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What you are pleased to call your mind.

A solicitor, after hearing Lord Westbury's opinion, ventured to say

that he had turned the matter over in his mind, and thought that something might be said on the other side ; to which he replied, “Then, sir, you will turn it over once more in what you are pleased to call your mind.– Nash : Life of Lord Westbury, vol. ii. 292.

When in doubt, win the trick.

Hoyle : Twenty-four Rules for Learners, Rule 12.

Wisdom of

many and the wit of one. A definition of a proverb which Lord John Russell gave one morn

ing at breakfast at Mardock's, “One man's wit, and all men's wisdom." Memoirs of Mackintosh, rol. ii. p. 473.

Wooden walls of England.

The credite of the Realme, by defending the same with our Wodden

Walles, as Themistocles called the Ship of Athens. — Preface to the
English translation of Linschoten (London).

But me no buts.

FIELDING : Rape upon Rape, act ii. sc. 2. Aarox Hill : Snake in

the Grass, sc. 1.

Cause me no causes.

MASSINGER : A New Way to Pay Old Debts, act i. sc. 3.

Clerk me no clerks.

Scott : Ivanhoe, chap. xx.

Diamond me no diamonds ! prize me no prizes !

TENNYSON : Idylls of the King. Elaine.

End me no ends.

MASSINGER: A New Way to Pay Ola Debts, act v. sc. 1.

Fool me no fools.

Bulwer : Last Days of Pompeii, book iii. chap. vi.

Front me no fronts.

FORD: The Lady's Trial, act ii. sc. 1.

Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle.

SHAKESPEARE : Richard II., act ii. sc. 3.

Madam me no madam.

DRYDEN : The Wild Gallant, act ii. sc. 2.

Map me no maps.

FIELDING : Rape upon Rape, act i. sc. 5.

Midas me no Midas.

DRYDEN : The Wild Gallant, act ii. sc. 1.

O me no O's.

Ben Jonson : The Case is Altered, act v. sc. 1.

Parish me no parishes.

PEELE: The Old Wires' Tale.

Petition me no petitions.

Fielding : Tom Thumb, act i. sc. 2.

Play me no plays.

FOOTE: The Knight, act ii.

Plot me no plots.

BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER : The Knight of the Burning Pestle, act

ii. sc. 5.

Thank me no thanks, nor proud me no prouds.

SHAKESPEARE : Romeo and Juliet, act iii. sc. 5.

Virgin me no virgins.

MASSINGER : A New Way to Pay Old Debts, act iii. sc. 2.

Vow me no vows.

BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER : Wit without Money, act id. sc. 4.

I N D E X.

AARON'S serpent, like, 317.

Absence I dote on his very, 61.
Abandon, all hope, 769.

makes the heart grow fonder, 581.
Abashed the devil stood, 231.

of mind, your, 509.
Abbey, buried in the great, 592.

of occupation is not rest, 415.
Abbots, where slumber, 332.

still increases love, 581.
Abdiel, so spake the seraph, 235.

Absent child, my, 79.
Abel, ask counsel at, 815.

friends, remeruber, 757.
Abhorred in my imagination, 14.

from him I roam, 497.
Abide with me, 569.

from the body, 508.
Abi-ezer, vintage of, 814.

in body, but present in spirit, 845.
Ability, knowing how to conceal, 795. thee from felicity awhile, 146.
out of my lean and low, 77.

Absents, presents endear, 509.
that they never perform, 102.

Absolute, how, the knave is, 143.
to execute, 407.

rule, eye sublime declared, 232.
to investigate, 750.

shall, 103.
Able, more performance than they are, sway, with, 670.

Absolutism tempered by assassination,
Ablest navigators, 430.

Abode, dread, 386.

Abstain from beans, 729.
Abodes, aiming at the blest, 316.

Abstinence, easiness to the next, 141.
Abominable, newspapers are, ul.

easy as temperance is difficult, 375.
Abomination of desolation, 811.

Abstract and brief chronicles, 131.
Abora, singing of Mount, 500,

Absurd, to reason most, 127.
Abou Ben Adhem, 536.

Abundance he shall have, 811.
Above, affections on things, 847.

of the heart, out of the, 839.
all Greek fame, 329.

Abuse, stumbling on, 106.
all low delay, 521.

Abuses me to damn me, 135.
all Roman fame, 329.

they that level at my, 163.
all, this, 130.

Abused, better to be much, 154.
any Greek or Romun, 267.

or disabused, by himself, 317.
Lord descended from, 23.

Abusing the king's English, 45.
that which is written, 815.

Abysm of time, dark, 42.
the reach of ordinary men, 470. Abyss, into this wild, 229.
the smoke and stir, 243.

Abyssinia, Prince of, 368.
the vulgar flight, 393.

Abyssinian maid, it was an, 500.
there is a life, 497.

Academe, grove of, 241.
they that are, 197.

Academes that nourish all the world, 56.
't is not so, 139

Accents flow with artless ease, 437.
Abra was ready ere I called, 288.

that are ours, 39.
Abraham's bosom, sleep in, 97.

Accept a miracle instead of wit, 311.
Abram, O father, (2.

Acceptation, worthy of all, 284.
Abridgment of all that was pleasant in Accepted time, now is the, 846.
min, 399

Access of stupidity, 371.
Abroad, came flying all, 23, 327.

Accident, a happy, 174, 402, 792.
let the soldier be, 527.

of an accident, 426.
the schoolmaster is, 527.

Accidents by flood and field, 150.
Absence conquers love, 679.

chapter of, 353.
conspicuous by his, 747.

Accommodated, excellent to be, 89.
days of, sad and dreary, 802.

Accompany old age, that which, 124.
heart grow fonder in, 581.

Accomplishment of verse, 479.

Accompt, more for number than, 48.
Accord, good people all with one, 400.
According to knowledge, not, 814.

to the appearance, 843.
Account, beggarly, of empty boxes, 108.

sent to my, 132.
Accoutred as I was I plunged in, 110.
Accurst, not what God blessed, 650.
Accuse not nature, 238.
Accusing spirit, the, 379.
Ace, coldest that ever turned up, 159.
Achaians, again to the battle, 576.
Ache, charm, with air, 53.

penury and imprisonment, 49.

while his heart doth, 266.
Aches, fill all thy bones with, 42.
Achilles absent was Achilles still, 341.

assumed, what name, 219.

whom we knew, 62).
Achilles' tomb, stood upon, 558.

wrath to Greece, 336.
Aching void, left an, 4:22.
A-cold, poor Tom's, 147
Acorn, the lofty oak from a emull, 459.
Acorns, tall oaks from little, 459.
Acquaint, when we were first, 449.
Acquaintance, decrease it upou better, 45.

my guide and mine, 820.
people for a visiting, 440.

should auld, be forgot, 449.
Acquaintances, new, 370.
Acquire and beget a temperance, 137.
Acre of barren ground, 12.

of his neighbor's corn, 472.
Acres, Cleon hath a million, 653.

few paternal, 334.

over whose, walked, 82.
Act and know, does both, 203.

done at haphazard, 751.
in the living present, 612.
of common passage, 160.
of life, dignity in every, 752.
of salvation, i39.
prologues to the swelling, 116.
that blurs the grace, 140.
that roars so loud, 140.

well your part, 319.
Acts being seven ages, 09.

exemplary, lives in, 36.
four first, already passed, 312.
illustrious, high raptures do infuse,

in memory, to keep good, 171.
like a Samaritan, 607.
little nameless, 467.
nobly does well, 307.
of dear benevolence, 342.
our, our angels are, 183.
the best who thinks most, 654.
those graceful, 238,

unremembered, 467.
Acting lies, not in, 320.

of a dreadful thing, 111.

only when off the stage, 399.
Action action action, 741.

and counteraction, 409.
cause of doing any, 742.
circumstance gives character to, 726.

Action faithful in, 323.

fine, makes that and the, 204.
how like an angel in, 134.
in the tented field, 150.
is transitory, 465.
lies, there the, 139.
lose the name of, 136.
materials of, are variable, 745.
measured by the sentiment, C02.
no noble, done, 688.
no stronger than a flower, 162
no worthy, done, 688.
of the tiger, imitate in war, 91.
pious, we sugar o'er, 135
Puritans gave the world, 641.
single lovely, 602.
suit the, to the word, 137.
surfeit out of, 102.

vice dignified by, 106
Actions, all her words and, 238.

are our epochs, 551.
blest at no end of his, 37,
great, no opportunities for, 727.
habits increased by correspondent, 745.
men's, proceed from one source, 743.
no other speaker of my living, 101,
not always show the man, 320.
not our fears make us traitors, 123.
of the just, 209.
of the last age, 258.
speech the image of, 757.
virtuous, are born and die, 670.

words the shadows of, 729.
Actor, condemn not the, 47.

well graced, after a, 82.
Actors, God and nature fill with, 194,

these our, were all spirits, 43.
Ad infinitum, so proceed, 290.
Ada! sole daughter, 542.
A'lage, like the poor cat in the, 118.
Adam and Eve, son of, 288.

cup of cold, 289.
Cupid, young, 105, 150.
dolve and Eve span, 685.
gardener, and his wife, 624.
the goodliest man of men, 232.
the offending, 90.
the old, 850.

waked so customed, 234.
Adam's ale, and drink of, 289.

ear left his voice, in, 237,
fall, we simned all, in, 686.

sons born in sin, 120
Adamant, cased in, 484.
A'lamantine logic of dreamland, 663.
Adamas de rupe præstantissimus, 219.
Add to golden numbers, 182.
Adder, like the deaf, 821.

stingeth like an, 828.
Adding fuel to the flame, 242.
Addison, days and nights to, 369.
Address, wiped with a little, 416.
Addressing myself to my cap, 798.
Adds a precious seeing to the eye, 56.
Adhem, Abou Ben, 536.
Adhere, nor time nor place did, 118.
Adieu, drop a tear and bid, 671,

for evermore, 453.

Adieu my native shore, 540.

Advice cannot inspire conduct, 796.
she cried, 348.

Creator not taking, 768.
so sweetly she bade me, 380.

few profit by, 708.
Adjunct, learning is but an, 55.

nothing given so profusely as, 795.
Administered, whate'er is best, 318.

't was good, 444.
Administrations, most competent, 435. Advices, lengthened sage, 451.
Admirable, how express and, 134.

Advise another, easy to, 757.
Admiral, last of all an, 507.

whom none could, 26.
to kill an, 801.

Ægroto dum anima est, 349.
Admiration of virtue, 254.

Aerial, upon rock, 480.
from most fastidious critics, 591. Aery-light, his sleep was, 234.
of weak minds, 240.

Afeard, soldier and, 124.
season your, for a while, 128.

Affair, consider what precedes in every,
Admire, like those who, us, 796.

men of sense approve, fools, 324,

this world is a strange, 797.
where none, 377.

Affairs of love, office and, 51.
Admired, all who saw, 444.

of men, the gods superintend the, 760.
by our domestics, 778.

of inen, tide in the, 115.
disorder, with most, 122.

ridiculous in serious, 735.
Admit impediments, 103.

Affect, study what you most, 72.
Admitted to that equal sky, 315.

Atfects to nod, 271.
Adolescens moritur, 479.

Affected, to be zealously, 846.
Adonis hath a sweet tooth, my, 33. Affecting, natural, simple, he was, 399.
Adoption tried, their, 129.

Affection cannot hold the bent, 75.
Adoration, breathless with, 470.

hateth nicer hands, 27.
Adore the hand that gives the blow, 289. preferment goes by letter and, 149.
Adores and burns, 316.

strong to me-wards, 202,
Adored in every clime, 334,

Affections dark as Erebus, 66.
through fear, 421.

mild, of, 335.
Adorn a tale, point a moral, 365.

on things above, 847.
looks the cottage might, 398.

run to waste, 546.
nothing he did not, 367.

Amicted or distressed, 850.
Adorns and cheers our way, 399.

Affliction may smile again, 54.
Adorned in her husband's eye, 463.

tries our virtue, 380.
in naked beauty more, 234.

Afiction's heaviest shower, 482.
the most when unadorned, 356.

sons are brothers, 447.
whatever he spoke upon, 353.

Aftrighted nature recoils, 411.
Adorning with so much art, 261.

Affront, fear is, 313.
Adornment without embellishment, 705. me, a well-bred man will not, 415.
Adullam, cave, 814.

Afraid, be not, it is I, 840.
Adulteries of art, than all the, 178.

whistling to keep from being, 277.
Advantage dressed, nature to, 323. Afric maps, geographers in, 289.
feet nailed for our, 82.

Afric's burning shore, 388.
forget at times with, 709.

sunny fountains, 536.
Advantageous to life, 43.

Africa and golden joys, 90.
Adventure of the diver, 643.

After death the doctor, 205.
Adventuring both, oft found both, 60. looking before and, 142.
Adversaries, as, do in law, 72.

me the deluge, 205.
souls of fearful, 95.

the war aid, 205,
Adversary had written a book, 817.

times, light for, 507.
the devil, your, 849.

times, written to, 253.
Adversite, fortunes sharpe, 5.

us the deluge, 807.
Adversity blessing of the New Testament, which was before come, 212.

After-loss, drop in for an, 162.
bruised with, 50.

Afternoon, custom of the, 132.
contending with, 190.

multitude call the, 56.
crossed with, a man I am, 44.

of her best day8, 97.
day of, 828, 830.

Afton, flow gently sweet, 449.
education a refuge in, 762.

Again, cut and come, 444.
good things that belong to, 164.

not look upon his like, 128.
hard upon a man, 580.

Against me, not with me is, 842.
is not without comforts, 164.

Agamemnou, brave men before, 555, 706.
of our best friends, 796.

Agate-stone, no bigger than an, 104.
sweet are the uses of, 67.

Age ache penury, 49.
test of strong men, 713.

actions of the last, 258.
tries friends, 713.

against time and, 24.
what way to endure, 704,

and body of the time, 137.
Adversity's sweet milk, 108.

and clime, in every, 349.

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