complete circle. To keep the scythes at a proper distance from the ground, the bottom of the shaft is supported on a piece of wood of the machine, secured by a tye from the tail, somewhat resembling a sled runner in which it works in the manner of a gudgeon— with the inequalities...
Página 137 - Verde proposed to the Venetians to build a windmill. When his plan had been examined, a piece of ground was assigned to him, which he was to retain in case his undertaking should succeed within a time specified.!
Página 80 - These are made slender, and are for the purpose of holding the grass or grain to be cut. " The cutters stand immediately above the teeth, and receive a traversing motion in a way to be presently described. " A flat bar of iron lies along upon the cross bar, and the cutters are to be attached to this upper bar. The cutters are spear-shaped, and are sharpened on each of their edges. They may vary in their length and width, but ordinarily they may be about six inches long, and three or four wide at...
Página 87 - The hanging of the driving-wheel in a supplemental frame, or its equivalent, which is hinged at one end to the main frame, whilst its opposite end may be adjusted and secured at various heights, or be left free, as desired, whereby the cutting apparatus may be held at any given height for reaping, or be left free to accommodate itself to the undulations of the ground, for mowing, as substantially described.
Página 9 - The offices of the mould-board are to receive the sod after the share has cut under it, to raise it gradually, and to reverse it. The foreend of it then, should be horizontal to enter under the sod, and the hind end perpendicular to throw it over ; the intermediate surface changing gradually from the horizontal to the perpendicular.
Página 40 - We have ploughed, we have sowed, We have reaped, we have mowed We have brought home every load, Hip, hip, hip, Harvest home ! and thus, sir, the whole assembly shout
Página 26 - BOX, a name given to an instrument for sowing land in the new method of horsehoeing husbandry. It plants the corn in rows, makes the channels, sows the seeds in them, and covers them with earth when sown ; and all this at the same time, and with great expedition. The principal parts are the seed-box, the hopper, the plough and its harrow, of all which the seed-box is the chief. It measures, or rather numbers, out the seeds which it receives from the hopper, and is for this purpose as an artificial...
Página 32 - What he claims is the rnnnera, with their valves, in combination with the hoppers and their plates, together with the adjustment of the valves by means of levers and cams, and the driver's weight, for the purpose of carrying and dropping seeds by each vibration of the lever, and to regulate the depth of the planting.

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