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well what Silver Hair had done to the third chair.

Somebody has been sitting in my chair, and has sat the bottom out ! said the Little Bear, in his little soft, wee voice.

Then the three bears thought they would search further; so they went upstairs to look into their chambers.

Now little Silver Hair had pulled the pillow of the Great Huge Bear out of its place.

“ SOMEBODY HAS BEEN LYING ON MY BED!” growled the Great Huge Bear, in his great rough, gruff voice.

And little Silver Hair had pulled the pillow of the Middle Bear out of

its place.

“ SOMEBODY HAS BEEN LYING ON MY BED!” said the Middle Bear, in his middle-sized voice.

And when the Little Small Wee Bear came to look at his bed the pillow was in

in its right place, but upon the pillow was the head of little Silver Hair, which was not in its right place, for she had no business there.

Somebody has been lying on my bed and here she is !” piped the Little Small Wee Bear, in his little soft, wee voice.


Little Silver Hair had heard in her sleep the great rough, gruff voice of the Great Huge Bear, but she was so fast asleep that it was like the roaring of the wind, and she did not wake.

And the middle-sized voice of the Middle Bear was as if she heard some one speaking in her dream.

But when she heard the little small, wee voice of the Little Small Wee Bear it was so sharp and so shrill that it woke her at once. diUp she jumped ; and when she saw the three bears at one side she tumbled out at the other, and ran to the window.

Now the window was open, for good, tidy bears always open their windows when they get up in the morning.

Out Silver Hair jumped, and away she ran into the wood; and the three bears never saw anything more of her.



HERE was once a little red hen that lived in a house by herself in the wood. And over the hill, in a hole in the rocks, lived a sly, crafty old fox.

Now this crafty old fellow of a fox lay awake nights, and prowled slyly about days, trying to think how he should get the little red hen. He wanted to carry her home to boil for

his supper.

But the wise little hen never left her house without locking the door and putting the key safe in her pocket; so the old fox watched and prowled and lay awake nights till he grew pale and thin, but he found no way to get the wise little red hen.

At last one morning he took a big bag over his shoulder, and said to his mother:

Mother, have the pot boiling when I come home, for I'll bring the little red hen for our supper.”

Away he went over the hill and through the wood to where the red hen lived in her · snug little house.

Just at that moment out came the little red hen to pick up sticks for her fire, and in slipped the fox and hid behind the door.

In came the hen in a minute and locked the door, and put the key in her pocket. When she saw the fox she dropped her sticks and flew with a great flutter up to the big beam across the house under the roof.

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