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Piggie ran till they came to the foot

of a hill, Where a little bridge stood o'er the

stream of a mill. Piggie grunted and squeaked, but no

farther would go: Oh, fie! Piggie, fie! to serve little

dame so.

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To put the pig in, and took him on

her back. Piggie squeaked to get out, but the little dame said,

“ If you won't go by fair means, why

you must be made." At last to the end of her journey she

came, And was mightily glad when she got

the pig hame. She carried him straight to his nice

little sty,

And gave him some hay and clean

straw nice and dry. With a handful of peas then Piggie

she fed, And put on her nightcap and got into

bed. Having first said her prayers, she

extinguished the light, And being quite tired, we 'll wish her




CHICKEN-LITTLE went into the garden one day, — where she had no right to be, and a cabbage leaf fell upon her tail.

With all her might she ran, not once stopping to look behind, and soon she met Hen-Pen.

Hen-Pen, Hen-Pen !”she cried, “the sky is falling! I saw it; I heard it; and part of it fell upon my tail.”

Then they both ran until they met Cock-Lock.

“O Cock-Lock,” said Hen-Pen, “we must run, for the sky is falling!”

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poor tail.

Why, who told you so ?” said CockLock.

Chicken-Little told me,” said HenPen.

And how did Chicken-Little know?” “She saw it, and she heard it, and part of it fell upon

her And now all three ran as if for their lives.

“ Where are you going in such haste?” asked Duck-Luck, whom they met in the way.

“ Run with us, Duck-Luck, for the sky is falling !” said Cock-Lock.

How do you know?” asked DuckLuck in fright.

“Why, Hen-Pen told me.'
“ But how did Hen-Pen know?'

“She had it from Chicken-Little, who saw it, and heard it, and part of it fell

upon her tail.”

And now they all ran, — you never saw such a sight, — and by chance they met Goose-Loose.

“ Goose-Loose," said Duck-Luck, “ have you heard that the sky is falling?

“No, no,” said Goose-Loose. “ How did you

know?" "Cock-Lock told me; he had it from Hen-Pen; Chicken-Little told her; she saw it, and heard it, and part of it fell upon her poor

tail.” And so there were five to run, — Goose-Loose, Duck-Luck, Cock-Lock, Hen-Pen, and poor Chicken-Little.

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