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In the present volume will be found names of acknowledged celebrity: of these, a few have lately presided in high and important official stations, and one is still at the head of public affairs. Some of them have fought the battles of their country: others have adorned it by cultivating the arts of peace.

London, October 10, 1801.


Memoirs contained in the First Volume of this Work,

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Critical Observations on the former Volumes of this

Work. “ This work excites much curinsity because it professedly treats of living characters, and we infer that its information is impartial and correct. It is but justice to own that we have been altogether amused by the publication.”

British Critic.

“ A spirit of candour and moderation evidently pervades the present publication. Some of the characters are drawn with great discrimination, and display an acuteness of powers, and a felicity of expression, not to be found in the fleeting productions of the day. In short, the work abounds in moral and critical observations that evince correctness of judgment, and delicacy of taste.”

London Review.

“ This work discovers respectable traits of discrimination, and has the merit of being uncontaminated by the virulence of party spirit.”

Critical Review.

“ The memoirs contained in these volumes are full and accurate in point of information; judicious in their literary and critical strictures, and exhibit well drawn and appropriate characters of their respective subjects. They are not written under the uniform influence of any particular theological or political bias.

New Annual Register.

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