Imágenes de páginas

Sweets of Burn-mill meadow, 474.

of forgetfulness, 428.
stolen, are best, 297.
to the sweet, 144.

wilderness of, 235.
Sweeten my imagination, 148.

present joy, 5$8.

this little hand, 124.
Sweetened every musk-rose, 245.
Sweetener of life, 354.
Sweeter for thee despairing, 452.

pains of love be, 276.
rose in the bud is, 33.
than honey, 819.
than the lids of Juno's eyes, 77.

thy voice, 630.
Sweetest eyes were ever seen, 621.

flowres in the forrest, 28.
garland to the sweetest maid, 314.
melodies are those, 477.
Shakespeare fancy's child, 249.

thing that ever grew, 472.
Sweet heart, Tra Blanch and, 147
Sweetly, ful, in hire nose, 1.

played in tune, 451.
she bade me adieu, 380.
sing, brightly smile, 563.
uttered kuowledge, 34.

were forsworn, 49.
Sweetness and light, 291.

in the desert air, 385.
instil a wanton, 357.
linked, long drawn out, 249.
loathe the taste of, 86.
of proportion, preserving the, 178.
on the desert air, 385.

yieldeth proof, 184.
Swell bosom with thy fraught, 155.

music with its voluptuous, 542.

the soul to rage, 272.
Swells from the vale, cliff that, 397.

the gale, note that, 386.

the note of praise, 384.
Swelling act, prologues to the, 116.

and limitless billows, 503.

of the voiceful sea, 503.
Swift as a shadow, 57.

expires a driveller and a show, 305.
is less than to be wise, 341.
race is not to the, 831.
time too, 24.
to hear, be, 819.
too, arrives as tardy as too slow, 107.

true hope is, 97.
Swifter than a weaver's shuttle, 816.
Swiftly glides the bonnie boat, 674.
Swiftness, curb his, 572.

never ceasing, 0, 24.
Swift-winged arrows of light, 416.
Swim before my sight, temples, 333.

how we apples, 291.
in, naughty night to, 147.
sink or, live or die, 530.

to yonder point, 110.
Swims or sinks or wades, 230.
Swimmer in his agony, 557,
Swiminingly, matters will go, 791.
Swine, pearls before, 838.

Swine, shear, all cry and no wool, 211.

too rich a pearl for carnal, 213.
Swine's snout, jewel in a, 826.
Swinged the dragon, 78.
Swinges the scaly horror, 251.
Swinging round the circle, 678.
Swinish gluttony, 246.

multitude, 410.
Swoop, at one fell, 124.
Sword against nation, 832.
chase brave employment with a naked,

edge sharper than the, 160.
famous by my, 257.
flesh his virgin, 346.
fleshed thy maiden, 87.
glorious by my, 257.
glued to my scabbard, 194.
good, rust, 502.
has laid him low, another's, 514,
I with, will open, 45.
pen mightier than the, 606.
stir the fire with a, 765.
take away the, 606.
the avenging, unsheathe, 804.
the brave man draws, 339.
the deputed, 47.

worse than the, 189.
Swords into ploughshares, 832.

leaped from their scabbards, 409.
sheathed their, for lack of argument,

twenty of their, 105.
Sworn twelve, 47.
Sycamore-tree, under a, 406.
Sydneian showers, 259.
Syene Meroe Nilotic isle, 240.
Syllable, chase a panting, 416.

men's names, 243.
No, could not pronounce that, 730.

of recorded time, to the last, 125.
Syllables govern the world, 196.

jar with time, 180.
Sylvia in the night, except I be by, 44.
Sympathetic tear, the, 387.

tears, sacred source of, 382,
Sympathy cold to distant misery, 430.

the silver link the secret, 488.

with sounds, in souls, 121.
Synonym for the devil, 590.
Syrops, lucent, 575.
Syrups, drowsy, of the world, 154.
System, hub of the solar, 638.
Systems into ruin hurled, 315.

T, fitted him to a, 375,

performed to a, 772.
Tabernacles of Israel, 813.
Tabitha, disciple named, 813.
Table, crumbs which fall from the, 840.

earth, whose, 555.
general joy of the whole, 122.
head of the, 790.
of my memory, 132.
on a roar, set the, 114.

write it before them in a, 834.
Tables, make it plain upon, 836.

my tables, 132.

Tables near a thousand, pined, 465.

the marriage, 128.
Table-talk, serve for, 64, 775.
Tackle trim, sails filled, 242.
Tail, baited with a dragon's, 217.

eel of science by the, 331.
fox when he lost his, 186.
go to the ground, 10.
horror of his folded, 251.
monstrous, our cat has got, 285.

of rhyme, dock the, 635.
Tails of both hung down behind, 510.

of sparrows, salt upon the, 291.
Tailor Town, he called the, 152.
Tailor's news, swallowing a, 80.
Taint with fear, I cannot, 124.
Tainted, in law what plea so, 63.

wether of the flock, 04.
Take all the rest, 220.

any shape but that, 122.
away the sword, 606.
better to give than to, 11.
care of the pence, 352.
each man's censure, 130.
heed lest he fall, 845.
her up tenderly, 586.
him for all in all, 128.
I give it willingly, 806.
knowledge we must snatch not, 320.
mine ease in mine inn, 86.
no note of him, 52.
no note of time, 306.
note take note o world, 154.
O boatman thrice thy fee, 806.
O take those lips away, 49.
physic pomp, 147.
some savage woman, 626.
some to pleasure, 321.
the current when it serves, 115.
the good the gods provide thee, 272.
the prison'd soul, 244.
thine ease eat drink, 824.
time enough, 351.
what Thou wilt away, 421.
who have the power, they should, 473.
ye each a shell, 672.

you a button-hole lower, 56.
Taken at the flood, 115.

that which he hath shall be, 841.

to be well shaken when, 454.
Takin' notes, a chiel's amang ye, 449.
Taking, what a, was he in, 46.
Taking-off, deep damnation of his, 118.
Tale, a plain, shall put you down, 85.

an honest, speeds best, 71.
as 't was said to me, 487.
every, condemns me, 97.
every shepherd tells his, 248.
every tongue brings in a several, 97.
hope tells a flattering, 683.
hope told a flattering, 683.
in everything, find a, 466.
makes up life's, 502.
moon takes up the wondrous, 300.
must be told by moonlight, 594.
of a tub, some, 772.
of Troy divine, 250.
old, and often told, 489.

Tale or history, ever hear by, 57.

or song, never yet heard in, 243.
point a moral or adorn a, 305.
round unvarnished, 150.
schoolboy's, a, 541.
so sad so tender and so true, 380.
tellen his, untrewe, 2.
that I relate, 417.
that is told as a, 822.
their music tells, many a, 523.
thereby hangs a, 68, 73, 773.
't is an old, 489.
told by an idiot, 125.
told by moonlight alone, 594.
told his soft, 295.
twice-told, tedious as a, 79, 345.
unfold, I could a, 131.
untrue, lest men suspect your, 319.
which holdeth children, 31.

whoso shall telle a, 2.
Tales, aged ears play truant at his, 55.

fairy, did tell, 583.
fear in children increased with, 164.
if ancient, say true, 510.
of sorrow done, 396.
out of school, 12.
saddest of all, 560.

that to me were so dear, 581.
Talent, his single, well employed, 366.

one, is too much for a cynic, 732.
Talents, Dryden possessed of splendid,

in a man's power, 662.
Talismans and spells, 422.
Talk and never think, 180.

calm familiar, 311.
how he will, 281,
is of bullocks, 837.
loves to hear himself, 107.
night is crept upon our, 115.
of dreams, true I, 105.
of graves of worms, 81.
of nothing but business, 810.
of nothing but high life, 402.
of nothing but his horse, 61.
of the lips, 826.
one thing think another, 710.
only to conceal the mind, 310.
spent an hour's, withal, 65.
to conceal the mind, 310.
too much, think too little and, 268.
who never think, they always, 287.
with our past hours, 307.
with, witty to, 256.

with you walk with you, 61.
Talks of roaring lions, 78.
Talked like poor Poll, 388.

Lord how it, 197.

of me, I believe they, 305.
Talker, he is a, 698.
Talkers, good, only found in Paris, 769.
Talking age, for, 395.

Frenchman always, 374.
good old man, he will be, 52.

spark, a conceited, 390.
Tall ancestral trees, 569.

daughter of the gods divinely, 624.
fellow, many a good, 83.

Tall men had empty heads, 170.

oaks from little acorns grow, 459.

to reach the pole, so, 303.
Tally, score and, no books but, 94.
Tam was glorious, 451.
Tame, no charm can, 670.

the heyday in the blood is, 140.
the tongue no man can, 849.

villatic fowl, 242.
Tamer of the human breast, 382.
Tamie glowred amazed, 451.
Tangled web we weave, 490.
Tangles of Neæra's hair, 247.
Taper cheers the vale, yon, 402.

glows, while yet the, 805.
Tapers, answer ye evening, 636.

swim before my sight, 333.

to the sun, glimmering, 143.
Taper's light, hope like the, 399.
Tapestry, speech like to, 723.
Tar water is of a nature so mild, 312.
Tar's labour, cheers the, 555.
Tara's balls, harp through, 519.
Tardy as too slow, too swift as, 107.
Tarnished gold, black with, 456.
Tarry at Jericho, 815.
Tarsus, ship of, 242.
Task, common, trivial round, 569.

delightful, 355.
is smoothly done, now my, 246.

whose sore, 126.
Tasks, most difficult of, 480.
Task-master's eye, in my great, 252.
Tassels, the larch has hung his, 571.
Taste, choice of Attic, 252.

last, of sweets is sweetest last, 81.
man's hand is not able to, 58.
never, who always drink, 287.
not handle not, 847.
of death but once, the valiant, 112.
of sweetness, loathe the, 86.
of your quality, give us a, 134,
sans, sans everything, 69.
the whole of it, let me, 650.
with a little more, 800.

whose mortal, brought death, 223.
Tastes of men, various are the, 391.
Tasted, some books to be, 168.
Tattered clothes, through, 148.

ensign down, tear her, 635.
Tatters, tear a passion to, 137.
Taught, afterward he, 2.

being, return to plague, 118.
but first he folwed it, 2.
by that power, 402.
by time, 346.
following what we are, 744.
happy is he born or, 174.
her dazzling fence, 246.
highly fed and lowly, 73.
him shame, love, 273.
me at last to forget thee, 682.
me, folly 's all they, 522.
men must be, 325.
mind what I am, 535.
saints who, 313.
the wheedling arts, 348.
to stray, science never, 315.

Taught too much quickness ever to be,

us how to die, 313.

us how to live, 313.
Tavern, one flash of it within the, 768.

or inn, a good, 372.
Tawny lion, half appeared the, 236.
Tax for being eminent, 291.

not you you elements, 146.
Taxos, death and, 361.
Taxation, pressure of, 462.
Taxed horse and bridle, 462.

top, whips his, 462.
Tea, glad I was not born before, 461.

some sipping, 468.
sometimes take, 326.
thank God for, 461.
what would the world do without, 461.

without a stratagem, take her, 311.
Teach bloody instructions, 118.

gladly would he learn and, 2.
him how to live, 425.
him how to tell my story, 151.
in song, what they, 566.
me to feel another's woe, 334.
men to die, 774.
men to live, 774.
souls to souls can never, 653.
the rest to sneer, 327.
the young idea how to shoot, 355.
thee safety, ladyship is by to, 79.

us to number our days, 822.
Teacher, let nature be your, 466.
Teachers, more understanding than my,

Teacher's doctrine sanctified, 483.
Teaching by examples, philosophy, 304.
Teachings, list to nature's, 572.
Team of little atomies, 104.

of sparrows, 31.
Teapot, tempest in a, 767.
Tear a passion to tatters, 137.

be duly shed for thee, 390.
betwixt a smile and, 546.
cost a sigh a, 433.
drop a, 259.
drop a, and bid adieu, 671.
drying up a single, 559.
each others' eyes, 302.
every woe can claim a, 548.
falling of a, 497.
followed perhaps by a smile, 416.
for pity, he hath a, 90.
forgot as soon as shed, 381.
gave to misery all he had a, 386.
her tattered ensign down, 635.
homage of a, 541.
in her eye, 489.
law which moulds a, 456.
man without a, 516.
meed of some melodious, 247.
one particular, 163.
passage of an angel's, 576.
perhaps 't will cost a sigh a, 433.
recording angel dropped a, 379.
stain it with hypocritic, 571.
stands trembling in her eye, 343.
sympathetic, the, 387.

Tear that flows for others' woes, 424,

that we shed, 519.
the groan the knell, 502.
vapour melting in a, 346.

wiped with a little address, 416.
Tears, accept these grateful, 340.

all her sorrow all her, 508.
all in vain, 668.
and laughter, 620.
and love for the gray, 668.
and smiles, kisses, 474.
beauty smiling in her, 513.
beguile her of her, 150.
behold their, hear their cries, 804.
big round, in piteous chase, 67.
child of misery baptized in, 427.
crocodile, 38, 191.
dim with childish, 471.
dip their wings in, 632.
down Pluto's cheek, 250,
drop fast as the Arabian trees, 157.
due to human suffering, 482.
flattered to, 575.
for the blue, love and, 668.
fountain of sweet, 469.
from some divine despair, 630.
hence these, 702.
her humblest mirth and, 468.
her income, 204.
idle tears, 030.
if you have, prepare to shed them

now, 113.

in secret in silence and, 682.
leaves millions in, 655.
like Niobe all, 128.
love embalmed in, 491.
must stop for every drop, 585.
no, diin the sweet look, 613.
nor all your, wash out a word, 768.
nothing is here for, 242.
of bearded men, 489.
of boyhood's years, 523.
of the sky for loss of the sun, 353.
of woe, smiles of joy, 524.
parted in silence and, 539.
resolves the moon into salt, 109.
shall drown the wind, 118.
she stood in, 575.
80 weary of toil and of, 668.
some natural, they dropped, 240.
source of sympathetic, 382.
such as angels weep, 225.
that speak, 262.
thoughts too deep for, 478.
to raise the dead with, 697.
vale of, beyond this, 497.
wept away in transient, 679.
wept each other's, 611.
wet with unseen, 497.

wronged orphans', 194.
Teche, and gladly, 2.
Techstone, war's red, 660.
Tedious as a king, 52.

as a twice-told tale, 79, 345.
as go o'er, returning as, 123.
as to work, to sport as, 83.

thinking his prattle to be, 82.
Teeth are set on edge, the children’s, 835.

Teeth, drunkard clasp his, 34.

of time, give lettered pomp to, 618.
sans eyes sans taste sans, 69.
skin of my, escaped with the, 817.

spite of his, 8.
Tell a hundred, might, 129.

all my bones, I may, 819.
how the truth may be, I cannot, 487.
it not in Gath, 814.
me not in mournful numbers, 612.
me the tales, 581.
me where, gentle shepherd, 672.
them they are men, 381.

who can, save he, 550.
Telleu his tale untrewe, 2.
Tell-tale women, hear these, 97.
Temper, blest with, 321.

justice with mercy, 239.
man of such a feeble, 110.
thy steady, 297.
touch of celestial, 234.
which bears the better, 93.

whose unclouded ray, 321.
Tempers the wind, God, 379.
Temperance more difficult than absti-

nence, 375.
that may give it smoothness, 137.
Temperate and furious in a moment, 120.

will, the reason firun the, 475.
Tempest, description of a, 767.

in a teapot, 767.
itself lags behind, 416.
such calms after every, 151.

tracts of calm from, 634.
Tempests, glasses itself in, 547.

roar, billows never break nor, 295.
Tempest's breath prevail, the, 512.
Tempestuous petticoat, 201.
Temple, better than in the, lost, 708.

built to God, 206
Fame's proud, 428.
hangs on Dian's, 103.
Lord's anointed, 120.
nothing ill can dwell in such a, 43.
of Diana, burnt the, 219.
of silence and reconciliation, 592.

where God hath a, 192.
Temples bare, my, 501.

dedicated to God, 529.
groves were God's first, 573.
like gold nails in, 658.
of his gods, 593.
solemn, the great globe itself, 43.

swim before my sight, 333.
Tempora mutantur, 550.
Temporal power, force of, 64.
Temporary safety, little, 359.
Temptation, safe from, 615.

that endureth, 818.

why comes, 651.
Tempted her with word too large, 52.
Tempter, so glozed the, 239.
Ten commandments, my, 93.

hours to the world allot, 438.
low words in one dull line, 324.
upper, thousand, 580, 675.
winters more, ran he on, 276.
years' war, cause of a long, 280.

Tenable in your silence, 129.

Thank thee Jew for teaching me that
Tenantless, graves stood, 126.

word, 65.
save to the wind, 513.

you for nothing, 786.
Tend, to thee we, 367.

you for your voices, 103.
Tendance spend, in so long, 30.

you I owe you one, 454.
touched by her fair, 237.

Thanks and use, both, 46.
Tender and so true, 380.

even poor in, 134.
and true, Douglas, 38.

evermore, 81.
for another's pain, 381.

for this relief much, 126.
Tenderest, the bravest are the, 666.

of millions yet to be, 502.
touch, we feel the, 274.

taken with equal, 137.
Tender-hearted stroke a nettle, 313. the exchequer of the poor, 81.
Tenderly, take her up, 586.

words are but empty, 296.
Tendrils strong, with, 477.

Thanked, when I'm not, at all, 362.
Tenement of clay, 267.

Thankful, rest and be, 859.
Teneriff or Atlas unremoved, 234.

Thankless arrant, 25.
Tenets, his faith in some nice, 200.

child, to have a, 146.
turn with books, 321.

inconsistent man, 307.
Tenor of his way, +25.

muse, meditate the, 247.
of their way, noiseless, 385.

That and a' that, 447.
Tent, nightly pitch my moving, 497.

ever I was born, 133.
that searches to the bottom, 102.

has been and may be, 473.
Tents, fold their, like the Arabs, 611. is flat, 55.
how goodly are thy, 813.

it should come to this, 128.
of wickedness, 821.

that is is, 77.
their silent, are spread, 681.

without or this or, 332.
Tented field, action in the, 150.

Thatched cottage, my lowly, 568.
Tenth transmitter of a foolish face, 354. Thaw and resolve itself into a dew, 127.
Tenui musain meditamur avena, 460. Theatre, as in a, 82.
Termagant, o'er-doing, 137.

universe as a, 777.
Terms, good set, 68.

world 's a, the earth a stage, 194.
in plain, 62.

Theban, this same learned, 147.
litigious, 253.

Thebes or Pelops' line, 250.
Terrace walk, a, 289.

Thebes's streets, walked about in, 517.
Terrible as an army with banners, 832. Thee, there's no living with, 300.

as hell, fierce as ten furies, 228. Theirs but to do and die, 628.
he rode alone, 811.

not to make reply, 628.
man with a terrible name, 507.

not to reason why, 628.
Territories, no slave, 619.

Theme, example as it is my, 257.
Terror, death armed with a new, 528.

fools are my, 539.
in your threats, there is no, 114.

glad diviner's, 268.
shadows have struck more, 97.

if on my, I rightly think, 793.
so spake the grisly, 229.

imperial, of the, 116.
Terrors, king of, 817.

Themes, our wonted, 261.
Test, bring me to the, 141.

Theoric, bookish, 119.
of ridicule, truth the, 414.

Theory, condition not a, 669.
of truth, ridicule the, 578.

There is no death, 615.
Testament as worldlings, a, 67.

neither here nor, 156.
blessing of the old, 164.

Thereby hangs a tale, 68, 73.
of bleeding war, open the purple, 82. Thermopylae, to make a new, 557.
Tester I 'll have in pouch, 45.

These are thy glorious works, 235.
Testimonies, thy, are my meditations, Thespis professor of our art, 27+.

Thetis, sun in the lap of, 213.
Testimony, law and the, 833.

They conquer love that run away, 200.
Testy pleasant fellow, 300.

were they are they yet shall be, 196.
Testyinent, no furder than my, 658. Thick and thin, through, 28, 269, 784,
Tetchy and wayward, 97.

Tether time or tide, 451.

as autumnal leaves, 224.
Text, God takes a, 205.

muddy ill-seeming, 73.
many a holy, she strews, 385.

Thick-coming fancies, 125.
neat rivulet of, 442.

Thick-ribbed ice, region of, 18.
Thais sits beside thee, lovely, 272.

Thick-warbled notes, 241.
Thames, with no allaying, 259.

Thief, apparel fits your, 49.
Thane, your face my, 117.

doth fear each bush an officer, 95.
Thank God you are rid of a knave, 52. each thing 's a, 109.
heaven fasting, 70.

earth's a, 109.
me no thanks, 108.

in the sworn twelve, 47.
the Eternal Power, 380.

moon's an arrant, 109.

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