Elements of Natural Philosophy: A Text Book for High Schools and Academies

Sheldon, 1885 - 595 páginas

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Página 484 - The incident and the reflected ray are both in the same plane, which is perpendicular to the reflecting surface.
Página 117 - The pressure per unit of area exerted anywhere upon a mass of liquid is transmitted undiminished in all directions, and acts with the same force upon all surfaces, in a direction at right angles to those surfaces.
Página 31 - Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.
Página 245 - Oxygen and hydrogen combine in the proportion of one volume of the former, to two of the latter, to form water.
Página 162 - The BAROSCOPE consists of a beam like that of a balance, from one extremity of which is suspended a hollow sphere of copper, and from the other extremity a solid sphere of lead. These are made to balance each other in the atmosphere. If the instrument be placed under the receiver of an air-pump and the air exhausted, the copper sphere will descend.
Página 555 - ... where the plunge of the torrent is suddenly arrested ; in the warmth of the machinery turned by the river ; in the spark from the millstone ; beneath the crusher of the miner ; in the Alpine saw-mill; in the milk-churn of the chalet; in the supports of the cradle in which the mountaineer, by water power, rocks his baby to sleep.
Página 501 - The quotient found by dividing the sine of the angle of incidence by the sine of the angle of refraction, is called the index of refraction.
Página 554 - ... to the mountain-top, where the heat absorbed in vaporization is given out in condensation, while that expended by the sun in lifting the water to its present elevation is still unrestored. This we find paid back to the last unit by the friction along the river's bed; at the bottom of the...
Página 445 - If 200 g. of water at 80° C. are mixed with 100 g. of water at 10° C., what will be the temperature of the mixture? (Let x equal the final temperature; then 100...
Página 111 - With pulleys thus arranged, a given power will support a weight as many times as great as itself as there are parts of the cord supporting the movable block.

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